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Zael Dirck : Le livre de mer : manuscrit de la Bibliothèque Communale d'Anvers (No. B. 29166) [here ascribed to Dirck Zael] / description et commentaires par J. Denucé, D. Gernez.     
      Le Livre De Mer : Manuscrit De La Bibliothèque Communale D'Anvers (No. B. 29166) [Here Ascribed To Departmental Locations; VK 801 L7   BOOK 1936
Zaelke Durwood    
      Freedom For The Seas In The 21st Century : Ocean Governance And Environmental Harmony BJL; JX 5910 F8   BOOK 1993
      International Environmental Law And Policy BJL; K3585.3   BOOK c2002
      International Environmental Law And Policy BJL; K 3585 H9   BOOK 2007
      International Environmental Law And Policy : Treaty Supplement BJL; q K 3585 H9   BOOK 2011
      Trade And The Environment : Law, Economics, And Policy BJL; HF 1379 T2   BOOK 1993
Zaenen Annie : Proceedings of the seventh annual meeting of the North Eastern Linguistic Society / edited by J. A. Kegl, D. Nash and A. Zaenen.     
      Proceedings Of The Seventh Annual Meeting Of The North Eastern Linguistic Society BJL; P11 N86   BOOK 1977
Zaentz Saul    
      The English Patient BJL; PN 1997 E585   DVD 2005
      The English Patient BJL; PN 1997 E585   BLU-RAY DISC 2011
      One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest BJL; PN 1997 O585   DVD c2002
      One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest BJL; PN 1997 O585   DVD c2008
Zaerr Linda Marie    
      An Introduction To Medieval Music BJL; A/T 1249   CASSETTE c1990
      Performance And The Middle English Romance Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
Zafar A Malik : Muhammad for beginners.     
      Muhammad For Beginners. BJL; BP 52 S2   BOOK 1994
Zafar Rafia    
      God Made Man, Man Made The Slave : The Autobiography Of George Teamoh BJL; E 185.93 V8 T2   BOOK 1990
      Harriet Jacobs And Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl : New Critical Essays BJL; E 444 J17 H2   BOOK 1996
Zafarullah Habib Mohammad : International development governance / edited by Ahmed Shafiqul Huque, Habib Zafarullah.     
      International Development Governance BJL; HD 82 I6   BOOK 2006
Zafer Safaa El Din Mohamed : Micro-macro accounting integration : NASCO, an Egyptian case study.     
      Micro-Macro Accounting Integration : NASCO, An Egyptian Case Study. BJL; T/H 1994 Ph.D. Z1   THESIS 1994
Zafiratos Chris D : Physics.     
      Physics. BJL; QC 21.2 Z1   BOOK 1976
Zafra Nicolas    
      The Colonization Of The Philippines And The Beginnings Of The Spanish City Of Manila. South East Asian Collection; DS 674 Z1   BOOK 1974
      Jose Rizal : Historical Studies. BJL; DS 675.8 R5 Z1   BOOK 1977
      Philippine History Through Selected Sources. South East Asian Collection; DS 668 Z1   BOOK 1967
Zafra Oscar : Rec² [videorecording] / directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza.     
      Rec² BJL; PN 1997 R2941   DVD 2010
Zafran Eric : Gauguin's Nirvana : painters at Le Pouldu 1889-90 / edited by Eric M. Zafran ; with essays by Stephen Kornhauser ... [et al.]     
      Gauguin's Nirvana : Painters At Le Pouldu 1889-90 BJL; q ND 472 G26 G2   BOOK 2001
Zafrany Samy 1959 : Fourier series and integral transforms / Allan Pinkus & Samy Zafrany.     
      Fourier Series And Integral Transforms BJL; QA 404 P6   BOOK 1997
Zafrullah Khan Muhammad : The Quran : the eternal revelation vouchsafed to Muhammad, the seal of the prophets / Arabic text with a new translation by Muhammad Zafrulla Khan.     
      The Quran : The Eternal Revelation Vouchsafed To Muhammad, The Seal Of The Prophets BJL; BP 100 Z1   BOOK 1971
Zagagi Netta    
      The Comedy Of Menander : Convention, Variation & Originality. BJL; PA 4247 Z1   BOOK 1995
      Tradition And Originality In Plautus : Studies Of The Amatory Motifs In Plautine Comedy. BJL; PA 6583 Z1   BOOK 1980
Zagajewski Adam 1945 2021 : Luci e ombre di una città : immagini di Genova = City of light and shadow : images of Genoa / Adhaf Soueif, Adam Zagajewski, John M. Hall.     
