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Thompson Simon    
      Haskell : The Craft Of Functional Programming. BJL; QA 76.7 H3 T4   BOOK 1996
      Haskell : The Craft Of Functional Programming. BJL  BOOK 1999
      Miranda : The Craft Of Functional Programming. BJL; QA 76.73 M5 T3   BOOK 1995
      PEPM'12 Proceedings Of The ACM SIGPLAN 2012 Workshop On Partial Evaluation And Program Manipulation Online materials; QA76.6   EBOOKS 2012
      Proceedings Of The Fourth International Joint Conference On Autonomous Agents And Multiagent Systems Online materials; QA76.76.I58   EBOOKS 2005
Thompson Simon 1962    
      Michael Walzer : Philosopher Of Democracy. BJL  BOOK  
      The Politics Of Misrecognition Departmental Locations; HM 1136 P7   BOOK c2011
      Richard Rorty : Critical Dialogues BJL; B 945 R524 Z67   BOOK 2001
Thompson Simon B N : Dementia : a guide for health care professionals.     
      Dementia : A Guide For Health Care Professionals. BJL; RC 524 T4   BOOK 1997
Thompson Simon John Simon : The political theory of recognition : a critical introduction / Simon Thompson.     
      The Political Theory Of Recognition : A Critical Introduction BJL; JA 74.5 T4   BOOK 2006
Thompson Smith 1768 1843 : Trial of the prisoners of the Amistad on the writ of habeas corpus, before the Circuit Court of the United States, for the district of Connecticut, at Hartford, Judges Thompson and Judson [electronic resource] : September term, 1839.     
      Trial Of The Prisoners Of The Amistad On The Writ Of Habeas Corpus, Before The Circuit Court Of The Online materials  EBOOKS 1839
Thompson Steve    
      Corporate Governance : Accountability, Enterprise And International Comparisons BJL; HD2741   BOOK c2005
      Corporate Governance : Accountability, Enterprise And International Comparisons Online materials  EBOOKS c2005
      Corporate Governance : Economic And Financial Issues BJL; HD 2741 C8   BOOK 1997
      Internal Organisation, Efficiency, And Profit BJL; HD 58.9 I6   BOOK 1988
Thompson Steve Screenwriter : Sherlock [videorecording]. [series 1] / directed by Paul McGuigan.     
      Sherlock [Series 1] BJL; PN 1992.77 S552   DVD 2010
Thompson Steven : The Apocalypse and Semitic syntax.     
      The Apocalypse And Semitic Syntax. BJL; BS 2825 T4   BOOK 1985
Thompson Steven K 1945 : Sampling / Steven K. Thompson.     
      Sampling Online materials  EBOOKS c2012
Thompson Stith    
      An Introduction To Research In English Literary History ... BJL; PR 31 S2   BOOK 1952
      Motif-Index Of Folk-Literature : A Classification Of Narrative Elements In Folktales, Ballads, Myths BJL; PN 916 T4   BOOK 1958
Thompson Sue    
      Administrative Use Of Computers By Local Education Authorities : Report Of A Questionnaire Survey BJL; JMBC S9   BOOK 1983
      Globetrotter Japan Travel Guide BJL; JAPB 216   BOOK 2001
Thompson Sue 1955 : The critically reflective practitioner / Sue Thompson and Neil Thompson.     
      The Critically Reflective Practitioner BJL; HD 8038 A1 T4   BOOK 2018
Thompson Sue Ma    
      Age Discrimination. BJL; HQ 1064 G7 T4   BOOK 2005
      The Critically Reflective Practitioner BJL; HD 8038 A1 T4   BOOK 2008
      The Social Work Companion BJL; HV 11.8 G7 T4   BOOK 2008
Thompson T E    
      Biology Of Opisthobranch Molluscs. BJL; q QL 430.4 T4   BOOK 1984
      British Opisthobranch Molluscs : Mollusca : Gastropoda : Keys And Notes For The Identification Of Th BJL; QL 155 L7 S91(8)   BOOK 1976
      Living Marine Mollusca BJL; QL 408 Y5   BOOK 1976
Thompson T Jack : Christianity in northern Malawi : Donald Fraser's missionary methods and Ngoni culture.     
      Christianity In Northern Malawi : Donald Fraser's Missionary Methods And Ngoni Culture. BJL; BV 3625 N8 T4   BOOK 1995
Thompson T Perronet Thomas Perronet 1783 1869    
      Article On Free Trade. BJL; HF 1711(I)   BOOK  
      Article On Machine Breaking. BJL; HF 1711(I)   BOOK  
      Article On The Instrument Of Exchange. BJL; HG 221   BOOK  
      Catechism On The Corn Laws. BJL; HF 1711(I)   BOOK  
11 additional entries    
Thompson T R E : Soils of the Liverpool district (sheet 108) / by G.R. Beard, T.R.E. Thompson and J.W. Lea.     
