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Bible Exodus Xxxii 9 10   2
Bible Exodus Xxxiii 20 : Inaccessible glory, or, The impossibility of seeing Gods face whilst we are in the body : delivered in a sermon preached at the funeral of ... Sir Theodore de-Mayerne, in the parish church of St. Martins in the Feilds [sic] on Friday the 30 of March, 1655 / by Thomas Hodges ...; Hodges, Thomas,  1655 1
Bible Ezekial Iii 17 : The watch charged. Or, a warning to God's watch-men. : Being a sermon preached at Bridge-water in the county of Somerset on the 29. day of September 1658. which was a day set apart for ordination, and the generall meeting of the associated ministers in that county. / By John Chetwind, Mr. of Arts, preacher of the gospel, and one of the joynt-pastors for the city and parish of Cuthberts in Wells.; Chetwynd, John,  1659 1
Bible Ezekial Xxii 30 : The short history of New-England. : A recapitulation of wonderful passages which have occur'd, first in the protections, and then in the afflictions, of New-England. : With a representation of certain matters calling for the singular attention of that country. / Made at Boston-lecture, in the audience of the Great and General Assembly of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay, June 7. 1694. By Cotton Mather.; Mather, Cotton,  1694 1
Bible Ezekiel   24
Bible Ezekiel I : Ezekiel the prophet explained as follows; Eleanor,  1647 1
Bible Ezekiel I 26 : Preparatory-grace in conversion : briefly stated and examined / by Thomas Barnes.; Barnes, Thomas.  1699 1
Bible Ezekiel I V : An exposition of the five first chapters of the prophet Ezekiel : with useful observations thereupon / delivered in severall lectures in London by William Greenhill.; Greenhill, William,  1650 1
Bible Ezekiel Ii : Ezekiel, cap. 2; Eleanor,  164-? 1
Bible Ezekiel Ix   2
Bible Ezekiel Ix 9 10 : A serious warning of imminent danger. : Being a sermon preached with reference to the sins of the nation. Wherein is shewed, I. That God will certainly punish a people for great sins with great severity. II. For what sins chiefly God inflicteth great punishment. III. The wisdom and justice of God's proceeding herein. With a brief application of the whole. / By J.T. minister of the Gospel.; Thorne, J.  1672 1
Bible Ezekiel V 8 : Englands warning by late frowning providences, especially the immediate hand of God upon the straits-fleet : improved in a sermon preacht April 1st, 1694 ... : from Ezekiel V, viii ... / by Jonathan Owen ...; Owen, Jonathan.  1694 1
Bible Ezekiel Vi Xiii   2
Bible Ezekiel Vii 23   3
Bible Ezekiel X 10 12 13 : Ezekiel's vvheels : a treatise concerning divine Providence: very seasonable for all ages. By Tho: Duresme.; Morton, Thomas,  1653 1
Bible Ezekiel X 13   2
Bible Ezekiel Xi 9 : The Scripture-line of time : from the first sabbath to the great sabbatism of the Kingdom of Christ proved to be continued by the 480 years from the going out of Egypt ... in compare with his Vision of the wheels ... / by T. Beverley.; Beverley, Thomas.  1692 1
Bible Ezekiel Xiv Xix : An exposition continued upon the fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth chapters of the prophet Ezekiel, with many useful observations thereupon : delivered at severall lectures in London / by William Greenhill.; Greenhill, William,  1651 1
Bible Ezekiel Xix 14   3
Bible Ezekiel Xl Xlviii : The pattern of the divine temple, sanstuary [sic], and city of the New Jerusalem : measured according to Ezekiels last and greatest vision, chap. 40 to the end ... : designed as a preface to two late treatises, viz. The prophetic history of the Reformation, and The grand apocalyptick vision of the witnesses, rising and ascending ... / by Tho. Beverley ...; Beverley, Thomas.  1690 1
Bible Ezekiel Xliii 2 : A sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons at their late solemne fast Wednesday, March 27, 1644 / by George Gillespie.; Gillespie, George,  1644 1
Bible Ezekiel Xliii 9 10 : The great earthquake, Revel. 16. 18. or, Fall of all the churches. : Discovering the apostasie of purest churches, not yet sensible of their spiritual whoredoms, EZek. 43.9, 10. Or, The great whore made bare and naked before she be judged, and her flesh burnt with fire, Rev. 27. 16. Proving, that none indeed deny the ordinances of Christ, but present churches not being in a Gospel-order. By William Erbery.; Erbery, William,  1654 1
Bible Ezekiel Xliii 11   2
Bible Ezekiel Xlviii 35 : A description of new Jerushalem being the substaunce of two sermons deliuered at Paules Crosse. : Containing, a briefe discouery and conuiction of certayne doctrines held of Romanists and Brownists against the Catholike and Apostolike faith. / By Henoch Clapham..; Clapham, Henoch.  1601 1
Bible Ezekiel Xvi 49 : Sodom's vices destructive to other cities and states : a sermon preached before the right honourable the lord mayor of the city of London, at the chappel of Guild-Hall, on Sunday August 1, 1697 / by Josiah Woodward ...; Woodward, Josiah,  1700 1
Bible Ezekiel Xviii 31 32   4
Bible Ezekiel Xx 25   2
Bible Ezekiel Xx 47 : London's calamity by fire bewailed and improved in a sermon preached at St. James Dukes-Place : wherein the judgements of God are asserted, the times of those judgments specified, the reasons for those judgments assigned, and all in some measure suitably applied / by Robert Elborough ...; Elborough, Robert.  1666 1
