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Beze Theodore De 1519 1605 Ad Tractationem De Ministrorum Evangelii : Defensio tractationis de diuersis ministrorum euangelij gradibus, ab Hadriano Sarauia editæ : contra responsionem clarissimi viri D. Theodori Bezæ, eodem Hadriano Sarauia authore.; Saravia, Adrien,  1594 1
Beze Theodore De 1519 1605 Judgement Of A Most Reverend And Learned : A defence of the gouernment established in the Church of Englande for ecclesiasticall matters : Contayning an aunswere vnto a treatise called, The learned discourse of eccl. gouernment, otherwise intituled, A briefe and plaine declaration concerning the desires of all the faithfull ministers that haue, and do seeke for the discipline and reformation of the Church of Englande. Comprehending likewise an aunswere to the arguments in a treatise named The iudgement of a most reuerend and learned man from beyond the seas, &c. Aunsvvering also to the argumentes of Caluine, Beza, and Danæus, with other our reuerend learned brethren, besides Cænaiis and Bodinus, both for the regiment of women, and in defence of her Maiestie, and of all other Christian princes supreme gouernment in ecclesiasticall causes ... Aunsvvered by Iohn Bridges Deane of Sarum.; Bridges, John,  1587 1
Beze Theodore De 1519 1605 Tractatus Pius Et Moderatus De Vera Exco : De presbyterio, eiusque noua in ecclesia christiana politeia : aduersus cuiusdam I.B.A.C. de politeia ciuili & ecclesiastica libros duos, eiusdémque & reliquorum presbyterii patronorum grauissimos in politeiæ Indaicæ, & christianæ descriptiones errores, Mathaei Sutliuii disputatio: in qua presbyterium quod illi tuentur, oppugnatur; christiani magistrus potestas, quam illi oppugnant defenditur; episcoporum euangelium amplectentium supra alios ecclesiæ ministros dignitas, quam varijs sermonibus traducunt, confirmatur; ecclesiæ denique Anglicanæ pristinus ordo, quem omni ratione ecclesiasticæ pacis hostes euertere conantur, ab eorum calumnijs vindicatur.; Sutcliffe, Matthew,  1591 1
Bezicheri Marcantonio Trials Litigation Etc : Bezicheri : case : judgment of 25 October 1989.; European Court of Human Rights.  1990 1
Bezos Jeffrey : The everything store : Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon / Brad Stone.; Stone, Brad.  2013 1
Bhagavadgita   5
Bharatiya Janata Party   4
Bhartrhari : Revelation, history and the dialogue of religions : a study of Bhartrhari and Bonaventure.; Carpenter, David,  1995 1
Bhaskar Roy 1944 2014   2
Bhopal India History 19th Century : The begums of Bhopal : a dynasty of women rulers in Raj India / Shaharyar M. Khan.; Khan, Shaharyar M.  2000 1
Bhopal India History 20th Century : The begums of Bhopal : a dynasty of women rulers in Raj India / Shaharyar M. Khan.; Khan, Shaharyar M.  2000 1
Bhopal Madhya Pradesh   2
Bhopal Union Carbide Plant Disaster Bhopal India 1984   2
Bhuddism Juvenile Literature : Celebrations : Wesak.; Ganeri, Anita,  2002 1
Bhuddist Doctrines Himalaya Region : Sherpas through their rituals.; Ortner, Sherry B.,  1978 1
Bhumibol Adulyadej King Of Thailand 1927   3
Bhutan Description And Travel Periodicals : Background note, Bhutan [electronic resource] / Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs.    1
Bhutan Economic Conditions Periodicals   2
Bhutan Economic Policy : Bhutan [videorecording] : tourism, TV & happiness.  2008 1
Bhutan Environmental Conditions Periodicals : Country review. Bhutan [electronic resource].    1
Bhutan Foreign Relations Periodicals   2
Bhutan Politics And Government Periodicals   2
Bhutan Social Conditions Periodicals : Country review. Bhutan [electronic resource].    1
Bhutan Social Policy : Bhutan [videorecording] : tourism, TV & happiness.  2008 1
Bhutto Zulfikar Ali : Bhutto : a political biography.; Taseer, Salmaan.  1979 1
Biafra Bight Of Economic Conditions : The slave trade and culture in the Bight of Biafra : an African society in the Atlantic world / G. Ugo Nwokeji.; Nwokeji, G. Ugo.  2013 1
Biafra Bight Of Region Social Conditions : Repercussions of the Atlantic slave trade : the interior of the Bight of Biafra and the African diaspora / edited by Carolyn A. Brown and Paul E. Lovejoy ; with the assistance of Anayo Enechukwu and Renée Soulodre-La France.  2011 1
Bianca Maria Visconti Duchess Consort Of Francesco Sforza Duke Of Milan : Orationes in laudem Francisci, Blancae M, J.G. Sfortiae Vicecomitum / a cura di Bartolomeo Miglierina e Carlo Castiglioni.  1938 1
Bianciardi Luciano 1922 1971 : Utopisti ed eretici nella letteratura italiana contemporanea : saggi su Silone, Bilenchi, Fortini, Pasolini, Bianciardi, Roversi e Bellocchio.; Muraca, Giuseppe.  2000 1
