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Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Reply To Mr Tho Beverleys Answer To My Rea : The universal Christian doctrine of the Day of Judgment applied to the doctrine of the thousand years kingdom of Christ : (herein guided by Mr. Baxter's Reply) to vindicate it from all objections ... / by Thomas Beverley ...; Beverley, Thomas.  1691 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Review Of The State Of Christians Infants : Truth defended. or, A triple answer to the late triumvirates opposition in their three pamphlets : viz. Mr. Baxter's review, Mr. Wills his censure, Mr. Whiston's postscript to his essay, &c. With Mr. Hutchinson's letter to Mr. Baxter a little before his death. And a postscript in answer to Mr. William Walker's modest plea for infants baptism. By Tho. DeLaune.; De Laune, Thomas,  1677 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Rich Baxters Apology Against The Modest Ex : The covenant sealed. Or, A treatise of the sacraments of both covenants, polemicall and practicall. : Especially of the sacraments of the covenant of grace. In which, the nature of them is laid open, the adæquate subject is largely inquired into, respective to right and proper interest. to fitnesse for admission to actual participation. Their necessity is made known. Their whole use and efficacy is set forth. Their number in Old and New Testament-times is determined. With several necessary and useful corollaries. Together with a brief answer to Reverend Mr. Baxter's apology, in defence of the treatise of the covenant. / By Thomas Blake, M.A. pastor of Tamworth, in the counties of Stafford and Warwick.; Blake, Thomas,  1655 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Rich Baxters Confession Of His Faith : Vindiciæ evangelicæ or The mystery of the Gospell vindicated, and Socinianisme examined, : in the consideration, and confutation of a catechisme, called A Scripture catechisme, written by J. Biddle M.A. and the catechisme of Valentinus Smalcius, commonly called the Racovian catechisme. With the vindication of the testimonies of Scripture, concerning the deity and satisfaction of Jesus Christ, from the perverse expositions, and interpretations of them, by Hugo Grotius in his Annotations on the Bible. Also an appendix, in vindication of some things formerly written about the death of Christ, & the fruits thereof, from the animadversions of Mr R.B. / By John Owen D.D. a servant of Jesus Christ in the work of the Gospell.; Owen, John,  1655 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Richard Baxters Answer To Dr Edward Stilli : An impartial vindication of the clergy of England. : In a letter to a friend, in which are intermixt several passages, which may serve as a reply to Dr. Owen's and Mr. Baxter's late answers to Dr. Stillingfleet's sermon, entituled the mischief of separation. / By a reverend divine of the Church of England.; Rolle, Samuel,  1680 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Right Method For A Settled Peace Of Consci : Richard Baxter's account of his present thoughts concerning the controversies about the perseverance of the saints. : Occasioned by the gross misreports of some passages in his book, called, The right method for peace of conscience, &c; which are left out in the last impression to avoid offence, and this here substituted, for the fuller explication of the same points.; Baxter, Richard,  1657 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Sacrilegious Desertion Of The Holy Ministr   4
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Saints Everlasting Rest   3
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Second Sheet For The Ministry : An apologetical narration, or, A just and necessary vindication of Clement Writer : against a four-fold charge laid on him by Richard Baxter, and published by him in print.; Writer, Clement,  1658 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Sermon Of Repentance : The good Catholick no bad subject. Or, A letter from a Catholick gentleman to Mr. Richard Baxter. : Modestly accepting the challenge by him made in his Sermon of repentance, preached before the Honorable House of Commons, 30 April, 1660.  1660 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Successive Visibility Of The Church Of Whi   3
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Treatise Of Episcopacy   2
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Treatise Of Justifying Righteousness : A third reply, or, A short return to Mr. Baxters brief answer to my second reply, in his postscript to a late treatise of justification : wherein his contradictious and slanderous way of writing is further detected / by H. D'Anvers.; Danvers, Henry,  1676 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 True And Only Way Of Concord : A letter to Dr. du Moulin, containing a charitable reproof for his schismatical book entituled, A short and true account of the several advances the Church of England hath made towards Rome, &c. : to which are added Some seasonable words to Mr. Richard Baxter.; Philotheus.  1680 1
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 True Old Light Exalted Above Pretended New   2
Baxter Richard 1615 1691 Worcester Shire Petition To The Parliament : Truths defence against lies. : In a brief answer to a book, intituled the Worcestershire petition defended; set forth by one (of Englands blind guides) who calles himself a minister of Christ, yet pleads altogether, that the friars, abbots, bishops, deans and chapters lands, which the papists set forth to maintain their idolatrous worship, are of divine right and institution, and were given to the maintaining of the Church of England, which he calles the Church of Christ, and complains of the sin of sacriledge, against those who have, or shall take any of the aforesaid lands or tithes, from the clergy, which he calles the Church, &c.; Nicholson, Benjamin.  1655 1
