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Welford W T   5
Welham Jacqui : Tolley's managing a diverse workforce / [Nikki Booth, Clare Robson, Jacqui Welham].  2004 1
Welham P J : Monetary circulation in the United Kingdom : a statistical study.  1969 1
Welhaven Johan Sebastian Commermeyer   4
Welisch Ernst : Princess Caprice / adapted from Du Liba [sic, i.e. lieber] Augustin by Rudolph Bernauer and Ernst Welisch ; the English version by Alex M. Thompson ; lyrics by A. Scott Craven, Harry Beswick and Percy Greenbank ; music by Leo Fall ; the play produced by Robert Courtneidge.  1913 1
Welish Marjorie 1944 : Signifying art : essays on art after 1960.  1999 1
Welitsch Ljuba : Der Rosenkavalier [sound recording] / Richard Strauss.  p2001 1
Weliver Phyllis : Women musicians in Victorian fiction, 1860-1900 : representations of music, science and gender in the leisured home.  2001 1
Welk Greg   2
Welk Karen A : Concepts of physical fitness : active lifestyles for wellness.  2013 1
Welke Klaus : Untersuchungen zum System der Modalverben in der deutschen Sprache der Gegenwart : ein Beitrag zur Erforschung funktionaler und syntaktischer.  1965 1
Welke Klause M : Einf├╝hrung in die Valenz-und Kasustheorie.  1988 1
Welke William R : Financial information systems : selected reading's / ed. by J.B.Bower and W.R.Welke.  1968 1
Welkenhuysen Andries   3
Welker David   2
Welker Frank 1946 : Aladdin [videorecording] / produced and directed by John Musker and Ron Clements.  2004 1
Welker Hartmut 1941   2
Welker Heinrich : Halbleiter und phosphore : vortr├Ąge.  1958 1
Welker Robert Louis : Reality and myth : essays in American literature in memory of R.C. Beatty / edited by W. E. Walker and R. L. Welker.  1964 1
Welkowitz Joan   2
Welky Ali : Encyclopedia of Arkansas music / edited by Ali Welky and Mike Keckhaver.  2013 1
Welky David   3
Well Affected Christian Souldier : A vindication of the Army, by way of recrimination against the Lords and Commons in Parliament, and the City of London; : with a brief admonition from the whole kingdome to the Army and Generall, especially concerning the safety of the Kings Majesty his most sacred person. / Written by a well-affected Christian souldier.  1649 1
Well Known Moderne Author : The gossips feast or, Morrall tales : taking a view of things past, discoursing of things present, and conjecturing of things to come. By a well known moderne author.  1647 1
Well Minded Petitioner For Peace And Truth   3
Well Stam Daniella Van : Project risk management : an essential tool for managing and controlling projects / D. van Well-Stam ... [et al.].  c2004 1
Well Willer : The women's petition against coffee : representing to publick consideration the grand inconveniencies accruing to their sex from the excessive use of that drying, enfeebling liquor : presented to the right honorable the keepers of the liberty of Venus / by a well-willer.  1674 1
Well Willer And Daily Desierer Of A Happy Settlement Of Truth And Peace : An answer to a scandalous paper, lately sent to the right Honourable the Lord Mayor, touching a late dispute intended by the Anabaptists with the Presbyterians. : As also, a briefe discovery of the grosse mistakes and confused puslements of Anabaptisticall spirits in the point of rebaptising, according to Mr. Saltmarsh, in somelate [sic] exceptions here recited. With a reply to the main arguments of F.C. the great Anabaptisticall champion / by a well-willer and daily desierer [sic] of a happy settlement of truth and peace.  1646 1
Well Willer Of The Common Wealth : Casos notables, sucedidos en las costas de la ciudad de Lima. English. Selections  1625 1
Well Willer Of The Earle Of Essex   2
Well Willer To Both Civil And Religious Liberties Of The People : Englands settlement mistaken, or, A short survey of a pamphlet called England's settlement upon the two solid foundations of the peoples civil and religious liberties, pleading for a toleration of all religions : wherein his ten arguments for toleration are confuted as so many sophisms and fallacies / by a well-willer to both civil and religious liberties of the people.  1660 1
Well Willer To His Countrey : Englands remembrancer, or A warning from heaven: : setting forth the two iudgements of God now upon the land, viz. sword and plague. VVith an admonition by a well-willer to his countrey, for prevention of the third iudgement threatned, which is famine. Entred according to order.  1644 1
Well Willer To Peace And Truth   4
Well Willer To Physick And Chirurgerie And Deplorer Of The Now Too Common N : Newes out of the west, or, The character of a mountebank : being a discourse betweene Hodge Leather-Pelch, and Tym Hob-Nayle, Sir Harry-Hart-Hole their land-lord, and his friend Sir Clement Councell : also of their travels from Taunton to London, their arrivall at their physitians pallace, the description of it, his sick and brain-sick followers, person and family, with a full relation of the medicines hee commonly administers, their operation and danger represented by them : also a relation of their abuses now suffered and fomented by authority, with a remedy set down, to the encouragement of physitians, illustration of the honour'd art and generall good of the Re-publicque / by a well willer to physick and chirurgerie and deplorer of the now too common neglect of them.  1647 1