Bible Ezekiel Xx Xxix : An exposition continued upon the XX, XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, and XXIX chapters of the prophet Ezekiel, vvith many useful observations thereupon. : Delivered at several lectures in London by William Greenhill.; Greenhill, William,  1658 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxi 13 : The rod or the sword : the present dilemma of the nations of England, Scotland and Ireland considered, argued and improved : in a discourse from Ezekial, Chap. XXI, ver. xiii / by a true friend to the Protestant interest and the present government.; Fleming, Robert,  1694 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxi 24 27 : A vindication of the true Christian religion in opposition to the abominations of popery : in a sermon upon Ezek. 21: 24,25,26,27 : being the text appointed by the Pope for Master Whitebread, one of the popish conspirators, to preach upon the accomplishing of their wicked design for taking away the life of His Most Sacred Majesty ... / by J. Thomas, Rect. of S. Nicholas.; Thomas, J.  1679 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxi 25 27 : Ferguson's text explain'd and apply'd, in a sermon before the Right Honourable Sir Robert Geffery, Kt., Lord Mayor of London, at Guild-Hall Chappel, December the 6th, anno 1685 / by Robert Wensley ...; Wensley, Robert,  1686 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxii : A sermon against false prophets : preached in St. Maries Church in Oxford, shortly after the surrender of that garrison / by Iasper Maine ...; Mayne, Jasper,  1647 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxii 28 : A sermon against false prophets. : Preached in St. Maries Church in Oxford, shortly after the surrender of that garrison.; Mayne, Jasper,  1647 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxii 30 31 : A sermon preached upon Ezek. 22. 30, 31 : occasioned by the death of the much honoured John Leveret, Esq. ... / by S.W. ...; Willard, Samuel,  1679 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxiv 15 16 : A sermon preach'd at the funeral of Mrs. Ann Margetson, a young lady, under the age of fourteen years : In the church of Clerkenwell: on Sunday, November the 12th. 1693. By Ralph Lambert, chaplain to the Right Honourable, the Earl of Montague, and his lady, Her Grace, the Dutchess of Albemarle; and rector of Grindon in Staffordshire.; Lambert, Ralph,  1693 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxiv 16   3
Bible Ezekiel Xxx Xlviii : The exposition continued upon the nineteen last chapters of the prophet Ezekiel : with many useful observations thereupon delivered in several lectures in London / by William Greenhil.; Greenhill, William,  1662 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxxiii 2 : An antidote against desperation and presumption. or, A consideration of that most solemn oath of the Lord God in Ezek. xxxiii. / by Charles Phelpes.; Phelpes, Charles.  1680 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxxiii 11 : The conversion of a sinner explained and applied : from Ezek. 33. 11 ... part whereof was preached some while since at Saviours Southwark : The day of grace, discoursed of from Luke 19. 41,42 ... / by Nathaneal Vincent.; Vincent, Nathanael,  1669 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxxvi 11 : The progresse of divine providence, : set out in a sermon preached in the Abbey Church of Westminster before the house of Peers, on the 24th of September, 1645. being the day of their monethly fast. / By William Gouge, one of the members of the Assembly.; Gouge, William,  1645 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxxvi 31   2
Bible Ezekiel Xxxvi 32   3
Bible Ezekiel Xxxvii 3 : The dangerous and almost desperate state of religion. : Together with some things in order to its recovery. Represented in a discourse upon Ezekiel. XXXVII.3. / By Henry Hesketh Rector of Charleswood in Surrey, and chaplain in ordinary to His Majesty.; Hesketh, Henry,  1679 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxxvii 7 8 : The rattling of the dry bones : or, a sermon preached in the night time at Chapel-Yard in the parish of Carluke. Clydsdale May 1672. By Master Michael Bruce.; Bruce, Michael,  1710? 1
Bible Ezekiel Xxxvii 19   2
Bible Ezra   6
Bible Ezra Iv 1 3 : Two fruitfull and godly sermons, preached at Dorchester in Dorsetshyre, : the one touching the building of Gods temple, the other what the temple is.; Chub, William.  1586 1
Bible Ezra Iv 15 : The rebellious city destroyed : being an anniversary sermon in memory of the dreadful fire of London, on the second day of September, 1666, preached at St. Olave's Hart-Street, London, September the second, 1682 / by William Wray ...; Wray, William,  1682 1
Bible Ezra Ix 6 8 : Mans delinquencie attended by divine justice intermixt with mercy. : Display'd in a sermon to the Right Honourable the House of Lords assembled in Parliament, in the Abby Church at Westminster, Novemb. 25. 1646. being the solemn day of their monethly fast. / By William Price, B.D. Pastor of Waltam-Abby; and one of the Assembly of Divines.; Price, William,  1646 1
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