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008    980814s1992    th      r    o000   eng   
040    CURLLC 
050  4 |fq|aHD 2346 T3 M2 
245 00 Managing the urban informal sector in Thailand :|ba search
       for practical policies based on the basic minimum needs 
       approach, submitted to International Development Research 
       Centre /|cby Human Resources and Social Development 
       Program, Thailand Development Research Institute 
       Foundation in collaboration with Human Resources Planning 
       Division, National Economic and Social Development Board. 
260    Bangkok :|bThe Foundation,|c1992. 
300    110p. 
650  0 Informal sector (Economics)|zThailand. 
650  0 Basic needs|zThailand. 
690    South East Asian collection. 
710 2  International Development Research Centre (Canada) 
710 2  Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation.|bHuman
       Resources and Social Development Program. 
710 2  Thailand.|bK̨ōng Wāngph̄æn Sapphayāk̨ōn Manut. 
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