      Soils Of The Liverpool District (Sheet 108) BJL; S 598.5 M53 L7   BOOK 1987
Thompson Teresa L    
      Communication And Aging BJL; HQ 1061 N9   BOOK 1989
      Routledge Handbook Of Health Communication Online materials  EBOOKS 2011
Thompson Thea : Edwardian childhoods / edited by T.Thompson.     
      Edwardian Childhoods BJL; DA 566.4 E2   BOOK 1981
Thompson Theodore Radford : A catalogue of British family histories.     
      A Catalogue Of British Family Histories. BJL; CS 438 T4   BOOK 1935
Thompson Thomas    
      The Quakers Quibbles : In Three Parts : First Set Forth In An Expostulatory Epistle To Will. Pfnn [I Online materials  EBOOKS 1675
      The Second Part Of The Quakers Quibbles, : Set Forth In Reply To A Quibbling Pretended Answer Of G. Online materials  EBOOKS 1675
Thompson Thomas 1574    
      Antichrist Arraigned : In A Sermon At Pauls Crosse, The Third Sunday After Epiphanie. With The Tryal Online materials  EBOOKS 1618
      Claviger Ecclesiæ : Seu Concio Ad Clerum De Clauibus Regni Cœlorum, Habita Pro Formâ, Oxoniæ In Online materials  EBOOKS 1612
      A Diet For A Drunkard : Deliuered In Two Sermons At Saint Nicholas Church In Bristoll, Anno Domini. Online materials  EBOOKS 1612
      A Friendly Farevvell From A Faithfull Flocke : Taken In A Sermon, Preached In St. Thomas Church In B Online materials  EBOOKS 1616
      The Trial Of Gvides, : By The Touchstone Of Teachers, Jesus Christ: In A Sermon, Preached Vupon The Online materials  EBOOKS 1618
Thompson Thomas 1754 1828    
      Considerations On The Increase Of The Poor-Rates, And On The State Of The Workhouse In Kingston-Upon BJL; p HV 8749 G7 T4   BOOK 1799
      A History Of The Church And Priory Of Swine In Holderness. BJL; DA 690 S984 T4   BOOK 1824
      A History Of The Church And Priory Of Swine In Holderness. BJL; DA 690 S984 T4   BOOK 1824
      A History Of The Church And Priory Of Swine In Holderness. BJL; DA 690 S984 T4   BOOK 1824
7 additional entries    
  Thompson Thomas Banker Of Hull -- See Thompson, Thomas, 1754-1828
  Thompson Thomas D 1828 -- See Thompson, Thomas, 1754-1828
Thompson Thomas L 1939    
      The Bible In History : How Writers Create A Past. BJL; BS 1197 T4   BOOK 1999
      Early History Of The Israelite People : From The Written And Archaeological Sources. BJL; DS 121 T4   BOOK 1992
      The Historicity Of The Patriarchal Narratives : The Quest For The Historical Abraham. BJL; BS 410 Z481(133)   BOOK 1974
      The Origin Tradition Of Ancient Israel, I : The Literary Formation Of Genesis And Exodus 1-23. BJL; BS 1235 T4   BOOK 1987
      The Settlement Of Sinai And The Negev In The Bronze Age. BJL; GN 778.32 P1 T4   BOOK 1975
  Thompson Thomas Perronet 1783 1869 -- See Thompson, T. Perronet (Thomas Perronet), 1783-1869.
Thompson Thomas William : Wordsworth's Hawkshead.     
      Wordsworth's Hawkshead. BJL; PR 5898 T4.   BOOK 1970
Thompson Thomas William Writer On Finance : Checks and balances : a study of the dual banking system in America.     
      Checks And Balances : A Study Of The Dual Banking System In America. BJL; HG 2461 T4   BOOK 1962
Thompson Timothy James Upton : The archaeology of cremation : burned human remains in funerary studies / edited by Tim Thompson.     
      The Archaeology Of Cremation : Burned Human Remains In Funerary Studies BJL; CC 79.5 H85 A6   BOOK 2015
Thompson Todd M : Norman Anderson and the Christian mission to modernise Islam [electronic resource] / Todd M. Thompson.     
      Norman Anderson And The Christian Mission To Modernise Islam Online materials; BV2626.A53 T46 2017   EBOOKS 2017
Thompson Tom : The legends of Lennie Lower / edited by Tom Thompson, illustrated by Patrick Cook.     
