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Vireswarananda Swami : Brahma-sutras / edited with text, word-for-word translation, English rendering, comments according to the commentary of Sri Sarikara, and index, by Swami Vireswarananda.     
      Brahma-Sutras BJL; B 132 V3 B1   BOOK 1978
Viret Pierre 1511 1571    
      A Notable Collection Of Diuers And So[N]Dry Places Of The Sacred Scriptures : Which Make To The Decl Online materials  EBOOKS 1548
      De Cautelen (Dat Is Te Segghen, De Vvaershouvvinghe Ofte Ondervvijsinghe) Met Het Canon Ende Ceremon Online materials  EBOOKS 1568
      The Cauteles, Canon, And Ceremonies, Of The Most Blasphemous, Abhominable, And Monstrous Popish Mass Online materials  EBOOKS 1584
      The Christian Disputations, By Master Peter Viret. Deuided Into Three Partes, Dialogue Wise: Set Out Online materials  EBOOKS 1579
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Virey Claude Enoch : Vers itinéraires : Allant de France en Italie, 1592 : Allant de Venise à Rome, 1593 / texte établi, présenté et annoté par Anna Bettoni.     
      Vers Itinéraires : Allant De France En Italie, 1592 : Allant De Venise à Rome, 1593 BJL; PQ 1935 V55 V5   BOOK 1999
Virga Epifanio G : Variational theories for liquid crystals.     
      Variational Theories For Liquid Crystals. BJL; QD 923 V8   BOOK 1994
      The 6th Book Of Virgil's Aeneid. BJL; PA 6803 W5   BOOK  
      The 7th Book Of Virgil's Aeneid. BJL; PA 6803W5   BOOK  
      The Aeneid. BJL; PA 6801 A5 M1   BOOK  
      The Aeneid. BJL; PA 6801 A8 B5   BOOK  
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Virgil Society    
      Proceedings/ Virgil Society. BJL; q PA 6824 V71   PERIODICAL 1986
      What Is A Classic? : An Address Delivered Before The Virgil Society On The 16th Of October, 1944. BJL; PN 56 C6 E4   BOOK 1945
Virgili Fabrice : France virile English.     
      Shorn Women : Gender And Punishment In Liberation France BJL; D 810 W7 V8   BOOK 2002
Virgili Lavinin : Madrigali a 4 e 5 vou.     
      Madrigali A 4 E 5 Vou. BJL; q M 1300 M324.   PRINTED MUSIC 1952
Virgilio Giovanni Del    
      La Corrispondenza Poetica Di Dante Alighieri E Giovanni Del Virgilio BJL; PQ 4311 E2 B6   BOOK 1963
      Dante And Giovanni Del Virgilio. BJL; PQ 4311 E4 W6   BOOK 1902
      Le Egloghe BJL; PQ 4311 E3 I8   BOOK 1980
Virgilio Stephen J : Fitness education for children : a team approach.     
      Fitness Education For Children : A Team Approach. BJL; q GV 443 V8   BOOK 1997
Virgilius Maro Grammarian : Opera.     
      Opera. BJL; PA 6102 V84   BOOK  
  Virgilius Maro Publius -- See Virgil
Virgillo Carmelo : Woman as myth and metaphor in Latin American literature.     
      Woman As Myth And Metaphor In Latin American Literature. BJL; PQ 7081 A1 W8   BOOK 1985
Virgin Peter : The church in an age of negligence : ecclesiastical structure and problems of church reform 1700-1840.     
      The Church In An Age Of Negligence : Ecclesiastical Structure And Problems Of Church Reform 1700-184 BJL; BR 758 V8   BOOK 1989
      For The Colony In Virginea Britannia. Lavves Diuine, Morall And Martiall, &c. Online materials  EBOOKS 1612
      The Lawes Of Virginia Now In Force : Collected Out Of The Assembly Records And Digested Into One Vol Online materials  EBOOKS 1662
      A Complete Collection Of All The Lavvs Of Virginia Now In Force : Carefully Copied From The Assembly Online materials  EBOOKS 1684
Virginia Board Of Immigration : Virginia : a geographical and political summary.     
      Virginia : A Geographical And Political Summary. BJL; E 231 V8   BOOK 1876
Virginia Commission On Constitutional Government : The reconstruction amendments' debates : the legislative history and contemporary debates in Congress on the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments.     
      The Reconstruction Amendments' Debates : The Legislative History And Contemporary Debates In Congres BJL; q JN 1036 A9   BOOK 1967
Virginia Company    
      VVhereas [Mr. Richarde Widdowes Of London Goldsmythe] Hath Paid In Readie Monie To Sir Thomas Smith Online materials  EBOOKS 1608
      Whereas [Henry Erle Of Huntingdon] Hath Paid In Ready Mony To Sir Thomas Smith Knight, Treasurer Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1610
      Whereas [The Right Honorable Henrie Earle Of Huntingdon] Hath Paid In Ready Mony To Sir Thomas Smith Online materials  EBOOKS 1611?
