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An Admonition To The Parliament : An exhortation to the byshops to deale brotherly with theyr brethren  1572 1
An Apologeticall Narration Humbly Submitted To The Honourable Houses Of Par : A reply of two of the brethren to A.S. : wherein you have observations on his considerations, annotations, &c. Upon the apologeticall narration. With a plea for libertie of conscience for the apologists church way; against the cavils of the said A. S. formerly called M. S. to A. S. Humbly submitted to the judgements of all rationall, and moderate men in the world. With a short survey of W. R. his Grave confutation of the separation, and some modest, and innocent touches on the letter from Zeland, and Mr. Parker's from New-England.  1644 1
An Apologie For Mr John Goodwin : The apologist condemned: or, A vindication of the Thirty queries (together with their author) concerning the power of the civil magistrate in matters of religion. : By way of answer to a scurrilous pamphlet, published (as it seems) by some poposalist, under the mock-title of An apologie for Mr John Goodwin. Together with a brief touch upon another pamphlet, intituled, Mr J. Goodwin's queries questioned. By the author of the said Thirty queries.; Goodwin, John,  1653 1
An Teallach Scotland Maps : An Teallach [cartographic material].; Great Britain.  1972 1
Anabaptists   49
Anabaptists Anatomizd : A plea for anti-pædobaptists, : against the vanity and falshood of scribled papers, entituled, The anabaptists anatomiz'd and silenc'd in a public dispute at Abergaveny in Monmouth-shire Sept. 5. 1653. Betwixt John Tombes, John Cragg, and Henry Vaughan, touching infant-baptism. By John Tombes, B.D.; Tombes, John,  1654 1
Anabaptists Apologetic Works   2
Anabaptists Apologetic Works Early Works To 1800   5
Anabaptists Apologetic Works England Early Works To 1800 : A declaration concerning the publike dispute which should have been in the publike meeting-house of Alderman-bury, the 3d. of this instant moneth of December; concerning infants-baptisme : Together, with some of the arguments which should then have been propounded and urged by some of those that are falsly called anabaptists, which should then have disputed. Viz. By Benjamin Coxe. Hanserd Knollys. William Kiffen, &c. Published for the satisfaction of those that desire information  1645 1
Anabaptists Controversial Literature   15
Anabaptists Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800   47
Anabaptists Controversial Literature Germany Early Works To 1800 : Moderation: or Arguments and motives tending thereunto, humbly tendred to the Honourable Members of Parliament. : As also indifferently calculated for common consideration. Together with a brief touch of the reputed German Anabaptists, and Munster tragedy. / By S.T.; S. T.  1660 1
Anabaptists Early Works To 1800   36
Anabaptists England   10
Anabaptists England 17th Century Early Works To 1800 : Seven questions about the controversie betweene the Church of England, and the Separatists and Anabaptists, : breifely [sic] discussed. 1. Whether is the Church of England as it now stands a true church? 2. Whether the Church of England be a right nationall church? 3. Whether are the ministers in the Church of England sent of God, and so are true ministers or not? 4. Whether is the baptisme of infants a true and lawfull baptisme or no? 5. Whether it be lawfull to be rebaptized or not? 6. Whether it is lawfull to separate from all the publike ordinances and Christian assemblies in our English church, because there are some defects in discipline, and in other things amongst us? 7. Whether is it necessarie to demolish our churches (steeple-houses as the Separatists call them,) and to build them in other places, because they were built by idolators for idolatrous worship, were abused with images, and dedicated to saints? By Immanuel Knutton, preacher of Gods word at Beeston in Nottingham shire [sic].; Knutton, Immanuel,  1645 1