Bibbill Farm England Maps : [Bibbill Farm [cartographic material] : Yorkshire, East Riding 193.13].; Great Britain.  1910 1
Bibel Altes Testament : Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft [electronic resource].    1
Bibel Philemonbrief : Film history (Online)  1987 1
Biberman Herbert J : The suppression of Salt of the earth : how Hollywood, big labor, and politicians blacklisted a movie in Cold War America.; Lorence, James J.  c1999 1
Bible   1027
Bible 1 Corinthians : Richardi Sampsonis nuper Cicestriæ, nunc vero Lichfeldiæ Episcopi, in D. Pauli epistolam ad Romanos : atq[ue] in priorem ad Corinthios breuissima explanatio; Sampson, Richard,  1546 1
Bible 1 Corinthians Ii 2 : None but Christ, : or A plain and familiar treatise of the knowledge of Christ, exciting all men to study to know Jesus Christ and him crucified, with a particular, applicatory, and saving knowledge, in diverse sermons upon I Cor. 2. 2. / By John Wall B.D. preacher of the word of God at Mich. Cornhill London.; Wall, John,  1648 1
Bible 1 John : Commentaire sur l'épistre canonique de S. Jean. English; Calvin, Jean,  1580 1
Bible 1 Peter   3
Bible 1 Peter I : Sermons vpon the first chapter of the first epistle generall of Peter : Wherein method, sense, doctrine and vse is with great varietie of matter profitably handled. By Nicholas Byfeild preacher of Gods word at Isleworth in Middlesex. The rest of the epistle may be published in due time, if God will.; Byfield, Nicholas,  1617 1
Bible 1 Peter I Iii : A commentary upon the three first chapters of the first Epistle generall of St. Peter : VVherin are most judiciously and profitably handled such points of doctrine as naturally flow from the text. Together with a very usefull application thereof: and many good rules for a godly life. By Nicholas Byfield preacher of Gods Word at Isleworth in Middlesex. To which is now newly added an alphabeticall table, not formerly published.; Byfield, Nicholas,  1637 1
Bible 1 Peter Ii : Sermons on St Peter. By Robert Gomersall Bachelar in Divinitie; Gomersall, Robert,  1634 1
Bible 1 Peter Iii 11 : A sermon preached at St. Patrick's Church Dublin on the 23th of October 1690 : being the anniversary thanksgiving for putting an end to the Irish Rebellion which broke out on that 1641 before the Right Honorable the Lords Justices of Ireland / by Michael Jephson.; Jephson, Michael.  1690 1
Bible 1 Timothy I Ii : Works; Barlow, John,  1632 1
Bible 1 Timothy Iv 1 4 : Defense de la foy catholique. Book 3. English; Du Moulin, Pierre,  1613 1
Bible 1 Timothy Iv 16 : [A sermon at Marlborough on 1. Tim.iv.16.]; Pinner, Charles.  1596? 1
Bible 1 Timothy Vi 17 19 : Foure sermons vpon seuerall partes of scripture, preached by George Gyffard, preacher of the worde, at Maudlin in Essex; Gifford, George,  1598 1
Bible 1 Timothy Vi Xviiii : Christian directions shewing how to walk with God all the day long : drawn up for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of St. Sepulchres Parish / Tho. Gouge ; whereunto is added His sermon of almes on 1 Tim 6, 17, 18, 19 with a judicious discourse of Mr. Rich. Baxters, touching what proportion of his estate, every man should devote to charitable uses in a letter to the author.; Gouge, Thomas,  1664 1
Bible 2 Kings Iv 1 7 : A very soueraigne oyle to restore debtors; being rightly and seasonably vsed : Extracted out of that most tried and quintessensed oyle, by the prophet Elisha. By vertue whereof the vviddovv indebted, (mentioned in the second booke of the Kings) was restored out of debt, and her children released of the bondage whereof they were in danger. Written by Samuel Cotesford, late minister at Stepney: and now newly published by W. Crashavve ...; Cottesford, Samuel.  1622 1
Bible 2 Kings Ix X : An image of our reforming times: or, Jehu in his proper colours; : displayed in some exercitations on 2 Kings 9 and 10 chapters: setting forth the opportunity was given him to do his work in. cause he had committed to him to manage. Also, his policie, zeal, profession, hypocrisie: with his sins, and their aggravations. reason for all this. In all which he is proved to be a particular character of our times: by which, as in a glass, we may see the state and condition we have brought our selves into, by our deviations. Concluding with a word to Jehu, Jehonadah his counsellor, and the despised persecuted people of God.; Lane, Edward,  1654 1
Bible 2 Peter   2
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