Virginia Company Of London    
      By His Maiesties Councell For Virginia. Whereas Vpon The Returne Of Sir Thomas Dale Knight, (Marshal Online materials  EBOOKS 1617?
      By The Counsell Of Virginea : Seeing It Hath Pleased God ... That Now By The Wisdome And Industry Of Online materials  EBOOKS 1611
      By The Counsell Of Virginea : Whereas The Good Shippe Called The Hercules, Is Now Preparing, And Alm Online materials  EBOOKS 1611
      By The Treasuror, Councell And Company For Virginia. [A Proclamation For The Erection Of Guest House Online materials  EBOOKS 1620
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Virginia General Assembly : Laws, etc.     
      The Lawes Of Virginia Now In Force : Collected Out Of The Assembly Records And Digested Into One Vol Online materials  EBOOKS 1662
Virginia Historical Society    
      Colonial Virginia. BJL; F 229 M8   BOOK 1960
      County Court Records Of Accomack-Northampton, Virginia, 1640-1645. BJL; F 232 A2 A5   BOOK 1973
      The Reverend John Clayton, A Parson With A Scientific Mind. BJL; Q113 C6   BOOK 1965
Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts    
      The Art Of South Italy : Vases From Magna Graecia BJL; q NK 4645 V8   BOOK 1982
      Fabergé : Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts BJL  BOOK 1995
      The Horse In Ancient Greek Art BJL; N 5635 U5 M533   BOOK 2017
      Made In USA : An Americanization In Modern Art, The '50s And '60s BJL; q N 7323 S8   BOOK 1987
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Virginia Polytechnic Institute : A study of runoff losses from different slopes and lengths in a small watershed.     
      A Study Of Runoff Losses From Different Slopes And Lengths In A Small Watershed. BJL; M/I 3207   MICROFORM 1940
Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University Anaerobe Laboratory : Anaerobe laboratory manual / edited by L.V. Holdeman and W.E.C. Moore.     
      Anaerobe Laboratory Manual BJL; q QR 81 V8   BOOK 1975
Virginia Project    
      John Hunt's "Draught Of St. Georges Fort" In Context ; & Where Was The Pinnace Virginia Built? Departmental Locations; q F 29 P45 B7   BOOK 1999
      The Pinnace Virginia : Design Investigation Prepared For The Virginia Project Inc. Departmental Locations; q VM 383 V8 B5   BOOK 1999
      The Pinnace Virginia In Context, 1607-1610. Departmental Locations; q VM 383 V8 B7   BOOK 1999
Virginia Tech Symposium On Applied Behavioral Science 1st 1978 A : Virginia Tech Symposium on Applied Behavioral Science : [proceedings of the first and second symposia ... held on 27 to 28 April 1978, and ... 17 to 18 May 1979] / edited by J.A. Sgro.     
      Virginia Tech Symposium On Applied Behavioral Science : [Proceedings Of The First And Second Symposi BJL; HF 5548.8 V8   BOOK 1981
Virginia U Graduate School Of Business Administration : Basic research in finance : needs and prospects / ed. by C.C. Abbott.     
      Basic Research In Finance : Needs And Prospects BJL; HG 1581 A1   BOOK 1966
Virginia University : Ellen Glasgow : a bibliography.     
      Ellen Glasgow : A Bibliography. BJL; PS 3513 L34 Z6   BOOK 1964
Virginia University Bibliographical Society : Emerson's library.     
      Emerson's Library. BJL; PS 1648 H2   BOOK 1967
Virginia University Library    
      The Barrett Library. BJL; PS 3519 E27 Z6   BOOK 1960
      The Barrett Library Wegelin Collection Of Later Nineteenth-Century Minor American Poetry, 1821-1899 BJL; PS 321 C5 Z6   BOOK 1962
      Notes On The Cabell Collections At The University Of Virginia. BJL; PS 3505 A153 Z6   BOOK 1957
Virgo Graham    
      The Principles Of Equity & Trusts BJL; KD 605 V8   BOOK c2012
      The Principles Of Equity & Trusts BJL; KD 605 V8   BOOK 2016
      The Principles Of Equity & Trusts BJL; KD 605 V8   BOOK 2018
      The Principles Of Equity & Trusts BJL; KD674 .V574   BOOK 2020
Virgo Nicholas : Klang [sound recording] : works for tape and tape & instrument.     