      Luci E Ombre Di Una Città : Immagini Di Genova = City Of Light And Shadow : Images Of Genoa BJL; NX 653 I83 L9   BOOK c2003
Zagajewski Karl : Albrecht von Hallers Dichtersprache.     
      Albrecht Von Hallers Dichtersprache. BJL; PT 2287 H7 Z69   BOOK 1909
Zagare Frank Cosmo : Deception in three-person games : an analysis of strategic misrepresentation in Vietnam.     
      Deception In Three-Person Games : An Analysis Of Strategic Misrepresentation In Vietnam. South East Asian Collection; DS 559.7 Z1   BOOK 1983
Zagarrio Giuseppe    
      Luzi. BJL; PN 5 C35(17)   BOOK 1968
      Quasimodo. BJL; PN 5 C35(33)   BOOK 1969
Zagarrio Vito 1952    
      Frank Capra : Authorship And The Studio System BJL; PN 1998.3 C2 F8   BOOK 1998
      L'immagine Del Fascismo : La Re-Visione Del Cinema E Dei Media Nel Regime. BJL; PN 1993.5 I8 Z1   BOOK c2009
Zagatti Francesco : Gloria Patri : lob und Preis sei Gott.     
      Gloria Patri : Lob Und Preis Sei Gott. BJL; q M 2079 Z25 G5   PRINTED MUSIC 1973
Zager Michael    
      Writing Music For Commercials : Television, Radio, And New Media BJL; MT67 .Z34 2015   BOOK 2015
      Writing Music For Commercials : Television, Radio, And New Media Online materials  EBOOKS 2015
      Writing Music For Television And Radio Commercials (And More) A Manual For Composers And Students Online materials  EBOOKS 2008
      Writing Music For Television And Radio Commercials (And More) : A Manual For Composers And Students BJL; MT67 .Z34 2008   BOOK 2008
Zaghi Carlo : L'Europa davanti all' Africa.     
      L'Europa Davanti All' Africa. BJL; DT 20 Z1   BOOK 1971
Zagier Don Bernard : Equivariant Pontrjagin classes and applications to orbit spaces : applications of the G-signature theorem to transformation groups, symmetric products and number theory / Don Bernard Zagier.     
      Equivariant Pontrjagin Classes And Applications To Orbit Spaces : Applications Of The G-Signature Th BJL; q QA 4 L47(290)   BOOK 1972
Zagladin Vadim : Lenin and social progress.     
      Lenin And Social Progress. BJL; DK 266.5 Z1   BOOK 1980
Zaglaniczny Karen L : Handbook of nurse anesthesia / John J. Nagelhout, Karen L. Zaglaniczny, Valdor L. Haglund.     
      Handbook Of Nurse Anesthesia BJL; RD 82.2 N1   BOOK 2001
Zagni Patrizia : Gianni Rodari.     
      Gianni Rodari. BJL; PN 5 C35(100)   BOOK 1975
Zagnoni Giorgio : Dodici sonate a flauto traversiere solo e basso, op. 2 / revisione e realizzazione del basso continuo di E. Farina; revisione flantistica di G. Zagnoni.     
      Dodici Sonate A Flauto Traversiere Solo E Basso, Op. 2 BJL; q M 242 L79   PRINTED MUSIC 1975
Zago Ferruccio : Consiglio dei dieci : deliberazioni mixta : registri I-II (1310-1325).     
      Consiglio Dei Dieci : Deliberazioni Mixta : Registri I-II (1310-1325). BJL; DG 677.76 Z1   BOOK 1962
Zago Marcel : Rites et ceremonies en milieu bouddhiste lao.     
      Rites Et Ceremonies En Milieu Bouddhiste Lao. South East Asian Collection; BQ 4960 L26 Z1   BOOK 1972
Zago N : Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.     
      Guiseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa. BJL; PQ 4843 O54 Z69   BOOK 1987
Zago Nunzio : I gattopardi e le iene : il messaggio inattuale di Tomasi di Lampedusa.     
      I Gattopardi E Le Iene : Il Messaggio Inattuale Di Tomasi Di Lampedusa. BJL; PQ 4843 O54 Z69   BOOK 1983
Zagonel Giampaolo : Lettere di Lorenzo Da Ponte a Giacomo Casanova 1791-1795 / a cura di G. Zagonel.     
