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Bible Revelation Vi Xviii   3
Bible Revelation Vii : The day of iudgments modell. / By the Lady Eleanor Douglas.; Douglas, Eleanor,  1646 1
Bible Revelation Viii 4 : Euangelicall spices, or, The incense of the Gospell : delivered in a sermon at Christ-Church in Oxford / by Iohn Wall ...; Wall, John,  1627 1
Bible Revelation X Latin : Decimum caput Apocalypseos, sive, Reformatio Anglicana / cum notis Gualteri Garretti ...; Garrett, Walter.  1698 1
Bible Revelation Xi   11
Bible Revelation Xi 3 : Our dying saviour's legacy of peace to his disciples in a troublesome world, from John 14.27 : My peace I give unto you, &c. Also a discourse on the two witnesses: shewing that it is the duty of all christians to be witnesses unto Christ, from Rev. 11.3. I will give to my two witnesses, &c: unto which is added, some help to self examination / by John Higginson.; Higginson, John,  1686 1
Bible Revelation Xi 11 : A sermon upon Revel. II, 11, &c. : summoning the expectation of the witnesses rising and of the great concurrent works daily shewing forth themselves, and to be compleat by 1697 : together with the surprizing confirmations of the line of time and the 1260 days of years ending 1697 ... / by T. Beverley.; Beverley, Thomas.  1692 1
Bible Revelation Xi 16 17   2
Bible Revelation Xi Xiii   5
Bible Revelation Xii   4
Bible Revelation Xii 1 2   2
Bible Revelation Xii 3 4 : A wonder and yet no wonder : a great red dragon in heaven.; Hyde, Edward,  1651 1
Bible Revelation Xii 11 : Good nevves for all Christian souldiers. Or The way to overcome the devill by the bloud of the lambe. : As it was delivered in a sermon / by John Eachard, pastour of Darsham in Suffolke. Published according to order.; Eachard, John,  1645 1
Bible Revelation Xii 17 : [Illustration depicting Revelation 12:17, accompanied by the text and an interpretation of the images].  16--? 1
Bible Revelation Xii Xiv : A letter vvritten by a true Christian Catholike, to a Romaine pretended Catholike : Wherein vppon occasion of controuersie touching the Catholike Church the 12. 13. and 14. Chap. of the Reuelations are breifly and trulie expounded. Which conteine the true estate thereof, from the birth of Christ, to the end of the world.; Herbert, William,  1586 1
Bible Revelation Xiii   9
Bible Revelation Xiii 14 : The Roman papal empire proved to be the image of the Roman pagan empire : from Revelation Chap. xiii, vers. xiv.  1700 1
Bible Revelation Xiii Xvi : An exposition upon the 13 & 14 & 15 & 16 chapters of the holie Revelation : whereby the dovvnfall of bishops and other actions vvere foretold to begin mainly from A.D. 1637 / by Daniel wydows.; Wydows, Daniel.  1642 1
Bible Revelation Xiv : The everlasting gospel : Apocalyps 14 : and they sung a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts and the elders, ver. 24 and no man could learn that song, but the 144, &c.; Eleanor,  1649 1
Bible Revelation Xiv 5 : A sermon preached at the funeral of a person of the highest quality in France / by James Benigne Bossuel, councellour to the King, Bishop of Meaux, formerly of Condam, preceptor to the Dauphin, first almoner to the Dauphines.; Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne,  1686 1
Bible Revelation Xiv 8   3
Bible Revelation Xiv 9 11 : A sermon preached at Paules Crosse : laying open the Beast, and his marks. Vpon the 14. of the Reuelations, vers. 9.10.11. By Richard Sheldon, a conuert from out of Babylon. Doctor in Diuinitie, His Maiesties chaplaine.; Sheldon, Richard,  1625 1
Bible Revelation Xiv 13   23
Bible Revelation Xiv 18 : Babylons downfall : a sermon lately preached at Westminster before sundry of the honourable House of Commons / by William Bridge ...; Bridge, William,  1641 1
Bible Revelation Xix 2   2
Bible Revelation Xix 10 : Testimonium Jesu, or, The demonstration of the spirit for the confirmation of Christian faith, and conviction of all infidelity : a sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the city of London, at the Guild Hall-Chappel / by Bryan Turner.; Turner, Bryan,  1681 1
Bible Revelation Xv 2 4 : The song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lambe: : opened in a sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons, at their late solemne day of thanksgiving, Iune 15. 1643. for the discovery of a dangerous, desperate, and bloudy designe, tending to the utter subversion of the Parliament, and of the famous city of London. / By Stephen Marshall, B.D. and Pastor of Finchingfield in Essex. Published by order of that House.; Marshall, Stephen,  1643 1
Bible Revelation Xv Xvi : The seuen vials or a briefe and plaine exposition vpon the 15: and 16: chapters of the Revelation : very pertinent and profitable for the Church of God in these last times. By H.B. rector of Saint Matthews Friday-street.; Burton, Henry,  1628 1