      Klang Works For Tape And Tape & Instrument. BJL  CD AUDIO 1996
Virgo Philip    
      The Big Steal : The Computerisation Of PAYE Assessment. BJL; q JK 1129 C7 B75   BOOK 1982
      Cashing In On The Chips : A Policy For Exploiting The Semiconductor Revolution. BJL; JK 1129 C7 C75(639)   BOOK 1979
      Learning For Change : Training, Retraining And Lifelong Education For Multi-Career Lives. BJL; q JK 1129 C7 B75   BOOK 1982
      No End Of Jobs : A Return To Full Employment Through New Technology. BJL; JK 1129 C7 C75(728)   BOOK 1984
Virgo Sean : Sea change : [a poem].     
      Sea Change : [A Poem]. BJL; PR 1227 S28 V8   BOOK 1971
Virgoe J M John M    
      The Memoranda Books Of Basil Thomas Eccleston, 1757-1789 BJL; DA 670 L2 L24(139)   BOOK 2004
      Thomas Eccleston (1752-1809) : A Progressive Lancastrian Agriculturalist BJL; DA 670 L1 C52(III, 49)   BOOK 2012
Virgoe Norma : Religious dissent in East Anglia : historical perspectives : the proceedings of the Second Symposium on the History of Religious Dissent in East Anglia / edited by N. Virgoe and T. Williamson.     
      Religious Dissent In East Anglia : Historical Perspectives : The Proceedings Of The Second Symposium BJL; BX 5203.2 R3   BOOK  
Virieux Reymond Antoinette : Introduction a l'epistemologie / par A. Virieux-Reymond.     
      Introduction A L'epistemologie BJL; BD 161 V8   BOOK 1972
Virilio Paul    
      The Information Bomb BJL; T 14.5 V8   BOOK 2005
      Desert Screen : War At The Speed Of Light BJL; DS 79.739 V8   BOOK c2002
      Polar Inertia BJL; QC 173.59 S65 V8   BOOK 2000
      Speed And Politics : An Essay On Dromology BJL; HM 876 V8   BOOK 1986
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Viritius Andreas : De constantia     
      Von Der Bestendigkeit ... Faksimiledruck Der Deutscher Übersetzung Der Andrea Viritius Nach Der 2. BJL; PT 1794 V4   BOOK 1965
Viriya Limpinuntana    
      An Agroecosystem Analysis On Northeast Thailand : [Report Of A Workshop Organized] By KKU-Ford Cropp South East Asian Collection; q HD 2094.9 N83 A2   BOOK 1982
      Tambon And Village Agricultural Systems In Northeast Thailand : Report Of A Workshop Held At Khon Ka South East Asian Collection; HD 2094.9 N83 T1   BOOK 1982
Virmani K K : Dr. Banda in the making of Malawi.     
      Dr. Banda In The Making Of Malawi. BJL; DT 3236 V8   BOOK 1992
Virmaux Alain    
      Antonin Artaud Et Le Theatre. BJL; PQ 2601 R71 Z68   BOOK 1970
      "La Brehatine"; Cinema-Drame. Par G. Apollinaire Et A. Billy; Avant-Propos Et Etablissement Du Texte BJL; PQ 2601 P77 B8   BOOK 1971
Virmaux Odette : Le theatre et son double : Antonin Artand : analyse catique.     
      Le Theatre Et Son Double : Antonin Artand : Analyse Catique. BJL; PN 1631 A7 V8   BOOK 1975
Virno Paolo 1952 : Radical thought in Italy : a potential politics / Paolo Virno and Michael Hardt, editors ; Maurizia Boscagli ... [et al.], translators.     
      Radical Thought In Italy : A Potential Politics BJL; HN 490 R3 R1   BOOK c1996
Viro Oleg Yanovich : Topology and geometry : Rohlin seminar / O. Ya. Viro, editor.     
      Topology And Geometry : Rohlin Seminar BJL; q QA 4 L47(1346)   BOOK 1988
Viroli Maurizio    
      From Politics To Reason Of State : The Acquisition And Transformation Of The Language Of Politics 12 BJL; JA 82 V8   BOOK 1992
      Machiavelli BJL; JC 143 M4 V8   BOOK 1998
      Machiavelli Online materials; JC143.M4 V523 1998   EBOOKS 1998
      Machiavelli And Republicanism BJL; JC 143 M4 M1   BOOK 1991
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Virolle Marie : La chanson raï : de l'Algérie profonde à la scène internationale.     
      La Chanson Raï : De L'Algérie Profonde à La Scène Internationale. BJL; ML 3503 A4 V8   BOOK c1995
  Virolle Souibes Marie -- See Virolle, Marie
Virone Luigi Eduardo    
      Borgo A Mozzano : A Case Study Of Technical Assistance In A Rural Community. BJL; q S 469 I8 V8   BOOK 1963
      A Practical Approach To Rural Development. BJL; q HD 1417 V8   BOOK 1969
Virtanen Erick Anton : Materialien zur Mythologie der Wogulen.     
      Materialien Zur Mythologie Der Wogulen. BJL; PH 5 S6 M5(113)   BOOK 1958
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