      Lettere Di Lorenzo Da Ponte A Giacomo Casanova 1791-1795 BJL; ML 423 D21 Z5   BOOK 1988
Zagoria Donald Sherman    
      Problems Of Division And Unification In Korea. BJL; A/T 864   CASSETTE 1983
      Problems Of Division And Unification In Korea. BJL; A/T 864   CASSETTE 1983
      The Sino-Soviet Conflict, 1956-1961. BJL; DS 740.5 R9 Z1   BOOK 1962
      Soviet Policy In East Asia BJL; DS 518.7 S7   BOOK 1982
      Vietnam Triangle. South East Asian Collection; (WK) DS 557 A6 Z1   BOOK 1967
Zagoria Janet D : Power and the Soviet elite : The letter of an old Bolshevik, and other essays / by Boris I Nicolaevsky, edited by Janet D Zagoria.     
      Power And The Soviet Elite : The Letter Of An Old Bolshevik, And Other Essays BJL; JK 6570 N6   BOOK 1966
Zagorin Perez    
      The Court And The Country : The Beginning Of The English Revolution. BJL; DA 395 Z1   BOOK 1969
      Court, Country, And Culture : Essays On Early Modern British History In Honor Of Perez Zagorin BJL; DA 300 C8   BOOK 1992
      Culture And Politics From Puritanism To The Enlightenment. BJL; DA 110 C9   BOOK 1980
      The English Revolution : Politics, Events, Ideas. BJL; DA 405 Z1   BOOK 1998
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Zagorski Thomas Simon    
      The Art Of Record Production : An Introductory Reader For A New Academic Field BJL; ML 3790 A7   BOOK c2012
      The Art Of Record Production An Introductory Reader For A New Academic Field Online materials  EBOOKS 2012
      The Bloomsbury Handbook Of Music Production Online materials; ML3790 .B645 2020   EBOOKS 2020
      The Musicology Of Record Production BJL; ML3790 .Z34 2014   BOOK 2014
      The Musicology Of Record Production Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
Zagorsky Semen Osipovich : State control of industry in Russia during the war.     
      State Control Of Industry In Russia During The War. BJL; JX 1907 R9 Z1   BOOK 1928
Zagorsky Semen Osipovitch : Wages and regulation of conditions of labour in the U.S.S.R.     
      Wages And Regulation Of Conditions Of Labour In The U.S.S.R. BJL; HD 4841 Z1   BOOK 1930
Zagreb Academy Of Music Institute Of Musicology    
      The International Review Of Music Aesthetics And Sociology. BJL; ML 1 I61   PERIODICAL  
      International Review Of The Aesthetics And Sociology Of Music. BJL; ML 1 I   PERIODICAL 1971
  Zagreb Soloists -- See Zagrebački solisti
  Zagreb Soloists Ensemble -- See Zagrebački solisti
Zagrebacki Solisti : Cimento dell'armonia e del'inventione. N.1-4     
      The Four Seasons Concerto Grosso, Op. 3/8, In A Minor. BJL; C/D 10   CD AUDIO 199-
Zagury Eliane : Cecilia Meireles : noticia biografica, estudo critico, antologia, bibliografia, discografia, partituras.     
      Cecilia Meireles : Noticia Biografica, Estudo Critico, Antologia, Bibliografia, Discografia, Partitu BJL; PQ 9697 M4 Z69   BOOK 1973
Zagwijn W H : Aspects of the Pliocene and early Pleistocene vegetation in the Netherlands.     
      Aspects Of The Pliocene And Early Pleistocene Vegetation In The Netherlands. BJL; QE 930 Z1   BOOK 1960
Zagzebski Linda Trinkaus 1946    
      Intellectual Virtue : Perspectives From Ethics And Epistemology BJL; BD 176 I6   BOOK 2003
      Virtues Of The Mind : An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Virtue And The Ethical Foundations Of Knowledge. BJL; BJ 1521 Z1   BOOK 1996
Zah Wolfdietrich : Mixed gonadal dysgenesis : a case report and review of world literature.     
      Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis : A Case Report And Review Of World Literature. BJL; QP 187 A18 S9(197)   BOOK 1975
Zahan Dominique : The Bambara : Iconography of Religions. Section 7.     
      The Bambara : Iconography Of Religions. Section 7. BJL; BL 2480 B26 Z1   BOOK 1974
Zahar Alexander : International criminal law : a critical introduction / Alexander Zahar, Goran Sluiter.     
      International Criminal Law : A Critical Introduction BJL; K 5165 Z1   BOOK 2008
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