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Bible Daniel Xii 3   4
Bible Daniel Xii 10   2
Bible Daniel Xii 13 : The death and rest, resurrection and blessed portion of the saints : in a discourse on Dan. 12, 13 : together with the work of the Redeemer, and the work of the redeemed / by Dan. Burgess ...; Burgess, Daniel,  1692 1
Bible Danish 1550 : Kallorna till Christian III:s Bibel 1550 : textfilologiska studier in reformationstidens danska bibeloversattningar.  1949 1
Bible Deuteronomy   14
Bible Deuteronomy Commentaries : Annotations upon the fifth book of Moses, called Deuteronomie : Wherein, by conference of the Holy Scriptures, by comparing the Greek and Chaldee versions, and testimonies of Hebrew writers; the histories, lawes and ordinances, which Moses (a little before his death) repeated and enlarged unto Israel in this book, are explained. By Henry Ainsworth.; Ainsworth, Henry,  1619 1
Bible Deuteronomy I 16 17   2
Bible Deuteronomy I Xi : Bible. Deuteronomy I-XI. English. Anchor Bible. 1991.  1991 1
Bible Deuteronomy Iii 24 25 : Mount Pisgah : a sermon preached at the publick thanksgiving, February xiiii, 1688/9, for Englands deliverance from popery &c. upon Deut. 3. 24, 25 / by J.F. ...; Flavel, John,  1689 1
Bible Deuteronomy Iv 9 : A sermon preached before the Lords spiritual & temporal, in the Abby-Church at Westminster, on the 26th of Novemb. 1691 : being the Thanksgiving-day for the preservation of Their Majesties, the success of their forces in the reducing of Ireland, and for the King's safe return / by ... Symon Lord Bishop of Ely.; Patrick, Simon,  1691 1
Bible Deuteronomy Iv Vi : Sermons of M. Iohn Caluine, vpon the X. Commandementes of the Lawe : geuen of God by [sic] Moses, otherwise called the Decalogue / gathered word for word, presently at his sermons, when he preached on Deuteronomie, without adding vnto, or diminishing from them anything afterward ; translated out of Frenche into English, by I.H.; Calvin, Jean,  1579 1
Bible Deuteronomy V 11 : The danger of taking God's name in vain. : As it was delivered in a sermon / by Samuel Willard, teacher of a church in Boston.; Willard, Samuel,  1691 1
Bible Deuteronomy V 15 : The sanction of the Sabbath in Exodus : compared with that in Deuteronomy. / [By S. Prideaux Tregelles].; Tregelles, Samuel Prideaux,  1869 1
Bible Deuteronomy V 29   2
Bible Deuteronomy Vi 11 12 : A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen at the Guild-Hall Chappel, Jan. 20, 1683 / by John Standish ...; Standish, John,  1684 1
Bible Deuteronomy Vi 12 : A sermon preached at St. Margarets in Westminster before the Honourable the House of Commons in Parliament assembled, upon the 29th day of May, being the anniversary day of the King's and kingdomes restauration / by Thomas Pierce ...; Pierce, Thomas,  1661 1
Bible Deuteronomy Vii : The blessing of Iudah : explained, and applied to the present times, in a sermon preached at S. Maries, Oxford, March 27, 1644 : being the anniversary of His Majesties inauguration to his crowne ... : wherein / by Henry Leslie ...; Leslie, Henry,  1644 1
Bible Deuteronomy Viii 2 : The nature of God's kingdom and dominion over men : clearly laid open and explained, as the same relates to these following particulars ... in a discourse on Deut. 8.2. wherein is likewise shewed, what influence these things ought to have upon our life and conversation / by Richard Stafford.; Stafford, Richard,  1697 1
Bible Deuteronomy Viii 16 : Sermons on several subjects; : shewing Gods love to mankind. Salvation is by grace. Wilderness-provision. God a strong hold in trouble. Light is to be improved. / By J. Lougher minister of the gospel.; Lougher, John,  1685 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xvi 18 19   2
Bible Deuteronomy Xvi 20 : The palace of justice : opened and set to veiw [sic], in a sermon at Margarets Westminster before the Honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament, upon the 12th of May, 1646. Being the day of their solemn thanksgiving, for regaining and taking in the several garisons, of the city of Exeter. Barnstable. Michaels Mount in Cornwall Ruthen Castle. Ilford-Combe. Aberystwyth in Wales. [double brace] Dunster Castle. Titbury Castle. Woodstock Mannor. Castle of Bridgnorth. Banbury Castle. Newarke. / By Sam. Torshel.; Torshell, Samuel,  1646 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xvii 12 : Lex Pacifica: or Gods own law of determining controversies explain'd and asserted, in a sermon preached at Dorchester, : at the Assizes holden there for the county of Dorset, August 5. 1664. / By John Martin, rector of Horsey's Melcombe.; Martin, John,  1664 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xx 2 4 : A sermon preach'd before His Grace the D. of Marlborough, in the camp at Ulierberg-abby, near Louvain, in Brabant, July 15. 1705. : Just after passing the French lines. / By James Smalwood ... ; Publish'd at the request of the general officers.; Smalwood, James,  1705 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xx 3 4 : A sermon preached before the general and officers, in the King's chappel at Portsmouth; on Sunday, July 24. 