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Bible Corinthians 1st Vii 34   2
Bible Corinthians 1st Vii 35   2
Bible Corinthians 1st Viii 12 : A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the lord mayor, and the Court of Aldermen, at the Guild-Hall Chappel on November the 23d. 1684 / by Thomas Wagstaffe ...; Wagstaffe, Thomas,  1685 1
Bible Corinthians 1st X : Information for the ignorant, or, The applicatory part of a late printed book, called, A light for the ignorant : containing a few observations upon the I Cor. 10, which doe strongly prove it to be absolutely sinfull to heare the word preached in any false state, or assembly, whatsoever : also a postscript containing a challenge (layd down in 9. propositions) to all the Non-conformists in Old and New England, and Holland / made by N.E.; N. E.  1640 1
Bible Corinthians 1st X 10   3
Bible Corinthians 1st X 13   2
Bible Corinthians 1st X 17 : A sermon preached before the Commons House of Parliament in St. Margarets church at Westminster, the 18 of February 1620 / by ... Doctor James Usher ... wherein some of the grossly-idolatrous practices of the papists ... are laid open ... ; whereunto is prefixed some testimonies of the antient fathers ... ; there is also adjoyned ane explanation of the oath of supremacy ...; Ussher, James,  1681 1
Bible Corinthians 1st X 29 : The deputy divinity or, inferiour deity and subordinate God in the world, : Conscience, I say, 1 Cor.10.29. A discourse of conscience, being the substance of two sermons, delivered: one of them at the Temple-church in London: the other in the countrey. / By Henry Carpenter, Minister of the gospel at Steeple-Ashton in Wilts.; Carpenter, Henry,  1657 1
Bible Corinthians 1st X 31   3
Bible Corinthians 1st X 32 : The moral schechinah, or, A discourse of Gods glory : in a sermon preached at the last Yorkshire-feast in Bow-church, London, June 11, 1682 / by George Hickes.; Hickes, George,  1682 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xi   2
Bible Corinthians 1st Xi 1 : The Pattern of a holy life : a sermon preach'd at St. Paul's Cathedral, before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, December the 10th. 1699. being the second Sunday in Advent / by Christopher Wilson, lecturer of St. Margaret's Westminster.; Wilson, Christopher,  1700 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xi 14 : An enquiry into four remarkable texts of the New Testament which contain some difficulty in them, with a probable resolution of them / by John Edwards ...; Edwards, John,  1692 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xi 16   4
Bible Corinthians 1st Xi 23 28 : Transusbstantiation examin'd and confuted : in two sermons on the Lord's Supper / preach'd in the reign of Queen Elizabeth by H. Smith, sometime preacher at St. Clement Danes.; Smith, Henry,  1688 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xi 23 34   3
Bible Corinthians 1st Xi 26   2
Bible Corinthians 1st Xi 26 28   3
Bible Corinthians 1st Xi 28   2
Bible Corinthians 1st Xii 1 : The Pædo-baptists apology for the baptized churches : shewing the invalidity of the strongest grounds for infant baptism out of the works of the learned assertors of that tenent, and that the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins is a duty incumbent upon all sinners who come orderly to the profession of Christianity : also the promise of the Spirit [b]eing the substance of a sermon on I Cor. 12, I, to which is added a post-script out of the works of Dr. Jer. Taylor in defence of imposition of hands as a never failing ministery / by Tho. Grantham.; Grantham, Thomas,  1671 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xii 3 4 : The excellence of the order of the Church of England, under Episcopal government : set forth in a sermon at the visitation at Blandford, Anno 1640 / by William Sherley ...; Sherley, William.  1662 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xii 4   2
Bible Corinthians 1st Xii 26 27 : A sermon preach'd at St. James's Church, upon the reading the brief for the persecuted exiles, of the principality of Orange. / By the Right Reverend father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum.; Burnet, Gilbert,  1704 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xii 32 : The happiness of a people in the wisdome of their rulers directing and in the obedience of their brethren attending unto what Israel ougho [sic] to do : recommended in a sermon before the Honourable Governour and Council, and the respected Deputies of Mattachusets [sic] colony in New-England. : Preached at Boston, May 3d, 1676, being the day of election there. / By William Hubbard ...; Hubbard, William,  1676 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xiii 3   2