Bible Revelation Xvi   11
Bible Revelation Xvi 15 : Christ's warning-piece: giving notice to every one to watch, and keep their garments. Delivered in a sermon, preached at Margarets Westminster, before the Honourable House of Commons, at their late solemn fast, Octob. 30. 1644. By Francis Woodcock, Minister in London, and one of the Assembly of Divines. Published by order of the said House.; Woodcock, Francis,  1644 1
Bible Revelation Xvi 18 : The great earthquake, Revel. 16. 18. or, Fall of all the churches. : Discovering the apostasie of purest churches, not yet sensible of their spiritual whoredoms, EZek. 43.9, 10. Or, The great whore made bare and naked before she be judged, and her flesh burnt with fire, Rev. 27. 16. Proving, that none indeed deny the ordinances of Christ, but present churches not being in a Gospel-order. By William Erbery.; Erbery, William,  1654 1
Bible Revelation Xvi 19   2
Bible Revelation Xvii 5   5
Bible Revelation Xvii 8 : Oratio: : quam, papam esse bestiam quæ non est & tamen est, apud Iohan: Apoc. 17. ver. 8. in fine probantem, & eiusdem superioritatem ex jure ciuili breuisimè refutantem : 5. Nouembr. liberationi regiæ consecrata / in nobiliss. & antiquiss. Oxoniensi Academia publicè recitauit Adam Reuter. Cotb. L..; Reuter, Adam.  1610 1
Bible Revelation Xvii 16 17 : The late great revolution in this nation : argued according to Rev. 17. 16. 17., to be duely ascribed to the supreme spirit now about to move in the fulfilling all prophecy, the earnest of which is vouch-saf'd to us in this so wonderful change, in pursuance of a discourse published twelve months past, viz, The command of God to come out of Babylon : wherein is more fully proved the [now] Roman Communion is intended and that the words of God will be fulfilled concerning the present state of the papacy in its expiration, and the hatred of the whore, 1697 / by Beverley.; Beverley, Thomas.  1689 1
Bible Revelation Xviii : An alarme beat vp in Sion, to vvar against Babylon, or, The svmme of a sermon upon Revelation 18 and the 6 : preached at Knowle, before the Honourable the Committee of the county of Kent, on the 13 of Iune, anno 1664, and by the said Honourable Committee required to be published / by Joseph Boden ...; Boden, Joseph,  1644 1
Bible Revelation Xviii 1 2   2
Bible Revelation Xviii 4   6
Bible Revelation Xviii 6 : An alarme beat up in Sion, to vvar against Babylon. Or: The summe of a sermon upon Revelation 18. and the 6. Preached at Knowle, before the Honourable the Committee of the county of Kent, on the 13. of Iune, anno 1644. and by the said Honourable Committee required to be published. By Ioseph Boden, minister of Gods word, and pastor of the church at Ashford in Kent.; Boden, Joseph,  1644 1
Bible Revelation Xviii 7 8 : The good hope through grace : the jubilee of the kingdom of Christ shall come upon the counterfeit jubilee of Rome, and before the end of the following year 1700, shall begin to bring under desolation that great city and its papacy : therein uniting the year 1697 with 1700 according to prophecy / humbly presented to the faith and prayers of all sincere Protestants by T. Beverley.; Beverley, Thomas.  1700 1
Bible Revelation Xviii 17   2
Bible Revelation Xx   19
Bible Revelation Xx 1 2 : A sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons: : at Margarets Westminster, upon the 26. day of August 1645. being the day of their solemne monethly fast. / By John Lightfoot, a member of the Assembly of Divines.; Lightfoot, John,  1645 1
Bible Revelation Xx 6 : The happiness of being saved from the second death : in a sermon preached at the funeral of the pious and vertuous Lady Arabella Lacy, late wife of William Yate, Esq., who was interred at Shipton in Oxfordshire, the 2d of April, 1695 / by Anthony Horneck ...; Horneck, Anthony,  1695 1
Bible Revelation Xx 7 10 : Meditation de Iaqves VIe. dv nom, Roy d'Ecosse, : contenant vne exposition familiere des 7. 8. 9. 10. versets du 20. l'apocalypse de S.Iean. / Mise en françois suyuant la copie qui en est imprimee en Escossois, à Edenburgh.  1589 1
Bible Revelation Xx 11 15 : The great assize, or, Day of Jubilee, : in which we must make a generall accompt of all our actions before almighty God. Delivered in four sermons upon the 20 chap. of the Revel. plainly shewing the happy estate of the godly, and the woful condition of the wicked. / By the author Samuel Smith, minister of the word and yet living.; Smith, Samuel,  1646 1
Bible Revelation Xx 12   2
Bible Revelation Xx 12 15   7
Bible Revelation Xx 14 : The books opened : Being several discourses on Rev. 20. 14. By Henry Pendlebury, A.M. late minister of the Gospel at Rochdale in Lancashire; author of the Plain representation of transubstantiation.; Pendlebury, Henry,  1696 1
Bible Revelation Xx Xxi   2
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