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Wilmowsky Tilo Freiherr Von : Tilo Frhr. von Wilmowsky : Waurm wurde Krupp Veurteilt? : Legende und Justizirrtum.     
      Tilo Frhr. Von Wilmowsky : Waurm Wurde Krupp Veurteilt? : Legende Und Justizirrtum. BJL; HD 9743 W7   BOOK 1950
Wilms Lia : Factor-ecologie van Eindhoven : een classificatie van buurten als basis voor onderzoek naar migratie en stadsvernieuwing ...     
      Factor-Ecologie Van Eindhoven : Een Classificatie Van Buurten Als Basis Voor Onderzoek Naar Migratie BJL; q HT 177 E3 S4   BOOK 1980
Wilms Wright Carl : Transnational corporations : a strategy for control.     
      Transnational Corporations : A Strategy For Control. BJL; HX 11 F15 R4(334)   BOOK 1977
Wilmsen Carl W : Physics and chemistry of III-V compound semiconductor interfaces / edited by C.W. Wilmsen.     
      Physics And Chemistry Of III-V Compound Semiconductor Interfaces BJL; QC 611.6 S9 P5   BOOK 1985
Wilmsen Edwin N : The politics of difference : ethnic premises in a world of power / edited by Edwin N. Wilmsen and Patrick McAllister.     
      The Politics Of Difference : Ethnic Premises In A World Of Power BJL; GN 496 P7   BOOK 1996
Wilmshurst Elizabeth    
      International Law And The Classification Of Conflicts BJL; KZ 6385 I6   BOOK 2012
      International Law And The Classification Of Conflicts Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
      Perspectives On The ICRC Study On Customary International Humanitarian Law BJL; KZ 6471 P4   BOOK 2007
Wilmshurst John    
      The Fundamentals And Practice Of Marketing BJL; HF 5415 W7   BOOK 2002
      The Fundamentals Of Advertising BJL; HF 5821 W7   BOOK 1999
Wilmshurst Paul : Hiroshima [videorecording] / produced and directed by Paul Wilmshurst.     
      Hiroshima BJL; D 767.25 H6 H6   DVD c2004
Wilmshurst T H    
      Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometers. BJL; QC 787 S6 W7   BOOK 1967
      Signal Recovery From Noise In Electronic Instrumentation. BJL; TK 7870 W7   BOOK 1990
Wilmshurst Tim    
      Designing Embedded Systems With PIC Microcontrollers : Principles And Applications BJL, Departmental Locations ; TK 7895 E42 W7   BOOK 2007
      Fast And Effective Embedded Systems Design : Applying The ARM Mbed Online materials  EBOOKS 2017
      Fast And Effective Embedded Systems Design : Applying The ARM Mbed BJL; TK7895.E42 T68 2017   BOOK 2017
Wilmsmann Dirk    
      Case-Based Decision Theory : Ein Experimenter Befund BJL; q HB 5 O8 B4(2005/03)   BOOK 2005
      Decision Facilitating Versus Decision Influencing : Evaluating Differentiated-Cumulative Methods Of BJL; q HB 5 O8 B4(2005/01)   BOOK 2005
      Strategiewahl Anhand Der Five Forces? : Eine Empirische Analyse Des Zusammenhangs Von Wettbewerbspos BJL; q HB 5 O8 B4(2005/02)   BOOK 2005
Wilmut J : Access to caves / edited by J. Wilmut.     
      Access To Caves BJL; q GB 608.43 N2   BOOK 1975
Wilmut John    
      Caves And Conservation. BJL; q GB 608.43 N2   BOOK 1972
      Selecting Objective Test Iterms. BJL; JFB W7   BOOK 1975
Wilmut R : From fringe to flying circus.     
      From Fringe To Flying Circus. BJL  BOOK 1980
Wilmut Roger    
      Didn't You Kill My Mother-In-Law? : The Story Of Alternative Comedy In Britain From "The Comedy Stor BJL; PN 1928 G7 W7   BOOK 1989
      From Fringe To Flying Circus : Celebrating A Unique Generation Of Comedy, 1960-1980. BJL; PN 1928 G7 W7   BOOK 1980
Wilner Daniel M : Prison treatment and parole survial : an empirical assessment.     
      Prison Treatment And Parole Survial : An Empirical Assessment. BJL; HV 9281 K1   BOOK 1971
Wilner Gabriel M : Jus et Societas : essays in tribute to Wolfgang Friedmann.     
      Jus Et Societas : Essays In Tribute To Wolfgang Friedmann. BJL; JX 3091 J9   BOOK 1979
Wilon Robin J : Applications of graph theory / edited by R.J. Wilson and L.W. Beineke.     
