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Bible 1 Peter Ii : Sermons on St Peter. By Robert Gomersall Bachelar in Divinitie; Gomersall, Robert,  1634 1
Bible 1 Peter Iii 11 : A sermon preached at St. Patrick's Church Dublin on the 23th of October 1690 : being the anniversary thanksgiving for putting an end to the Irish Rebellion which broke out on that 1641 before the Right Honorable the Lords Justices of Ireland / by Michael Jephson.; Jephson, Michael.  1690 1
Bible 1 Timothy I Ii : Works; Barlow, John,  1632 1
Bible 1 Timothy Iv 1 4 : Defense de la foy catholique. Book 3. English; Du Moulin, Pierre,  1613 1
Bible 1 Timothy Iv 16 : [A sermon at Marlborough on 1. Tim.iv.16.]; Pinner, Charles.  1596? 1
Bible 1 Timothy Vi 17 19 : Foure sermons vpon seuerall partes of scripture, preached by George Gyffard, preacher of the worde, at Maudlin in Essex; Gifford, George,  1598 1
Bible 1 Timothy Vi Xviiii : Christian directions shewing how to walk with God all the day long : drawn up for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of St. Sepulchres Parish / Tho. Gouge ; whereunto is added His sermon of almes on 1 Tim 6, 17, 18, 19 with a judicious discourse of Mr. Rich. Baxters, touching what proportion of his estate, every man should devote to charitable uses in a letter to the author.; Gouge, Thomas,  1664 1
Bible 2 Kings Iv 1 7 : A very soueraigne oyle to restore debtors; being rightly and seasonably vsed : Extracted out of that most tried and quintessensed oyle, by the prophet Elisha. By vertue whereof the vviddovv indebted, (mentioned in the second booke of the Kings) was restored out of debt, and her children released of the bondage whereof they were in danger. Written by Samuel Cotesford, late minister at Stepney: and now newly published by W. Crashavve ...; Cottesford, Samuel.  1622 1
Bible 2 Kings Ix X : An image of our reforming times: or, Jehu in his proper colours; : displayed in some exercitations on 2 Kings 9 and 10 chapters: setting forth the opportunity was given him to do his work in. cause he had committed to him to manage. Also, his policie, zeal, profession, hypocrisie: with his sins, and their aggravations. reason for all this. In all which he is proved to be a particular character of our times: by which, as in a glass, we may see the state and condition we have brought our selves into, by our deviations. Concluding with a word to Jehu, Jehonadah his counsellor, and the despised persecuted people of God.; Lane, Edward,  1654 1
Bible 2 Peter   2
Bible 2 Peter I : An exposition vpon the first chapter of the second Epistle of Peter : with, the principall doctrines naturally arising from euery verse of the same chapter. By Stephen Denison minister of Kree-Church London.; Denison, Stephen,  1622 1
Bible 2 Peter Ii : A commentary: or, sermons vpon the second chapter of the first epistle of Saint Peter : vvherein method, sense, doctrine, and vse, is, with great variety of matter, profitably handled; and sundry heads of diuinity largely discussed. By Nicholas Byfield, late preacher of God's Word at Isle-worth in Middlesex.; Byfield, Nicholas,  1623 1
Bible 2 Peter Iii 1 10 : Sermons upon the ten first verses of the third chapter of the first Epistle of S. Peter : Being the last that were preached by the late faithfull and painfull minister of Gods word, Nicolas Byfield. Wherein method, sense, doctrine, and vse, is, with great varietie of matter, profitably handled; and sundry heads of divinitie largely discussed. Published since the authors death by William Gouge.; Byfield, Nicholas,  1626 1
Bible 2 Peter Iii 18 : Saints duty discoursed, from 2 Pet. 3. 18. and the saints dignity handled, from Eph. chap. 1. v. 7. : with directions to both, delivered from a chatecheticall dialogue by him that was, and is ...; R. A.  1649 1
Bible 2 Samuel Iii 33 34 : A sermon at the funeral of Sir Edmund-Bury Godfrey, one of His Majesties Justices of the Peace : who was barbarously murthered preached on Thursday the last day of October 1678 in the Parish-Church of St. Martin in the Fields / by William Lloyd.; Lloyd, William,  1678 1