Well Willer To Reformation   2
Well Willer To The Peace Of Sion : A review of a certain pamphlet under the name of one John Lilburne. / By a well-willer to the peace of Sion. Imprimatur. John Downame.  1645 1
Well Willer To The Prosperity Of This Famous Common Wealth : The two grand ingrossers of Coles: viz. the wood-monger, and the chandler. : In a dialogue, expressing their unjust, and cruell raising the price of coales, when, and how they please, to the generall oppression of the poore. Penn'd on purpose to lay open their subtile practises, and for the reliefe of many thousands of poore people, in, and about the cities of London, and Westminster. By a well-willer to the prosperity of this famous Common-wealth.  1653 1
Well Willer To The Publique Weale : Chaos: or, A discourse wherein is presented to the view of the magistrate, and all others who shall peruse the same, a frame of government by way of a republique, wherein is little or no danger of miscarriage, if prudently attempted, and thoroughly prosecuted by authority. : Wherein is no difficulty in the practice, nor obscurity in the method; but all things plain and easie to the meanest capacity. Here's no hard or strange names, nor unknown titles (to amaze the hearers) used, and yet here's a full and absolute power derivative insensibly from the whole, and yet practically conveyed to the best men: wherein if any shall endeavour a breach, he shall break himself: and it must be so, that cats shall provide supper, here they shall do it suitable to the best palats, and easie to digest. / By a well-willer to the publique weale.  1659 1
Well Wisher Both Of Church And State   2
Well Wisher Of All Good Christians : Plain truth, or, A seasonable discourse of the duties of people to their pastors : In an essay upon Heb. 13:17 Obey them that have the Rule over you, &c. / By a well wisher of all good Christians.  1693 1
Well Wisher Of Artists : An almanack or, A new prognostication, for the year of our Lord, 1695. : And from the creation of the world 5644. Serving for the use of the whole kingdom, but exactly calculated for the good town of Edinburgh, the metropolitan of Scotland, whole latitude is 55 d. 54 m. 1/2 longitude is 11 d. 37 m. / By a well wisher of artists.  1695 1
Well Wisher Of His Countrey : The French politician found out, or, Considerations on the late pretensions that France claims to England and Ireland and her designs and plots in order thereunto / by a well-wisher of his countrey.  1680 1
Well Wisher Of Peace In The Church And Happinesse To The Kingdome : Englands iustification for her religion : Wherein it is maintayned to be the same our Saviour Iesus Christ hath taught us. Presented to the high court of Parliament. By a well-wisher of peace in the Church, and happinesse to the Kingdome.  1641 1
Well Wisher Of The Common Wealth   2
Well Wisher Of The Peace And Happiness Of The Three Nations : Englands settlement, upon the two solid foundations of the peoples civil and religious liberties. : Collected out of divers petitions, declarations, and remonstrances; wherein is discovered the general genius of the nation. / By a well-wisher of the peace and happiness of the three nations.  1659 1
Well Wisher Of Truth And Peace : A vindication of two serious questions: : 1. Whether the Lords Supper is a converting ordinance. 2. Whether suspension of scandalous church-members be warranted out of Scripture. The former in the negative, the latter in the affirmative, (briefly handled in the XVI. Antiqueries, and againe opposed by M. Prynne in his Suspension suspended) more fully and clearly vindicated, by a well-wisher of truth and peace. Imprimatur. Ja. Cranford. Octob. 1. 1646.  1646 1
Well Wisher To A True Gospel Ministry : An apologie for Presbyterie for removing prejudices / by a well-wisher to a true Gospel ministry.  1689 1
Well Wisher To Both Peace And Honour : Honours preservation without blood, or, A sober advice to duellists : being a compendious tract of the most exquisite nature to appease the sudden fits of fury, which English-spirits have of late been too much subject to, with many cautions how without the loss of reputation, or the least imprint of cowardise, as well the nobility as gentry of this nation may refuse to hazard their lives and fortunes on such mean pretences of vindicating miscalled honour or unmanly gallatry, shewing likewise, into what dangerous inconviences men thrust themselves forward in such cases with as account how such duels prove plain murther, and are contrary to the laws of God and man / written by a well-wisher to both peace and honour.  1680 1
Well Wisher To Devotion : A new form of meditations for every day in the year : Reviewed, corrected, and enlarged. Written originally in French, by F. John Crasset. And put into English at the request of several persons of honour and quality, by a well-wisher to devotion.  1685 1
Well Wisher To Englands Prosperity   3
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