Baxterley England Maps : Leicestershire - Warwickshire [cartographic material] : sheet SP 29 NE.; Great Britain.  1967 1
Baydon England Maps : Berkshire - Wiltshire [cartographic material] : sheet SU 27 NE.; Great Britain.  1960 1
Bayeaux Tapestry : Tapisserie de Bayeux. English; Musset, Lucien,  2005 1
Bayerische Julius Maximilians Universitat Wurzburg : Empowerment and representation at the university in early modern Germany : Helmstedt and Würzburg, 1576-1634 / Richard Kirwan.; Kirwan, Richard.  2009 1
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Manuscript Cgm 193 Iii : Reading the medieval book : word, image, and performance in Wolfram von Eschenbach's Willehalm / Kathryn Starkey.; Starkey, Kathryn.  c2004 1
Bayerlein Fritz 1899 1970 : Bayerlein : after action reports of the Panzer Lehr Division Commander : from D-Day to the Ruhr / edited by P. A. Spayd and Gary Wilkins.  2005 1
Bayes Gilbert : Gilbert Bayes : sculptor 1872-1953.; Irvine, Louise.  1998 1
Bayes Gilbert Criticism And Interpretation : Gilbert Bayes : sculptor 1872-1953.; Irvine, Louise.  1998 1
Bayesian Statistical Decision Theory   28
Bayesian Statistical Decision Theory Congresses : Perception as Bayesian inference / edited by David C. Knill, Whitman Richards.  2008 1
Bayesian Statistical Decision Theory Data Processing : Bayesian artificial intelligence / Kevin B. Korb, Ann E. Nicholson.; Korb, Kevin B.  2003 1
Bayesian Statistical Decision Theory History : The theory that would not die : how Bayes' rule cracked the enigma code, hunted down Russian submarines, & emerged triumphant from two centuries of controversy / Sharon Bertsch McGrayne.; McGrayne, Sharon Bertsch.  c2011 1
Bayesian Statistical Decision Theory Problems Exercises Etc : Bayes' theorum [videorecording].  c2011 1
Bayeux France History   2
Bayeux Tapestry   20
Bayeux Tapestry Influence : Making sense of the Bayeux Tapestry : readings and reworkings / edited by Anna C. Henderson with Gale R. Owen-Crocker.  2016 1
Bayezid I Sultan Of The Turks Approximately 1360 1403 : The couragious Turke, or, Amurath the First : A tragedie. Written by Thomas Goffe Master of Arts, and student of Christ-Church in Oxford, and acted by the students of the same house.; Goffe, Thomas,  1632 1
Bayezid Ii Sultan Of The Turks 1447 Or 8 1512   3
Bayford Hertfordshire England Maps : Hertfordshire [cartographic material] : sheet TL 30 NW.; Great Britain.  1960 1
Bayh Birch 1928 2019 : Birch Bayh : making a difference / Robert Blaemire.; Blaemire, Robert,  2019 1
Bayle Pierre 1647 1706   6
Bayle Pierre 1647 1706 Avis Important Aux Refugiez Sur Leur Prochai : Defense de la nation britannique, ou, Les droits de Dieu, de la nature, & de la societé clairement établis au sujet de la revolution d'Angleterre contre l'auteur de L'avis important aux refugiés; Abbadie, Jacques,  1692 1
Bayle Pierre 1647 1706 Dictionnaire Historique Et Critique : Le "Dictionnaire" de Bayle et la lutte philosophique au XVIIIe siècle.; Rétat, Pierre.  1971 1
Bayley Charles Active 17th Century : The Quakers looking-glass look'd upon; : and turned toward himself; in a sober reply to an uncivll [sic] pamplet published by Luke Howard a Quaker, against a narrative formerly published, setting forth the folly and presumption of Charles Baily a Quaker, sometimes a prisoner in Dover ...; Hobbs, Richard,  1673 1
Bayley John 1925 2015   2
Baylham England Maps : Suffolk [cartographic material] : sheet TM 15 SW.; Great Britain.  1978 1
Baylis Frederick   2
Baylis Lilian Mary : The old 'Old Vic' : a glimpse of the old theatre from its origin as the 'Royal Coburg', first managed by W. Barrymore to its revival under L. Baylis.; Fagg, Edwin.  1936 1
Bayly Thomas 1657 Certamen Religiosum : An answer to the Marques of Worcester's last paper; to the late King. : Representing in their true posture, and discussing briefly, the main controversies between the English and the Romish Church. Together with some considerations, upon Dr Bayly's parenthetical interlocution; relating to the Churches power in deciding controversies. To these is annext, Smectymnuo-Mastix : or, short animadversions upon Smectymnuus in the point of lyturgie. / By Hamon L'Estrange, Esqr.; L'Estrange, Hamon,  1651 1
Bayly William 1675 : A short relation or testimony of the working of the light of Christ in me, from my childhood, / by one who is now a witness of the spirit of truth (whom the world cannot receive) which doth convince of sin, of righteousnesse and of judgment: and brings all things to rememberance, and shews me things to come, glory to the Lord for ever: / W:B:.; Bayly, William,  1659 1
Bayly William 1675 Rebellion Rebuked : The Quaker converted to Christianity : re-established, upon the same, sure, safe, and only foundation, Jesus Christ crucified, and his righteousness imputed for justification : having yet no mind to change the sweet and easie Yoke of Christ's Gospel, for the Old Covenant-Yoke of Quakerism, which he found so burdensome and intolerable, or, A full reply to a book entituled, Rebellion rebuked written by John Crook and William Baily, both in the ministry among the Quakers / written by William Haworth ... ; with an account from William Dimsdale ...; Haworth, William.  1674 1
Bayman Mary 1873 : A life in service [videorecording] : living & working in the 1890s / produced by Louise Hibbins.  2014 1
Bayning Of Sudbury Paul Bayning Viscount 1587 Or 8 1629 : Eliah's vvish : a prayer for death. A sermon preached at the funerall of the Right Honourable Viscount Sudbury, Lord Bayning. By Ro: Willan D.D. Chaplaine to his Maiesty.; Willan, Robert,  1630 1
Bayning Of Sudbury Paul Bayning Viscount 1615 Or 16 1638 : Death repeal'd by a thankfull memoriall sent from Christ-Church in Oxford : celebrating the noble deserts of the Right Honourable, Paule, late Lord Vis-count Bayning of Sudbury. Who changed his earthly honours Iune the 11. 1638.; Christ Church (University of Oxford)  1638 1
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