Bible 2 Thessalonians   2
Bible 2 Thessalonians 2 : Defense de la foy catholique. Book 3. English; Du Moulin, Pierre,  1613 1
Bible 2 Thessalonians Ii   3
Bible 2 Timothy I : An exposition of the second epistle of the apostle Paul to Timothy, the first chapter : Wherein 1 The text is logically into it's parts resolved ... 4 The seuerall doctrines thence arising deduced. ... All which is accompanied with familiar and delightfull similitudes ... Lastly as the matter requireth: there is vsed, definitions, distributions, subdiuisions, trialls, motiues, and directions, all which be of great vse in their proper order. By Iohn Barlovv ...; Barlow, John,  1625 1
Bible 2 Timothy I 13 : A good day vvell improved, or Five sermons upon Acts 9. 31. : Two of which were preached at Pauls, and ordered to be printed. To which is annexed a sermon on 2 Tim. 1. 13. Preached at St. Maries in Cambridge, on the Commencement Sabbath, June 30. 1650. / By Anthony Tuckney D.D. and Master of St Johns College in Cambridge.; Tuckney, Anthony,  1656 1
Bible Acts   39
Bible Acts And Epistles : The apostolical history : containing the acts, labours, travels, sermons, discourses, miracles, successes, and sufferings of the Holy Apostles from Christ's ascention to the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus : a brief description whereof is here inserted : also, a narration of the particular times and occasions upon which the apostolical epistles were written, together with a brief analytical paraphrase of them : to which is added (for the better understanding of this history) a map of the Apostle Paul's travels ... / by Samuel Cradock.; Cradock, Samuel,  1672 1
Bible Acts Commentaries Early Works To 1800 : Commentarii in sacram Actuum Apostolicorum historiam / facili & perspicua methodo conscripti a Benedicto Aretio Bernensi Theologo. Cum Indice rerum & verborum memorabilium, quae in hisce continentur.; Aretius, Benedictus,  1583 1
Bible Acts I 1 : The preface to Luke's Gospel : literary convention and social context in Luke 1.1-4 and Acts 1.1.; Alexander, Loveday.  1993 1
Bible Acts I 4 : Mr. Tillinghast's eight last sermons ... : to which is added The idols abolished, being his notes on Isa. 2: 18.; Tillinghast, John,  1655 1
Bible Acts I 8   3
Bible Acts I Xii : A commentary upon the Acts of the Apostles, chronicall and criticall : the difficulties of the text explained, and the times of the story cast into annals : the first part, from the beginning of the Booke, to the end of the twelfth chapter : with a briefe survey of the contemporary story of the Jews and Romans / by John Lightfoot ...; Lightfoot, John,  1645 1
Bible Acts Ii 1 : The Resurrection rescued from the souldiers calumnies, : in two sermons preached at St. Maries in Oxon. / By Robert Jones D.D.; Lushington, Thomas,  1659 1
Bible Acts Ii 17 18 : An account of the spirits working upon the minds of men in the several ages of the Christian church : in a visitation sermon before the Right Reverend Father in God, Henry Lord Bishop of London, at Burntwood in Essex, Septemb. 14, 1680 / by Richard Hollingworth.; Hollingworth, Richard,  1680 1
Bible Acts Ii 18 : A sermon preach'd before the Queen at New-Market, Octob. 5th 1707. / By Robert Cannon ... ; Published by Her Majesties special command.; Cannon, Robert,  1707 1
Bible Acts Ii 24 : The first volume of discourses or sermons on several scriptures / by Ezekiel Hopkins ...; Hopkins, Ezekiel,  1694 1
Bible Acts Ii 27 : A practical improvement of the articles of Christ's descent into hell and rising again from the dead : in a sermon, preach'd in the parish church of Bridgewater, on Easter-Day, Anno Domini, 1697 / by William Allen.; Allen, William,  1697 1
