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Mark   Media Year
Tsukasa Yoko 1934    
      Kohayagawa-Ke No Aki BJL  DVD 2006
      Ozu Vol.4, Late Autumn ; An Autumn Afternoon BJL; PN 1997 A1 O9   DVD 2006
Tsukayama I : The Peruvian anchoveta and its upwelling ecosystem : three decades of change / edited by D. Pauly and I. Tsukayama.     
      The Peruvian Anchoveta And Its Upwelling Ecosystem : Three Decades Of Change BJL; q QL 638 E55 P4   BOOK 1987
Tsukeda Naoko : Yi yi [videorecording] / written and directed by Edward Yang.     
      Yi Yi BJL; PN 1997 Y5126   DVD c2006
Tsukerblat Boris S : Group theory in chemistry and spectroscopy : a simple guide to advanced usage / edited by B.S. Tsukerblat.     
      Group Theory In Chemistry And Spectroscopy : A Simple Guide To Advanced Usage BJL; QC 451 T8   BOOK 1994
Tsumabuki Satoshi 1980 : Cìkè Niè Yinniáng     
      The Assassin BJL; PN 1997 C5717   BLU-RAY DISC 2016
Tsunematsu Yukinori : Culture collections of micro-organisms / eds-in-chief. H. Iizuka and T. Hasewaga; eds. Y. Tsunematsu and others.     
      Culture Collections Of Micro-Organisms BJL; QR 64.5 I6   BOOK 1970
Tsung S : The short term money market in Australia / by S. Tsung and B.R. Yuill.     
      The Short Term Money Market In Australia BJL; q HG 3450 T8   BOOK 1978
Tsunoda Jiro 1936 : Yogen [videorecording] / directed by Norio Tsuruta.     
      Yogen BJL; PN 1997 Y545   DVD c2007
Tsunoda Ryusaku : Sources of the Japanese tradition.     
      Sources Of The Japanese Tradition. BJL; DS 821 T8   BOOK 1958
Tsunoda S : Brassica crops and wild allies : biology and breeding.     
      Brassica Crops And Wild Allies : Biology And Breeding. BJL; SB 298 B8   BOOK 1980
Tsuru Shigeto    
      Essays On Economic Development. BJL; HB 199 T8   BOOK 1968
      Essays On Japanese Economy. BJL; HC 461 T8   BOOK 1958
      Growth And Resources : Proceedings Of The Fifth World Congress Of The International Economic Associa BJL; HB 199 E1   BOOK 1980
      Has Capitalism Changed? An International Symposium On The Nature Of Contemporary Capitalism BJL; HC 55 T8   BOOK 1961
2 additional entries    
Tsurumi E Patricia : Factory girls : women in the thread mills of Meiji Japan.     
      Factory Girls : Women In The Thread Mills Of Meiji Japan. BJL; HD 6073 T4 J3   BOOK 1992
Tsurumi Yoshi    
      The Japanese Are Coming : A Multinational Interaction Of Firms And Politics. BJL; HD 2916 T8   BOOK 1976
      Japanese Business : A Research Guide With Annotated Bibliography. BJL; HD 70 J3 T8   BOOK 1978
Tsurushima Hirokazu 1952 : Nations in medieval Britain / edited by Hirokazu Tsurushima.     
      Nations In Medieval Britain BJL; DA 152 N2   BOOK 2010
Tsuruta Norio : Yogen [videorecording] / directed by Norio Tsuruta.     
      Yogen BJL; PN 1997 Y545   DVD c2007
Tsushima Keiko 1926 2012 : Shichinin no samurai [videorecording] / directed by Akira Kurosawa.     
      Shichinin No Samurai BJL; PN 1997 S5554   DVD 1999
Tsushima Toshiaki 1936 2013 : Jingi naki tatakai (Motion picture)     
      Jingi Naki Tatakai BJL; PN 1997 J615   BLU-RAY DISC 2015
Tsushima Yukio : Representations of finite groups / Hirosi Nagao, Yukio Tsushima.     
