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Thompson Richard Huberth T : The Church's understanding of itself : a study of four Birmingham parishes.     
      The Church's Understanding Of Itself : A Study Of Four Birmingham Parishes. BJL; BX 5132 T4   BOOK 1957
Thompson Richard L : Computer simulations of self-organization in biological systems.     
      Computer Simulations Of Self-Organization In Biological Systems. BJL; QH 505 G5   BOOK 1988
Thompson Richard Lewis : Surfactant properties of semifluorinated alkanes in hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon solvents.     
      Surfactant Properties Of Semifluorinated Alkanes In Hydrocarbon And Fluorocarbon Solvents. BJL; T/H 1997 Ph.D. T4   THESIS 1997
Thompson Richard Richard Charles 1955    
      Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis Or Dissertation! : A Step-By-Step Guide To Planning And Writing A BJL; T 11 H7   BOOK 2014
      Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis Or Dissertation! : A Step-By-Step Guide To Planning And Writing A Online materials; T11 .F574 2014   EBOOKS 2014
Thompson Robert 1640 Or 41 1683 : Sponsa nondum uxor, or, The marriage between the Lady Katharine Fitz-Gerald and Edward Villiers, Esq. / asserted by Robert Thompson ... ; being an answer to a treatise, intituled, Digamias adikia, &c. ; published under the name of Dudley Loftus Dr. of Laws, and judge of the Prerogative Court in Ireland.     
      Sponsa Nondum Uxor, Or, The Marriage Between The Lady Katharine Fitz-Gerald And Edward Villiers, Esq Online materials  EBOOKS 1677
Thompson Robert B : A systems approach to instruction.     
      A Systems Approach To Instruction. BJL; LB 2806 T4   BOOK 1971
Thompson Robert Farris : Aesthetic of the cool : Afro-Atlantic art and music / Robert Farris Thompson ; introduction by Lowery Stokes Sims.     
      Aesthetic Of The Cool : Afro-Atlantic Art And Music BJL  BOOK c2011
Thompson Robert George : The consent of the governed / by John C.Livingston and Robert G. Thompson.     
      The Consent Of The Governed BJL; JN 421 L7   BOOK 1966
Thompson Robert Grainger Ker    
      Defeating Communist Insurgency : Experiences From Malaya And Vietnam. South East Asian Collection; (WC) U 240 T4   BOOK 1967
      Peace Is Not At Hand. South East Asian Collection; (WK) DS 557 A6 T4   BOOK 1974
      Revolutionary War In World Strategy, 1945-1969. BJL; U 240 T4   BOOK 1970
Thompson Robert Grainger Ker Sir : No exit from Vietnam.     
      No Exit From Vietnam. South East Asian Collection; (WK) DS 558 T4   BOOK 1969
Thompson Robert J : Historic Blacktoft.     
      Historic Blacktoft. BJL; DA 690 B625 T4   BOOK 1993?
Thompson Robert J 1959 : Television's second golden age : from Hill Street blues to ER / Robert J. Thompson.     
      Television's Second Golden Age : From Hill Street Blues To ER BJL; PN 1992.3 U5 T4   BOOK 1997
Thompson Robert Joseph 1949 : Ethnoterritorial politics, policy, and the western world / edited by Joseph R. Rudolph and Robert J. Thompson.     
      Ethnoterritorial Politics, Policy, And The Western World BJL; JF 1061 E8   BOOK 1989
Thompson Robert P Robert Perry    
      The Glory Of The Temple And The Stage : Henry Purcell 1659-1695. BJL; q ML 410 P95 T4   BOOK 1995
      The Gresham Autograph BJL; q ML 96.4 P95 G8   PRINTED MUSIC c1995
Thompson Roger 1933    
      Contrast And Connection : Bicentennial Essays In Anglo-American History BJL; DA 300 C7   BOOK 1976
      Mobility And Migration : East Anglian Founders Of New England, 1629-1640. BJL; F 15 B8 T4   BOOK 1994
      Sex In Middlesex : Popular Mores In A Massachusetts County, 1649-1699 BJL; HQ 18 U5 T4   BOOK 1986
      Unfit For Modest Ears : A Study Of Pornographic, Obscene And Bawdy Works Written Or Published In Eng BJL; PR 439 S5 T4   BOOK 1979
      Women In Stuart England And America : A Comparative Study. BJL; HQ 1150 T4   BOOK 1974
Thompson Ron : After the miners strike - what next? / by A. Jones and R. Thompson.     
      After The Miners Strike - What Next? BJL; HD 5367 C6 J7   BOOK 1972
Thompson Ronald Bettes : The government of the Soviet Union.     