Bible Acts Ii 36 : The knovvledge of Christ indispensably required of all men that would be saved, or, Demonstrative proofs from Scripture that crucified Jesus is the Christ : wherein the types, prophesies, genealogies, miracles, humiliation, exaltation, and the mediatorial office of Christ are opened and applyed : in sundry sermons on Acts 2:36 / by John Davenport ...; Davenport, John,  1653 1
Bible Acts Ii 38 : A sermon preached in the parish church of St. Magnus the Martyr, by London-Bridge, on Sunday February 11th, 1699/700 : at the baptizing of some persons of riper years, brought up by Quakers and anabaptists, but now conform'd to the Church of England / by Richard Holland ...; Holland, Richard,  1700 1
Bible Acts Ii 39 : Vindiciæ fœderis, or, A vindication of the interest that the children of believers as such have in the covenant of grace with their parents under the Gospel-dispensation : being the substance of two sermons, with additions preached to a congregation in Wapping : also some seasonable reflections upon various unsound and cruel passages taken forth of two furious books of Mr. H. Collins printed against infant-baptism / by Fran. Mence.; Mence, Francis,  1694 1
Bible Acts Ii 42   3
Bible Acts Ii 46 : The Christian practise. : A sermon preached on the Act-Sunday in St. Maries Church in Oxford. Iul. 8. 1604. / By Rob. Wakeman bachelor of divinity and fellow of Balioll Colledge in Oxford..; Wakeman, Robert,  1605 1
Bible Acts Iv 32   2
Bible Acts Ix 31   2
Bible Acts Ix 36 37 : A sermon upon the death of the Queen of England : preached in the Walloon Church at the Hague, Feb. 6, 1695 : upon these words, Acts 9, v. 36, 37 ... / by Isaac Claude ... done into English from the second edition printed in French.; Claude, Isaac,  1695 1
Bible Acts V 3 : A discourse concerning Ananias and Saphira : wherein is laid open thier sin & punishment. By William Houghton, minister of Ordsoll in Nottinghamshire.; Houghton, William,  1661 1
Bible Acts V 17 : The Aprill of the church. / by George Phillips..; Phillips, George,  1596 1
Bible Acts V 20 : Iehovah Iireh merito audiens, præco evangelicus : An angell from heaven, or, An ambassadour for Christ, descending from God, ascending unto God, lawfully dignified, compleately qualified : heard (vvith religious devotion) reporting his ambassage to the honourable societies of the Inner and Middle Temples, on Sunday the eleventh day of December, 1642 ... / by Edw. Tuke.; Tuke, Edward.  1642 1
Bible Acts V 28 : A sermon preached before the King on the 30th of January, 1684/5 : being the fast for the martyrdom of King Charles the first of blessed memory / by Francis Lord Bishop of Ely, and Almoner to His Majesty.; Turner, Francis,  1685 1
Bible Acts V 32 : A sermon preached by the learned Mr Alexander Henderson, : before the sitting down of the General Assembly, begun the 12 of August 1639.; Henderson, Alexander,  1683 1
Bible Acts Vi 4 : The necessity of keeping still unto the ordinances of religion, prayer, hearing the word, baptism, and the Lord's Supper : set forth in a sermon preached in the countrey, on Acts VI.4. : wherein is also laid open, and manifested the errour of those people (commonly call'd Quakers) who do neglect the two latter.; Stafford, Richard,  1698 1
Bible Acts Vi 12 : None but Christ, or A sermon upon Acts 4. 12. : Preached at St. Maries in Cambridge, on the commencement Sabbath, July 4. 1652. To which is annexed, an enquiry after what hope may be had of the salvation of [brace] 1. Heathens. 2. Those of the old world, the Jews and others before Christ. 3. Such as die infants, and idiots, &c. now under the Gospel. / By Anthony Tuckney, D.D. and Master of St. Johns Colledge in Cambridge.; Tuckney, Anthony,  1654 1
Bible Acts Vii 8   2
Bible Acts Vii 22 : A sermon touching the use of humane learning. : Preached in Mercers-Chappel, at the funeral of that learned gentleman, Mr. John Langley, late school-master of Pauls School in London, on the 21 day of September, 1657. / by Ed. Reynolds, D.D.; Reynolds, Edward,  1658 1
Bible Acts Vii 26   3
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