Anabaptists England Apologetic Works Early Works To 1800 : A plea for tolleration of opinions and perswasions in matters of religion, : differing from the Church of England. Grounded upon good authority of Scripture, and the practice of the primitive times. Shewing the unreasonablenesse of prescribing to other mens faith, and the evil of persecuting differing opinions. / Humbly presented to the kings most excellent majesty, by John Sturgion, a member of the Baptized People.; Sturgion, John.  1661 1
Anabaptists England Catechisms : The catechist catechized, or, An examination of an Anabaptistical catechism : pretended to be published for the satisfaction and information of the people of God in Lancashire &c. : also some observations both old and new concerning the pretended visibility ... of the present Roman Church and religion / sent to a gentleman upon his revolt to popery and now published for the churches good by Richard Hollingworth.; Hollingworth, Richard,  1653 1
Anabaptists England Controversial Literature   9
Anabaptists England Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800   6
Anabaptists England Creeds Early Works To 1800 : A brief confession or declaration of faith. (Lately presented to King Charles the Second) : set forth by many of us, who are (falsely) called Ana-baptists, to inform all men (in these days of scandal and reproach) of our innocent beleef and practise; for which wee are not only resolved to suffer persecution, to the losse of our goods, but also life it self, rather than to decline the same. Subscribed by certain elders, deacons, and brethren, met at London, in the behalf of themselves, and many others unto whom they belong; in London, and in several counties of this nation, who are of the same faith with us.  1660 1
Anabaptists England Early Works To 1800   40
Anabaptists England Lincolnshire Early Works To 1800 : The second humble addresse of those who are called Anabaptists in the county of Lincoln. Presented to His Majesty, Charles the Second, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, &c.  1661 1
Anabaptists England London : Declaration of several of the people called Anabaptists in and about the city of London  1659 1
Anabaptists England London Doctrines Early Works To 1800 : A declaration of some of those people in or near London, called Anabaptists, : that own, and beleeve, that Gods love, in the death of his son, is extended to all men; and that are in the belief and practice of the doctrine of Christ, contained in Hebrew 6. 1, 2. Humbly presented to the high court of Parliament, and the people of this Common-wealth.  1660 1
Anabaptists England London Early Works To 1800   3
Anabaptists England London Humour Early Works To 1800 : To the right honorable the high court of Parliament, sitting at Westminster : the illegal and immodest petition of Praise-God Barbone, anabaptist and leather-seller of London;  1660 1
Anabaptists England Poetry Early Works To 1800 : The muses holocaust: or, A new burnt-offering to the tvvo great idols of presbytery and anabaptism. By Samuel Holland; Holland, Samuel,  1662 1
Anabaptists English Early Works To 1800 : An answer to a scandalous paper, lately sent to the right Honourable the Lord Mayor, touching a late dispute intended by the Anabaptists with the Presbyterians. : As also, a briefe discovery of the grosse mistakes and confused puslements of Anabaptisticall spirits in the point of rebaptising, according to Mr. Saltmarsh, in somelate [sic] exceptions here recited. With a reply to the main arguments of F.C. the great Anabaptisticall champion / by a well-willer and daily desierer [sic] of a happy settlement of truth and peace.; Well-Willer and Daily Desierer of a Happy Settlement of Truth and Peace.  1646 1
Anabaptists Germany : A Short history of the Anabaptists of high and low Germany  1642 1
Anabaptists Germany Biography : Thomas Müntzer : apocalyptic mystic and revolutionary / translated by Jocelyn Jaquiery ; edited by Peter Matheson Goertz.; Goertz, Hans-Jürgen.  1993 1
Anabaptists Germany Early Works To 1800   7
Anabaptists Germany Munster : Munster and Abingdon, or, The open rebellion there [brace] and [brace] unhappy tumult here : (bred in the same wombe) that from Sleidans Comm. L. 10. [brace] [brace] this from eye and eare witnesses : with marginal notes of Mvncer and Mahomet, faithfully communicated to English readers, in a booke and postscript, for a seasonable caution to the British nation and a serious check to rash and giddy spirits / by W.H.; Hughes, William,  1657 1