      Applications Of Graph Theory BJL; QA 166 A6   BOOK 1979
      The Socio-Economic Basis Of The Indonesian State, On The Interpretation Of Paragraph 1, Article 38 O South East Asian Collection; q DS 644 C8 T7 (8)   BOOK 1959
      Wilopo 70 Tahun South East Asian Collection; DS 644.1 W73   BOOK 1979
      Zaman Pemeriatahan Partai-Partai, Dan Kelamahan-Kelamahannya. South East Asian Collection; JQ 779 A45 W7   BOOK 1978
Wilosn J D : Poetry and the child.     
      Poetry And The Child. BJL; PR 5 E5 P1(34)   BOOK  
Wilper James Patrick 1981    
      Reconsidering The Emergence Of The Gay Novel In English And German Online materials; PN56.H57 W55 2016   EBOOKS 2016
      Reconsidering The Emergence Of The Gay Novel In English And German Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
Wilpert Bernhard : Reliability and safety in hazardous work systems / edited by Bernhard Wilpert, Thoralf Qvale.     
      Reliability And Safety In Hazardous Work Systems BJL; HD 61 R3   BOOK 1993
Wilpert Czarina : Discrimination, racism and citizenship : inclusion and exclusion in Britain and Germany / Zig Layton-Henry, Czarina Wilpert.     
      Discrimination, Racism And Citizenship : Inclusion And Exclusion In Britain And Germany BJL; q HT 1600 G7 L4   BOOK 1994
Wilpert Friedrich Von : The Oder-Neisse problem : towards fair play in Central Europe.     
      The Oder-Neisse Problem : Towards Fair Play In Central Europe. BJL; DK 4600 O33 W7   BOOK 1964
Wilpert Gero Von    
      Buddenbrooks-Handbuch BJL; PT 2625 A61 Z61   BOOK 1988
      Deutsche Literatur In Bildern. BJL; PT 83 W7   BOOK 1957
      Erstausgaben Deutscher Dichtung : Eine Bibliographie Zur Deutschen Literatur 1600-1960 BJL; PT 66 W7   BOOK 1967
      Sachwörterbuch Der Literatur. BJL; PN 41 W7   BOOK 1964
      Schiller-Chronik : Sein Leben Und Schaffen. BJL; PT 2483 W7   BOOK 1958
Wilpert Gregory : Changing Venezuela by taking power : the history and policies of the Chávez government / Greg Wilpert.     
      Changing Venezuela By Taking Power : The History And Policies Of The Chávez Government BJL; F 2329.22 C54 W7   BOOK 2007
Wilpert Paul    
      Antike Und Orient Im Mittelalter : Vorträge Der Kölner Mediaevictentagungen 1956-1959. BJL; D 111 M67 (1)   BOOK 1971
      Beiträge Zum Berufsbewusstsein Des Mittelalterlichen Menschen. BJL; D 111 M67 (3)   BOOK 1964
      Judentum Im Mittelalter : Beiträge Zum Christlich-Judischen Gesprach BJL; D 111 M67 (4)   BOOK 1966
      Lex Et Sacramentum Im Mittelalter. BJL; D 111 M67 (6)   BOOK 1969
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Wilpstra Bote S : Unemployment : the European perspective / edited by A. Maddison and B.S. Wilpstra.     
      Unemployment : The European Perspective BJL; HD 5764 A6 U5   BOOK 1982
Wilputte Earla A : Adventures of Eovaai, Princess of Ijaveo : a pre-Adamitical history / edited by Earla Wilputte.     
      Adventures Of Eovaai, Princess Of Ijaveo : A Pre-Adamitical History BJL; PR 3506 H94 A21   BOOK 1999
Wils Fritz C M : Industrialization, industrialists, and the nation-state in Peru : a comparative/sociological analysis.     
      Industrialization, Industrialists, And The Nation-State In Peru : A Comparative/Sociological Analysi BJL; HC 227 W7   BOOK 1979
Wils J : Bijdragen tot de Nederlandsche taal-en letterkunde, prof. dr. Jac. van Ginneken aangeboden ... / verzameld door J. Wils, R. Meesters en W. Slijpen.     
      Bijdragen Tot De Nederlandsche Taal-En Letterkunde, Prof. Dr. Jac. Van Ginneken Aangeboden ... BJL; PF 26 G5 B5   BOOK 1937
Wils John : The technical and legal guide to the UK oil and gas industry / editors, John Wils and Ewan C. Neilson.     
      The Technical And Legal Guide To The UK Oil And Gas Industry BJL; HD 9571.5 T2   BOOK 2007
Wils Wouter P J : Efficiency and justice in European antitrust enforcement / Wouter P.J. Wils.     
      Efficiency And Justice In European Antitrust Enforcement BJL; KJE 6497 W7   BOOK 2008
Wilsack Connie : Auschwitz : a history in photographs / compiled and edited by Teresa Siwbocka; English edition prepared by Jonathan Webber and Connie Wilsack.     