      Representations Of Finite Groups BJL; QA 171 N1   BOOK 1989
Tsutsui Kiyoteru : Corporate social responsibility in a globalizing world / edited by Kiyoteru Tsutsui and Alwyn Lim.     
      Corporate Social Responsibility In A Globalizing World Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
Tsutsui Minora : Principles and applications of homogeneous catalysis / by A. Nakamura and M. Tsutsui.     
      Principles And Applications Of Homogeneous Catalysis BJL; QD 501 C3 N1   BOOK 1980
Tsutsui Minoru : Horizons in organometallic chemistry / editor I. Bernal conference chairman M.Tsutsui.     
      Horizons In Organometallic Chemistry BJL; Q 1 N53 A6(239)   BOOK 1974
Tsutsui Yasutaka 1934 : Papurika [videorecording] / directed by Satoshi Kon.     
      Papurika BJL; PN 1997 P2188   DVD 2008
Tsutsumi Shinichi 1964 : Chakushin ari [videorecording] / directed by Takashi Miike.     
      Chakushin Ari BJL; PN 1997 C4357   DVD 2008
Tsutsumi Yukihiko 1955 : 20 seiki shonen [videorecording] / directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi.     
      20 Seiki Shonen BJL; PN 1997 N6915   DVD c2010
Tsuzuki Chushichi    
      Edward Carpenter, 1844-1929. BJL; PR 4451 Z6 T8   BOOK 1980
      H.M. Hyndman And British Socialism. BJL; HX 36 H9 T8   BOOK 1961
      The Life Of Eleanor Marx, 1855-1898 : A Socialist Tragedy. BJL; HX 243 M3 T8   BOOK 1967
Tsuzuko Tosiro : Finite groups and finite geometrics.     
      Finite Groups And Finite Geometrics. BJL; QA 4 C1(78)   BOOK 1982
Tsvetaeva Anastasia Ivanovna : Vospominaniia.     
      Vospominaniia. BJL; PG 3476 T75 Z68   BOOK 1983
Tsvetaeva Marina 1892 1941    
      A Captive Spirit : Selected Prose BJL; PG 3476 T 75 A2   BOOK 1980
      Izbrannia Proza, 1917-1937 BJL; PG 3476 T75 A2   BOOK 1979
      Neizdannoe : Stikhi, Teatr, Proza. BJL; PG 3476 T75 A2   BOOK 1976
      Pis'ma K A. Teskovoi. BJL; PG 3476 T75 Z5   BOOK 1969
7 additional entries    
Tsvigun Semen Kuzmich : Feliks Edmundovich Dzerzhinskii : biografiia.     
      Feliks Edmundovich Dzerzhinskii : Biografiia. BJL; DK 268 D9 F3   BOOK 1977
Tswalu Dialogue 2004 : Global challenges and Africa : bridging divides, dealing with perceptions, rebuilding societies : report of the 2004 Tswalu Dialogue / edited by Richard Cobbold and Greg Mills.     
      Global Challenges And Africa : Bridging Divides, Dealing With Perceptions, Rebuilding Societies : Re BJL; JA 29 W59(62)   BOOK 2004
Tswalu Dialogue 2005 : Trade, development and security in Africa : all sides of the same coin? : report of the 2005 Tswalu Dialogue / edited by Terence McNamee ... [et al.].     
      Trade, Development And Security In Africa : All Sides Of The Same Coin? : Report Of The 2005 Tswalu BJL; JA 29 W59(65)   BOOK 2005
Tsymbal E Y Evgeny Y : Handbook of spin transport and magnetism / edited by Evgeny Y. Tsymbal, Igor Žutić.     
      Handbook Of Spin Transport And Magnetism BJL; q TK 7874.887 H2   BOOK c2012
Tsypkin Ia Z    
      Foundations Of The Theory Of Learning Systems. BJL; Q 325 T8   BOOK 1973
      Relay Control Systems. BJL; TJ 218.5 T8   BOOK 1984
Tsyskovskii V K : The synthesis of higher fatty acids and alcohols by the continuous liquid phase oxidation of short chain normal paraffins.     