Anabaptists Germany Munster In Westfalen   2
Anabaptists Great Britain   4
Anabaptists Great Britain 17th Century : The fourth humble address of several societies of baptized believers (commonly called Anabaptists) in the county of Lincoln; : humbly presented to Charles the II. King of Great Brittain, &c. containing their faithful representation, sober vindication, true thankfulness, peaceable and constant resolution, and humble petition, &c.  1663? 1
Anabaptists History   10
Anabaptists Humour Early Works To 1800   3
Anabaptists Ireland Early Works To 1800 : To you that are called Anabaptists in the nation of Ireland : teachers and people, who profess your selves to be the Church of Christ; this is the word of the Lord God unto you.; Burrough, Edward,  1657 1
Anabaptists Ireland Munster Early Works To 1800 : The gorgon's head or The monster of Munster : cloaked with a lamb's skinn  1660 1
Anabaptists Netherlands Controversial Literature : A description of the Church of Christ, with her peculiar priuiledges, and also of her commons, and entercommoners : With some oppositions and answers of defence, for the maintenance of the truth which shee professeth: against certaine Anabaptisticall and erronious opinions, verie hurtfull and dangerous to weake Christians. Maintained and practised by one Master Iohn Smith, sometimes a preacher in Lincolneshire, and a companie of English people with him now at Amsterdam in Holland. Whome he hath there with himselfe rebaptised. By I.H.; Etherington, John,  1610 1
Anabaptists Netherlands Early Works To 1800 : Mock-majesty: or, the siege of Munster. : Being a true story of those fine things, wherewith King Iohn Becock, at first a botcher of Leiden by profession, and his companions the Anabaptists, pleased themselves after they were become masters of that city. You shall here likewise have the issue of the whole mock-show. Imprimatur, James Cranford.; Phillippson, J.  1645 1
Anabaptists New England Controversial Literature : Mr. Baxter baptiz'd in bloud, or, A sad history of the unparallel'd cruelty of the Anabaptists in New-England : faithfully relating the cruel, barbarous and bloudy murther of Mr. Baxter, an Orthodox minister, who was kill'd by the Anabaptists, and his skin most cruelly flead from his body : with an exact account of all the circumstances and particularities of this barbarous murther / published by his mournfull brother Benjamin Baxter.; Baxter, Benjamin.  1673 1
Anabaptists Scotland Early Works To 1800 : Proclamation against all meetings of Quakers, Anabaptists, &c..; Scotland.  1661 1
Anabaptists Wales   2
Anabaptists Wales Early Works To 1800 : A declaration against anabaptists: to stop the prosecution fo [sic] their errours, falsly pretended to be a vindication of the royall commission of King Jesus, as they call it. Briefly and fully answering all their allegations, and clearly proving the anabaptisticall doctrine to be against the glory of God, the honour of Christ and his church, against the covenant of grace, and against the word of God, and the priviledges of the church made over to them by promise, and also against the solemne league and covenant of the three kingdomes. In answer to a book, by Francis Cornwall, presented to the House of Commons, on Friday last, for which he is committed.  1644 1
Anabolic Steroids : Anabolic steroids in sport and exercise / Charles E. Yesalis, editor.  1993 1
Anabolic Steroids Health Aspects : Anabolic steroids : and other performance-enhancing drugs.; Lenehan, Pat,  2003 1
Anabolic Steroids Health Aspects Handbooks Manuals Etc : Steroids and doping in sports : a reference handbook / David E. Newton.; Newton, David E.  2014 1
Anacapa Island Calif Antiquities : Deception island : archaeology of 'Anyapax, Anacapa Island, California / by Torben C. Rick and Leslie Reeder-Myers ; contributions by Kenneth Gobalet, John Hash, Nicholas P. Jew, Thomas A. Wake, and Christopher B. Wolff.; Rick, Torben C.,  2018 1
Anacreon   3
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