      The Legends Of Lennie Lower BJL; PR 9619.3 L68 A2   BOOK 1988
Thompson Tony 1947    
      Interprofessional Working For Health And Social Care BJL; R 727.5 I6   BOOK 1997
      Lyttle's Mental Health And Disorder. BJL; RT 93.7 L9   BOOK 1994
      Lyttle's Mental Health And Disorder BJL; RC 440 L9   BOOK 2000
      Standards And Learning Disability BJL; HV 3008 G7 S7   BOOK 1998
      Standards And Mental Handicap : Keys To Competence BJL; HV 3008 G7 T4   BOOK  
Thompson Travis    
      Destructive Behaviour In Developmental Disabilities : Diagnosis And Treatment BJL; RC 451.4 M47 D4   BOOK 1994
      Reinforcement Schedules And Multioperant Analysis. BJL; BF 319.5 R3 T4   BOOK 1972
      Saving Children At Risk : Poverty And Disabilities BJL; HV 741 S2   BOOK 1992
      Stimulus Properties Of Drugs BJL; BF 207 T4   BOOK 1971
Thompson Victor Alexander    
      Bureaucracy And The Modern World. BJL; HD 38.4 T4   BOOK 1976
      Public Administration BJL; JF 201 S5   BOOK 1950
Thompson Victor D : The Powhatan landscape : an archaeological history of the Algonquian Chesapeake / Martin D. Gallivan ; foreword by Victor D. Thompson.     
      The Powhatan Landscape : An Archaeological History Of The Algonquian Chesapeake Online materials; E99.P85 G36 2016eb   EBOOKS 2016
Thompson Victoria Elizabeth : Women in nineteenth-century Europe / Rachel G. Fuchs & Victoria E. Thompson.     
      Women In Nineteenth-Century Europe BJL; HQ 1587 F9   BOOK 2005
Thompson Vincent : Videotex in education : a new technology briefing / V. Thompson [et al.].     
      Videotex In Education : A New Technology Briefing BJL; JIY T4   BOOK 1982
Thompson Vincent Bakpetu    
      Africa And Unity : The Evolution Of Pan-Africanism BJL; DT 30 T4   BOOK 1969
      The Making Of The African Diaspora In The Americas, 1441-1900. BJL; HT 1048 T4   BOOK 1987
Thompson Virginia Mclean    
      Britain's Policy In Malaya. South East Asian Collection; q JQ 695 M23   BOOK 1947
      Cultural Institutions And Educational Policy In Southeast Asia South East Asian Collection; q LA 1052 T4   BOOK 1948
      The Emerging States Of French Equatorial Africa. BJL; DT 546 T4   BOOK 1960
      France's Colonial Stake In West Africa. BJL; JV 1827 T4   BOOK  
10 additional entries    
Thompson W : Child's pleasing and grateful remembrancer.     
      Child's Pleasing And Grateful Remembrancer. BJL; PR 1221(III)   BOOK  
Thompson W Fabian Writer    
      Housing Conference At Lower Essex Hall, 15th December, 1899 : [Papers]. BJL; HD 7333 F1   BOOK 1899
      Housing Conference At Lower Essex Hall, 15th December, 1899 : [Papers]. BJL; HD 7333 F1   BOOK 1899
      Housing Conference At Lower Essex Hall, 15th December, 1899 : [Papers]. BJL; HD 7333 F1   BOOK 1899
      Housing Conference At Lower Essex Hall, 15th December, 1899 : [Papers]. BJL; HD 7333 F1   BOOK 1899
      Housing Conference At Lower Essex Hall, 15th December, 1899 : [Papers]. BJL; HD 7333 F1   BOOK 1899
Thompson W H    
      Chaucer And His Times. BJL; PR 1905 T4   BOOK 1936
      Somerset Regional Report. BJL; q G 115 T4   BOOK  
Thompson W T    
      A Chinese Honeymoon Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1899/10/30)   PLAYBILL 1899
      The Lady Slavey Departmental Locations; PN 2596 H9 G7(1907/10/21)   PLAYBILL 1907
Thompson Warren Simpson    
      Danger Spots In World Population. BJL; HB 851 T4   BOOK 1930
      Population And Progress In The Far East. BJL; HC 411 T4   BOOK 1959
      Population Problems. BJL; HB 851 T4   BOOK 1953
Thompson Warren Simpson 1887 1950 : Population : a study in Malthusianism / Thompson.     
      Population : A Study In Malthusianism Online materials  EBOOKS 1915
Thompson Wayne C : The political odyssey of Herbert Wehner.     
      The Political Odyssey Of Herbert Wehner. BJL; DD 259.7 W4 T4   BOOK 1993
Thompson Wayne N : Aristotle's deduction and induction : introductory analysis and synthesis.     
      Aristotle's Deduction And Induction : Introductory Analysis And Synthesis. BJL; B 491 L8 T4   BOOK 1975
Thompson Wayne W : Air war in the Persian Gulf / Williamson Murray wtih Wayne W. Thompson.     
      Air War In The Persian Gulf BJL; DS 79.724 U5 M9   BOOK 1995
Thompson Whitney Meredith : The wohunge of ure lauerd.     
      The Wohunge Of Ure Lauerd. BJL; PR 1119 A2(241)   BOOK 1958
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