1692. : Being the day before they embarqu'd for the descent upon France. / By William Gallaway ... ; Printed at the request of the officers.; Gallaway, William,  1692 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxiii 9 : The right way to victory : discovered in a sermon, preached at Guild-Hall Chappel before the Lord Mayor of London, June 22, 1673 / by Francis Gregory ...; Gregory, Francis,  1673 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxiii 9 14 : The campe royal : set forth in briefe meditations on the words of the prophet Moses, Deut.23.9.14. hereunder following : preached in the army at the leager, profitable for all sorts of men to reade, and published for the generall good of all that will reade / by Samuel Bachiler ...; Bachiler, Samuel.  1629 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxiii 14 : Orders from the Lord of Hostes, for regulating the hostes of the Lord. : Set down in a sermon preached at the leaguer before Newark, on Friday the 27th of March, 1646. By order from, and at the desire of the Committee of Lords and Commons, commissioners from the Parliament of England. Upon occasion of a publick fast and solemn humiliation, appointed to be kept that day throughout the English and Scotish armies before Newark, to seek a blessing from heaven upon the proceedings of the said forces in the present siege of that garrison. / By Edward Reyner preacher of the gospel in the city of Lincoln.; Reyner, Edward,  1646 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxiii 15 : Fugitive slaves [electronic resource] : a sermon, preached in the North Congregational Church, Winchendon, on the day of the annual fast, April 11, 1850 / by A.P. Marvin.; Marvin, Abijah P.  1850 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxix 9 : The nationall covenant. Or, A discourse on the covenant. : Wherein also the severall parts of the late protestation are proved to be grounded on religion and reason: with sundry motives and directions, tending to further our keeping covenant with God. Which may be of speciall use in these times. By Tho. Mocket, M. of Arts, and preacher of the word of God.; Mocket, Thomas,  1642 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxix 24 25   2
Bible Deuteronomy Xxv 5 : Boaz and Ruth : a disquisition upon Deut. 25, 5, concerning the brothers propagating the name and memory of his elder brother deceased : in which the antiquity, reason, and circumstances of that law are explained, the mistakes and impositions of the Jewish rabbins, in this and other matters detected ... / by John Turner ...; Turner, John,  1685 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxv 17   2
Bible Deuteronomy Xxx 15 : A sermon preached before the Queen, at White-Hall, on Sunday, Octob. 2, 1692 / by Charles Hickman ...; Hickman, Charles,  1692 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxxii : Satyra sacra vanitatem mundi et rerum humanarum, sive, Paraphrasis in Ecclesiasten poetica / autore Gvlielmo Hogaeo.; Hog, William,  1685 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxxii 10   2
Bible Deuteronomy Xxxii 29   7
Bible Deuteronomy Xxxii 31   2
Bible Deuteronomy Xxxiii 8   2
Bible Deuteronomy Xxxiii 16 : The good-vvill of Him that dwelt in the bush: or, The extraordinary happinesse of living under an extraordinary providence. : A sermon preached before the Right Honourable, the House of Lords, in the Abbey Church at Westminster, on Tuesday, Iuly 22. 1645. At their publike thanksgiving for the good successe given to the Parliaments forces, under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax in the west.; Ward, John,  1645 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxxiii 18 19   2
Bible Deuteronomy Xxxiii 25 : The blessing of Moses on the tribe of Asher : opened and applyed in a mystical and spiritual sense, to every saint, and servant of Christ in a sermon on Deut. 33.25 ... / by T. Beverley.; Beverley, Thomas.  1693 1
Bible Deuteronomy Xxxiii 29   3
Bible Deuteronomy Xxxiv 5 : Moses and the Royal Martyr, King Charles the First, parallel'd : in a sermon preached on the 30th of January, 1683/4 in the Cathedral-Church of St. Peters, Exon. / by Tho. Long ...; Long, Thomas,  1684 1
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Bible Dutch   2
Bible Ecclesiastes   43
Bible Ecclesiastes English : The schoole of vvisdome. : Wherein all estates & degrees of men, may learne their seuerall duties: whose morall precepts are comprehended in a small booke of sentences. / Gathered in order by Tho. Timme.; Tymme, Thomas,  1601 1
Bible Ecclesiastes English Selections 1684 : Solomon's Proverbs English and Latin, : alphabetically collected for help of memory. / In English by H.D. ; and since made Latin by S. Perkins ... ; Fitted for the use of schools.; Danvers, Henry,  1684 1
Bible Ecclesiastes I 2 : The vanity of the world / by Ezekiel Hopkins ...; Hopkins, Ezekiel,  1685 1
Bible Ecclesiastes Ii 6 : A spittle sermon preach'd in St. Brides Parish-Church, on Wednesday in Easterweek, being the second day of April, 1684 : before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, and the sheriffs of the now Protestant, and loyal city of London / by Thomas Pittis ...; Pittis, Thomas,  1684 1
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