      The Government Of The Soviet Union. BJL; JK 6570 H2   BOOK 1949
Thompson Roy    
      Environmental Magnetism. BJL; QC 820 T4   BOOK 1986
      Grammar Of The Edit. BJL  BOOK 1993
      Grammar Of The Edit Online materials  EBOOKS 2013
      Grammar Of The Edit BJL; TR899 .T49 2013   BOOK 2013
Thompson Russell D    
      Applied Climatology : Principles And Practice. BJL  BOOK 1997
      Atmospheric Contamination : A Review Of The Air Pollution Problem. BJL; q G 1 R28 G3(68)   BOOK 1978
      Atmospheric Processes And Systems BJL; QC 861.2 T4   BOOK 1998
      The Climatology Of The Arid World. BJL; q G1 R28 G3(35)   BOOK 1975
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Thompson Ruth 1927 : Shakespeare and the sense of performance : essays in the tradition of performance criticism in honor of Bernard Beckerman / edited by Marvin and Ruth Thompson.     
      Shakespeare And The Sense Of Performance : Essays In The Tradition Of Performance Criticism In Honor BJL; PR 3091 S5   BOOK 1989
Thompson Sandra A    
      Interaction And Grammar BJL; P 40 I6   BOOK 1997
      Mandarin Chinese : A Functional Reference Grammar. BJL; PL 1107 L6   BOOK 1981
Thompson Scott 1942 : The baobab and the mango tree : lessons about development : African and Asian contrasts / Nicholas Thompson & Scott Thompson.     
      The Baobab And The Mango Tree : Lessons About Development : African And Asian Contrasts South East Asian Collection; HC 445 T4   BOOK 2000
Thompson Sharon : Prenuptial agreements and the presumption of free choice : issues of power in theory and practice / Sharon Thompson.     
      Prenuptial Agreements And The Presumption Of Free Choice : Issues Of Power In Theory And Practice Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
Thompson Sheila    
      The Group Process As A Helping Technique. BJL; HV 45 T4   BOOK 1970
      Tutoring And Demonstrating : A Handbook. BJL  BOOK 1995
Thompson Shirley Catherine : The autograph manuscripts of Marc-Antoine Charpentier : clues to performance.     
      The Autograph Manuscripts Of Marc-Antoine Charpentier : Clues To Performance. BJL; T/H 1997 Ph.D. T4   THESIS 1997
Thompson Silvanus P Silvanus Phillips 1851 1916    
      Calculus Made Easy : Being A Very-Simplest Introduction To Those Beautiful Methods Of Reckoning Whic BJL; QA 303 T4   BOOK 1999
      Memorials Of John Ford BJL; BX 7795 F58   BOOK 1877
      The Quest For Truth. BJL; BT 50 T4   BOOK 1915
      Treatise On Light : In Which Are Explained The Causes Of That Which Occurs In Reflexion, & In Refrac BJL; QC 355 H9   BOOK 1912
Thompson Simon    
      Haskell : The Craft Of Functional Programming. BJL; QA 76.7 H3 T4   BOOK 1996
      Haskell : The Craft Of Functional Programming. BJL  BOOK 1999
      Miranda : The Craft Of Functional Programming. BJL; QA 76.73 M5 T3   BOOK 1995
Thompson Simon 1962    
      Michael Walzer : Philosopher Of Democracy. BJL  BOOK  
      The Politics Of Misrecognition Departmental Locations; HM 1136 P7   BOOK c2011
      Richard Rorty : Critical Dialogues BJL; B 945 R524 Z67   BOOK 2001
Thompson Simon B N : Dementia : a guide for health care professionals.     
      Dementia : A Guide For Health Care Professionals. BJL; RC 524 T4   BOOK 1997
Thompson Simon John Simon : The political theory of recognition : a critical introduction / Simon Thompson.     
      The Political Theory Of Recognition : A Critical Introduction BJL; JA 74.5 T4   BOOK 2006
Thompson Steve    
      Corporate Governance : Accountability, Enterprise And International Comparisons BJL; HD2741   BOOK c2005
      Corporate Governance : Accountability, Enterprise And International Comparisons Online materials  EBOOKS c2005
      Corporate Governance : Economic And Financial Issues BJL; HD 2741 C8   BOOK 1997
      Internal Organisation, Efficiency, And Profit BJL; HD 58.9 I6   BOOK 1988
Thompson Steve Screenwriter : Sherlock [videorecording]. [series 1] / directed by Paul McGuigan.     
      Sherlock [Series 1] BJL; PN 1992.77 S552   DVD 2010
Thompson Steven : The Apocalypse and Semitic syntax.     
      The Apocalypse And Semitic Syntax. BJL; BS 2825 T4   BOOK 1985
Thompson Steven K 1945 : Sampling / Steven K. Thompson.     
