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Armies India Officers : The army Roman Urdu manual : for use of officers preparing for the British service officer's Urdu test and Urdu qualifying examination.  1928 1
Armies Islamic Empire : Slave soldiers and Islam : the genesis of a military system / Daniel Pipes.; Pipes, Daniel,  c1981 1
Armies Italy   4
Armies Medical And Sanitary Affairs : Medic : saving lives : from Dunkirk to Afghanistan / John Nichol and Tony Rennell.; Nichol, John,  2010 1
Armies Officers Social Conditions : Von der k. u. k. Armee zur Deutschen Wehrmacht : Offiziere und ihr Leben im Wandel politischer Systeme und Armeen / Diana Carmen Albu-Lisson.; Albu-Lisson, Diana Carmen,  c2011 1
Armies Organization   2
Armies Organization Early Works To 1800   5
Armies Pensions Army Pensions War Pensions War Pensions   2
Armin Robert Active 1610 : The actor as playwright in early modern drama / Nora Johnson.; Johnson, Nora,  2003 1
Armine Mary Lady 1676 : A sermon preached at the funeral of that incomparable lady the Honourable the Lady Mary Armyne / by J.D., M.A. With an epistle and elegy by two grave divines.; J. D.  1676 1
Arminian Nunnery   2
Arminianism   17
Arminianism Controversial Literature   5
Arminianism Controversial Literature Controversial Literature Early Works T : A second parallel : together with a vvrit of error sued against the appealer.; Featley, Daniel,  1626 1
Arminianism Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800   15
Arminianism Controversial Literature England Early Works To 1800 : The glorious truth of redemption by Jesus Christ, rescued out of the hand or unrighteousnes. Or the doctrine of redemption rightly stated: wherein, 1. All Arminian and Pelagian glosses and absurdities are refuted. 2. All carnal allegations and reasonings silenc'd. 3. All concern'd scriptures seemingly discording, reconcil'd. 4. The doctrine of redemption clearly held forth, according to the harmony of scripture, and analogie of faith. By W.L.; Levitt, William.  1653 1
Arminianism Early Works To 1800   29
Arminianism England Early Works To 1800   6
Arminianism Great Britain Early Works To 1800 : Great king protect us with thy gratious hand.  1641 1
Arminianism Netherlands Early Works To 1800 : The beginning, progresse, and increase of the sect of the remonstrants and Arminian faction, in the Vnited Provinces of the Low-Countries. : Together with the meanes used by the power and authority of the civill magistrate for the suppressing thereof, and the happy successe which it had by their endeavours. Whereunto are annexed the severall edicts and proclamations (for that end and purpose) set forth by the Estates General there forbidding them under the penalties of pecuniarie mulcts, imprisonment and banishment, all meetings and conventicles, for preaching, administring of sacraments, &c. to bee inflicted on the offendors, both ministers and others, according to the severall natures and degrees of their offences.  1646 1
Arminianism Periodicals   3
Arminianism Poetry : Divi arminij mactatorvm renata et renovata petitio, or, The arminian priests last petition for their former formalitie and ancient innovation both in church and common-weale : returned from all parts, with the numerall subscription of 6666 : and therein their intentions are lively expressed by an accommodate and meete embleme and made plain to the ingenuous reader : viz unita fortior : importunitie redoubled, where many conbinde, will doubtlesse prevaile / by Thomas Harbie ...; Harby, Thomas.  1642 1
Arminianism Poetry Early Works To 1800 : Divi Arminij mactatorum renata, et renovata petitio. Or the Arminian priests last petition for their former formalitie, and ancient innovation, both in church and common-weale; : returned from all parts, with the numerall subscription of 6666. And therein their intentions are lively expressed by an accommodate and meete embleme, and made plain to the ingenuous reader. Viz unita fortior. Importunitie redoubled (where many combinde) will doubtlesse prevaile. By Thomas Harbie, gent.; Harby, Thomas.  1642 1
Arminianism Sermons Early Works To 1800 : VindiciƦ Christi, et obex errori Arminiano: = a plea for Christ, and obstrvction to the first passage, whereat the errors of Arminus steal into the hearts of men: : shewing Christs satisfaction in his humiliation, to be the sole price of our redemption; and evidencing faith in that satisfaction, no instrumental cause of our justification in the fight of God, nor condition given us for life. Delivered in three sermons: by Richard Lewthwat Master of Arts, in Caius Colledge in Cambridge, at his Parish of Wigston in Norfolk.; Lewthwat, Richard.  1655 1