      The Synthesis Of Higher Fatty Acids And Alcohols By The Continuous Liquid Phase Oxidation Of Short C BJL; QD 281 O9 T8   BOOK 1965
Tsytovich Vadim Nikolaevich : Nonlinear effects in plasma / edited by S.M. Hamberger.     
      Nonlinear Effects In Plasma BJL; QC 718 T8   BOOK 1970
Tsytovich Vadim Nikolevich : Plasma astrophysics / by S.A. Kaplan and V.N. Tsytovich.     
      Plasma Astrophysics BJL; QB 461 K1   BOOK 1973
Ttis Co Ltd : Global textile market : year 2000 : [a conference held] by TTIS Co. Ltd., 29 November 1995, Sunroute Hotel, Bangkok / [papers by Herwig M. Strolz and Keith Stuart-Smith].     
      Global Textile Market : Year 2000 : [A Conference Held] By TTIS Co. Ltd., 29 November 1995, Sunroute South East Asian Collection; q HF 5439 T48 G5   BOOK 1995
Tts Group Ltd : [Viking shield].     
      [Viking Shield]. Education Resources; lf U 825 V6   ARTEFACT 2015?
Tu Anthony T : Survey of Contemporary Toxicology.     
      Survey Of Contemporary Toxicology. BJL; RA 1211 S9   BOOK 1980-
Tu Chih Hsiung : Online collaborative learning communities : twenty-one designs to building an online collaborative learning community.     
      Online Collaborative Learning Communities : Twenty-One Designs To Building An Online Collaborative L BJL; LB 1028.5 T8   BOOK 2004
Tu Cong Phung : Tinh khuc Tu cong Phung.     
      Tinh Khuc Tu Cong Phung. South East Asian Collection; M 1300 T88   PRINTED MUSIC 1970
Tu Duc King Of Vietnam    
      Ngu'-Che Viet-Su Tong-Vinh. South East Asian Collection; DS 556.5 T8   BOOK 1970
      Tu' Du'c Thanh-Che Tu' - Hoc Gaia'i-Nghia-Ca. South East Asian Collection; PL 4377 T8   BOOK  
Tu Jiyuan    
      Computational Fluid Dynamics A Practical Approach Online materials  EBOOKS 2013
      Computational Techniques For Multi-Phase Flows : Basics And Applications Online materials  EBOOKS 2010
Tu Ke Tuong    
      Du'o'ng Phu'o'ng Bay. South East Asian Collection; PL 4378 T 81 D9   BOOK 1972
      Mua Ao Vang. South East Asian Collection; PL 4378 T81 M9   BOOK 1972
Tu King Ning : Thin Films : Interdiffusion and reactions.     
      Thin Films : Interdiffusion And Reactions. BJL; QC 176.83 T4   BOOK 1978
Tu Linh : Hhung tinh khuc mua thu cia Duan Chuan va Tu Linh.     
      Hhung Tinh Khuc Mua Thu Cia Duan Chuan Va Tu Linh. South East Asian Collection; M 1300 D53   PRINTED MUSIC 1970
Tu Loring W : Differential forms in algebraic topology / [by] R. Bott [and] L.W. Tu.     
      Differential Forms In Algebraic Topology BJL; QA 613.6 B7   BOOK 1982
Tu Shi Ming : Origin of cancers : clinical perspectives and implications of a stem-cell theory of cancer / Shi-Ming Tu.     
      Origin Of Cancers : Clinical Perspectives And Implications Of A Stem-Cell Theory Of Cancer BJL; RC 268.48 T8   BOOK c2010
Tu Wei Ming    
      Confucian Traditions In East Asian Modernity : Moral Education And Economic Culture In Japan And The BJL; DS 509.3 C7   BOOK 1996
      Neo-Confucian Thought In Action : Wang Yang-Ming's Youth (1472-1509). BJL; B 5234 W35 T8   BOOK 1976
      Traditional China BJL; DS 735 L7   BOOK 1970
Tu Xin M : Modern clinical trial analysis [electronic resource] / Wan Tang, Xin Tu, editors.     
      Modern Clinical Trial Analysis Online materials  EBOOKS c2013
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