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100 1  Winney, Samuel. 
245 10 God a Christian's choice, compleated by particular 
       covenanting with God :|bTogether with an appendix, 
       containing propositions, tending to clear up the 
       lawfulness, and expediency of transacting with God in that
       way. In pursuit of a design proposed by Mr. R.A. in his 
       book entituled, The vindication of Godliness. And by Mr. 
       Tho. Vincent, in his book, called Words whereby we may be 
       saved. To which is added, a brief discovery of the 
       nearness of such a people unto God, on Psal. 148. 14. By 
       Samuel VVinney, sometimes minister of the gospel at 
       Glaston in Somersetshire. 
246 2  An appendix containing propositions 
246 2  Nearness of God's covenant-people unto him 
260    London :|bprinted for Thomas Cockeril at the Atlas in 
       Cornhil, near the Royal Exchange,|c1675. 
300    105, [1], 59, [15], 7-60, [2] p. 
500    "An appendix containing propositions" and "The nearness of
       God's covenant-people unto him" have separate dated title 
       pages and separate pagination; register is continuous. 
500    Reproduction of original in the Congregational Library. 
630 0  Bible.|pPsalms CXLVIII, 14 
650  0 Salvation|vEarly works to 1800. 
650  0 Theology, Doctrinal|vEarly works to 1800. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
856 40 |uhttp://gateway.proquest.com/openurl?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2003&
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