Arminians Controversial Literature : A Christian plea : conteyning three treatises. I. The first, touching the Anabaptists, & others mainteyning some like errours with them. II. The second, touching such Christians, as now are here, commonly called Remonstrants or Arminians. III. The third, touching the Reformed Churches, with vvhom my self agree in the faith of the Gospel of our Lord Iesus Christ. Made by Francis Iohnson, pastour of the auncient English Church, now sojourning at Amsterdam in the Low Countreyes.; Johnson, Francis,  1617 1
Arminians Early Works To 1800   2
Arminians Great Britain Controversial Literature : Ladensium autokatakrisis, the Canterburians self-conviction : Or an evident demonstration of the avowed Arminianisme, poperie, and tyrannie of that faction, by their owne confessions. With a post-script to the personate Iesuite Lysimachus Nicanor, a prime Canterburian.; Baillie, Robert,  1640 1
Arminians Netherlands Early Works To 1800 : Ordinum Hollandiae ac Westfrisiae pietas (1613) / critical edition with English translation and commentary by Edwin Rabbie.; Grotius, Hugo,  1995 1
Arminians Remonstrants   6
Arminius Jacobus 1560 1609   5
Arminius Prince Of The Cherusci : The battle that stopped Rome : Emperor Augustus, Arminius, and the slaughter of the legions in the Teutoburg Forest.; Wells, Peter S.  c2004 1
Armistice Day Great Britain History : The silence of memory : Armistice Day, 1919-1946 / Adrian Gregory.; Gregory, Adrian.  1994 1
Armistice Day Juvenile Literature   3
Armitage Kenneth Exhibitions : The Gregory Fellows, University of Leeds : an illustrated catalogue of an exhibition of the first eight artists to be awarded Gregory Fellowships in Painting and Sculture,1950-64.; Arts Council of Great Britain.    1
Armitage Simon : Orwell to the present : literature in England, 1945-2000 / John Brannigan.; Brannigan, John.  2003 1
Armor Ancient Greece Congresses : Men of bronze : hoplite warfare in ancient Greece / edited by Donald Kagan and Gregory F. Viggiano.  2013 1
Armor Drama Early Works To 1800 : VVorke for cutlers. Or, A merry dialogue betweene sword, rapier, and dagger : Acted in a shew in the famous Vniuersitie of Cambridge.  1615 1
Armor Early Works To 1800   9
Armor England   4
Armor England Early Works To 1800   7
Armor England Law And Legislation Early Works To 1800 : Master Bagshaw his worthy speech in Parliament, Febr, 18. 1641. : Concerning the passing of a bill, for the disarming of the papists within this kingdome.; Bagshaw, Edward,  1642 1
Armor Scotland : [Forsameekle as by ane act ...]; Scotland.  1627 1
Armored Vehicles Military History 20th Century Encyclopedias : The illustrated encyclopedia of weapons or World War II : a comprehensive guide to weapons systems, including tanks, small arms, warplanes, artillery, ships, and submarines / general editor, Chris Bishop.  2014 1
Armorers Great Britain : Iames by the grace of God King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. To all and singuler the lord lieutenantes, deputie lieutenants, iustices of the peace, maiors, sheriffes, bayliffes, constables, headboroughs ... greeting. Whereas our well-beloued seruant Edward Sheldon Esquier, one of our pages of honour, hath by his humble petition sued vnto us, to grant vnto him power for the ordering and appoynting of sufficient workemen for the varnishing, dressing, amending, and keeping in repaire of all the armes of the common charge within our said realme ...; England and Wales.  1620 1
Armorica France : Armorica and Britain : Cross-Channel relationships in the late first millenium BC / by Barry Cunliffe and Philip de Jersey.; Cunliffe, Barry W.,  1997 1
Armory Show 1913 New York N Y : An American lens : scenes from Alfred Stieglitz's New York secession / Jay Bochner.; Bochner, Jay,  2008 1
Armour Ancient : Arms and armour of the Greeks.; Snodgrass, Anthony M.  1967 1
Armour Ancient Rome : Roman military equipment : from the Punic Wars to the fall of Rome / M.C. Bishop and J.C.N. Coulston.; Bishop, M. C.  c2006 1
Armour Europe History   2
Armour Great Britain History   2
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