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001    HULL-LLC-3723 
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008                                 000   fre   
050 04 FREV 663 
100 1  Barr, Jean-Luc 
245 10 Lovers|cJean-Luc Barr 
260    |bC4|c22.8.00 
300    1hr 40min 
520    1999 French film in French and English with English 
       subtitles. The fifth film made under the auspices of Dogma
       95, and the first to be directed by a non-Dane, it owes as
       much to the stylistic devices of the French New Wave as it
       does to Lars von Trier's much vaunted Vow of Chastity. 
       However he somewhat neglects the dramatic aspects for the 
       spontaneous visuals. Deciding to live outside the law in 
       order to love freely, bookseller Elodie and painter Sergei
       (an illegal exile from the former Yugoslavia) are credibly
       desperate. Voice: Page, G / Dragan, N / et al. Format: 
       videos and DVDs. 
650 04 Feature film or programme about cinema/films 
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