Bible Corinthians 1st Xiii 8 : L'esprit du Christianisme, ou, L'excellence de la charite : sermon sur les Paroles de St. Paul, I Cor. Chapître XIII, verset VIII.; Abbadie, Jacques,  1694 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xiii 12 : Spiritual opticks, or, A glasse discovering the weaknesse and imperfection of a Christians knowledge in this life / by Nathanael Culvervvell ...; Culverwel, Nathanael,  1651 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xiii 13 : Universal Christian charity, as comprehending all true religion and happiness, demonstrated from scripture and reason : in a sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable Lord Chief Justice Treby, at the assizes held at Maidstone in Kent, March the 17th, 1696 / by Tho. Watts ...; Watts, Thomas,  1697 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xiv 26   16
Bible Corinthians 1st Xiv 33 : A sermon preached before the King at White-Hall, November 5, 1667 / by ... George Lords Bishop of Winton ...; Morley, George,  1683 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xiv 40   6
Bible Corinthians 1st Xv 19 : The Christians hope triumphing in these glorious truths; : [brace] 1. That Christ the ground of hope, is God, and not meer man, against the Arians, and other unbelieving Christians. 2. That Christ is the true Messiah, against the unbelieving Jews. 3. That there is another life besides this, against the grosse atheist. 4. That the soul of man is immortall, and doth not sleep till the day of resurrection, against the errour of some seeming semi-atheists. 5. How the hope of heaven should be attained, whilst we are on earth, against the carnall worldlings. 6. How this hope may be discerned where it is, and attained where it is not, for the comfort of every poor Christian. All which truths are briefly pointed out and cleared, in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Lords in the Abby-Church at Westminster on Wednesday, May 28. being the day appointed for solemn and publike humiliation. / By Jeremiah Whitaker. Published by order of the House of Peers.; Whittaker, Jeremiah,  1645 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xv 24 28 : A sermon at the funeral of James Margetson, D.D. late Arch-Bishop of Armagh, and Primate of all Ireland : preached at Christ Church, Dublin, Aug. 30, 1678 / by the R.R. Father in God, Henry, Lord Bishop of Meath ; whereunto is added a funeral oration on that occasion, in the name of the University of Dublin, at the herse of him their Vice Chancellor.; Jones, Henry,  1679 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xv 29   3
Bible Corinthians 1st Xv 32 : Sensuality dissected; or, The epicure's motto opened, censured, improved: : in a sermon preached to divers citizens of London, born in the County of Kent, and to other noble persons and gentlemen of that county, upon their solemn meeting in Paul's Church, on the 9. of June 1657. / By Tho. Case, M.A. and rector of S. Giles in the Fields. Whereunto is annexed a declaration of the trustees, who receive and destribute the subscriptions and contributions of worty benefactors, for the maintaining of poor mens sons (born in that county) at the university.; Case, Thomas,  1657 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xv 53   2
Bible Corinthians 1st Xv 53 54 : A discourse on the resurrection, occasion'd by the death of a friend : wherein is treated the glory, the nature, the certainty, the useful influence [brace] of the resurrection / by Walter Cross, M.A.; Cross, Walter,  1695 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xv 55   5
Bible Corinthians 1st Xv 57   4
Bible Corinthians 1st Xv 58   2
Bible Corinthians 1st Xvi 13 : A sermon preached before the Artillery Company at St. Andrews Vndershaft, August the 30th 1670 : and at their earnest request, published / by William Durham.; Durham, William,  1671 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xvi 13 14 : Orders given out; the word, stand fast. : As it was lately delivered in a farewell sermon / by Major Samuel Kem, to the officers and souldiers of his regiment in Bristoll. Novemb. 8. 1646.; Kem, Samuel,  1647 1
Bible Corinthians 1st Xvi 22   3
Bible Corinthians 2nd   6
Bible Corinthians 2nd Criticism Interpretation Etc : Seconde epitre aux Corinthiens / par E.-B. Allo.; Allo, Ernest Bernard.  1956 1
Bible Corinthians 2nd I 1 2 : A Looking-glasse for the ranters : in two short treatises, the [brace] 1. Being some glimpses of the good-old-way, 2. A treatise of virginity / by one that longeth for the perfection of the creation in the love of God.  1653 1
Bible Corinthians 2nd I 5 : A sermon of consolation for all true Christians; : as it was lately delivered at London-VVall / by Mr Till, a faithfull minister of Jesus Christ, who though he be deprived of his outward bodily sight, yet is indued with inward spirituall light. Taken from him as it was delivered in short-hand, and now published for the comfort of all true Christians, by J.H. a friend of the authors. It being very usefull for dejected soules in sad times. Licensed, entred, and printed according to order.; Till,  1646 1
Bible Corinthians 2nd I 8 9 : Life in death, or, Support for souls under deepe pressures / being a sermon preached January 13, 1660, at Mary Staynings, London, by C. Helme ...; Helme, C.  1661 1
Bible Corinthians 2nd I 9 10   2
Bible Corinthians 2nd I 12   3
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