      Sampling Online materials  EBOOKS c2012
Thompson Stith    
      An Introduction To Research In English Literary History ... BJL; PR 31 S2   BOOK 1952
      Motif-Index Of Folk-Literature : A Classification Of Narrative Elements In Folktales, Ballads, Myths BJL; PN 916 T4   BOOK 1958
Thompson Sue    
      Administrative Use Of Computers By Local Education Authorities : Report Of A Questionnaire Survey BJL; JMBC S9   BOOK 1983
      Globetrotter Japan Travel Guide BJL; JAPB 216   BOOK 2001
Thompson Sue 1955 : The critically reflective practitioner / Sue Thompson and Neil Thompson.     
      The Critically Reflective Practitioner BJL; HD 8038 A1 T4   BOOK 2018
Thompson Sue Ma    
      Age Discrimination. BJL; HQ 1064 G7 T4   BOOK 2005
      The Critically Reflective Practitioner BJL; HD 8038 A1 T4   BOOK 2008
      The Social Work Companion BJL; HV 11.8 G7 T4   BOOK 2008
Thompson T E    
      Biology Of Opisthobranch Molluscs. BJL; q QL 430.4 T4   BOOK 1984
      British Opisthobranch Molluscs : Mollusca : Gastropoda : Keys And Notes For The Identification Of Th BJL; QL 155 L7 S91(8)   BOOK 1976
      Living Marine Mollusca BJL; QL 408 Y5   BOOK 1976
Thompson T Jack : Christianity in northern Malawi : Donald Fraser's missionary methods and Ngoni culture.     
      Christianity In Northern Malawi : Donald Fraser's Missionary Methods And Ngoni Culture. BJL; BV 3625 N8 T4   BOOK 1995
Thompson T Perronet Thomas Perronet 1783 1869    
      Article On Free Trade. BJL; HF 1711(I)   BOOK  
      Article On Machine Breaking. BJL; HF 1711(I)   BOOK  
      Article On The Instrument Of Exchange. BJL; HG 221   BOOK  
      Catechism On The Corn Laws. BJL; HF 1711(I)   BOOK  
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Thompson T R E : Soils of the Liverpool district (sheet 108) / by G.R. Beard, T.R.E. Thompson and J.W. Lea.     
      Soils Of The Liverpool District (Sheet 108) BJL; S 598.5 M53 L7   BOOK 1987
Thompson Teresa L    
      Communication And Aging BJL; HQ 1061 N9   BOOK 1989
      Routledge Handbook Of Health Communication Online materials  EBOOKS 2011
Thompson Thea : Edwardian childhoods / edited by T.Thompson.     
      Edwardian Childhoods BJL; DA 566.4 E2   BOOK 1981
Thompson Theodore Radford : A catalogue of British family histories.     
      A Catalogue Of British Family Histories. BJL; CS 438 T4   BOOK 1935
Thompson Thomas    
      The Quakers Quibbles : In Three Parts : First Set Forth In An Expostulatory Epistle To Will. Pfnn [I Online materials  EBOOKS 1675
      The Second Part Of The Quakers Quibbles, : Set Forth In Reply To A Quibbling Pretended Answer Of G. Online materials  EBOOKS 1675
Thompson Thomas 1574    
      Antichrist Arraigned : In A Sermon At Pauls Crosse, The Third Sunday After Epiphanie. With The Tryal Online materials  EBOOKS 1618
      Claviger Ecclesiæ : Seu Concio Ad Clerum De Clauibus Regni Cœlorum, Habita Pro Formâ, Oxoniæ In Online materials  EBOOKS 1612
      A Diet For A Drunkard : Deliuered In Two Sermons At Saint Nicholas Church In Bristoll, Anno Domini. Online materials  EBOOKS 1612
      A Friendly Farevvell From A Faithfull Flocke : Taken In A Sermon, Preached In St. Thomas Church In B Online materials  EBOOKS 1616
      The Trial Of Gvides, : By The Touchstone Of Teachers, Jesus Christ: In A Sermon, Preached Vupon The Online materials  EBOOKS 1618
Thompson Thomas 1754 1828    
      Considerations On The Increase Of The Poor-Rates, And On The State Of The Workhouse In Kingston-Upon BJL; p HV 8749 G7 T4   BOOK 1799
      A History Of The Church And Priory Of Swine In Holderness. BJL; DA 690 S984 T4   BOOK 1824
      A History Of The Church And Priory Of Swine In Holderness. BJL; DA 690 S984 T4   BOOK 1824
      A History Of The Church And Priory Of Swine In Holderness. BJL; DA 690 S984 T4   BOOK 1824
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  Thompson Thomas Banker Of Hull -- See Thompson, Thomas, 1754-1828
  Thompson Thomas D 1828 -- See Thompson, Thomas, 1754-1828
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