      Auschwitz : A History In Photographs BJL; q D 805 P7 A9   BOOK 1993
Wilschut Jan C : Influenza / Jan C. Wilschut, Janet E. McElhaney, Abraham M. Palache ; foreword by Klaus Stohr.     
      Influenza BJL; RC 150 W7   BOOK 2006
Wilsdon James 1973 : Digital futures : living in a dot-com world / edited by James Wilsdon.     
      Digital Futures : Living In A Dot-Com World BJL; HF 5548.325 G7 D5   BOOK 2001
Wilsdorf Anne : The old man who loved cheese.     
      The Old Man Who Loved Cheese. Education Resources  BOOK 1996
Wilsea Michael : Problems experienced in a differential global positioning system.     
      Problems Experienced In A Differential Global Positioning System. BJL; T/H 1994 M.Sc. W7   THESIS 1994
Wilshaw Alison    
      Translating "Le Sida - Combien De Divisions?" BJL; ENGB 192   THESIS 1994
      Translating Le Sida-Combien De Divisions? : A Strategy For Technical Translators. BJL; T/H 1994 M.A. W7   THESIS 1994
Wilshaw P R : Structure and properties of dislocations in semiconductors 1989 : proceedings of the sixth international symposium ... held at the University of Oxford, 5-8 April 1989 / edited by S.G. Roberts, D.B. Holt, and P.R. Wilshaw.     
      Structure And Properties Of Dislocations In Semiconductors 1989 : Proceedings Of The Sixth Internati BJL; QC 611.6 D4 I6   BOOK 1989
Wilsher Peter    
      The Exploding Cities BJL; HT 371 W7   BOOK 1975
      The Pound In Your Pocket 1870-1970. BJL; HG 939 W7   BOOK 1970
      The Rich And The Super Rich : A Study In The Power Of Money Today,Ed With And Introd. By P.Wilsher. BJL; HG 185 L9   BOOK 1969
      Strike : Thatcher, Scargill And The Miners BJL; HD 5367 C6 S9   BOOK 1985
Wilsher Toby    
      The Mask Handbook : A Practical Guide BJL; PN 2071 M37 W7   BOOK 2007
      The Mask Handbook : A Practical Guide Online materials  EBOOKS 2007
Wilshere : Outlines of Evidence and Procedure in an Action in the King's Bench Division : For the Use of Students / Wilshere.     
      Outlines Of Evidence And Procedure In An Action In The King's Bench Division : For The Use Of Studen Online materials  EBOOKS 1906
Wilshere A D : Speculum ecclesiae. Anglo-Norman     
      Mirour De Seinte Eglyse : St. Edmund Of Abingdon's Speculum Ecclesiae BJL; PC 2941 A5(40)   BOOK 1982
Wilshere A M Alured Myddelton    
      An Outline Of The Law Of Agency BJL; KD 235 W7   BOOK 1925
      Principles And Practice Of The Criminal Law BJL; KC 550 H3   BOOK 1926
      The Principles Of Equity. BJL; KD 603 W7   BOOK  
      A Selection Of Leading Cases Illustrating The Criminal Law BJL; KC 550 W7   BOOK 1924
Wilshire Bruce    
      Metaphysics : An Introduction To Philosophy. BJL; BD 10 W7   BOOK 1969
      Role Playing And Identity : The Limits Of Theatre As Metaphor. BJL; PN 2039 W7   BOOK 1982
      William James And Phenomenology : A Study Of The Principles Of Psychology. BJL; B 945 J2 Z69   BOOK 1968
Wilske Ludwig : Texte und Aufgaben zur Sprachtheorie.     
      Texte Und Aufgaben Zur Sprachtheorie. BJL; P 106 T3   BOOK
Wilsnack Richard William : Gender and alcohol : individual and social perspectives / edited by Richard W. Wilsnack and Sharon C. Wilsnack.     
      Gender And Alcohol : Individual And Social Perspectives BJL; HV 5292 G3   BOOK 1997
Wilsnack Sharon C : Gender and alcohol : individual and social perspectives / edited by Richard W. Wilsnack and Sharon C. Wilsnack.     
      Gender And Alcohol : Individual And Social Perspectives BJL; HV 5292 G3   BOOK 1997
      Aggressions Of The Slave Power Online materials  EBOOKS 1860
      American Juror Being A Guide For Jurymen Throughout The United States Online materials  EBOOKS 1868
      Are Working-Men Slaves : Speech In Reply To The Hon. J. H. Hammond, Of South Carolina, In The Senate Online materials  EBOOKS 1858
      Banking Reform : An Essay On Prominent Banking And The Remedies They Demand Online materials  EBOOKS 1879
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