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100 0  R. F.|q(Richard Farnworth),|d-1666. 
245 10 VVitchcraft cast out from the religious seed and Israel of
       God. :|bAnd the black art, or, nicromancery inchantments, 
       sorcerers, wizards, lying divination, conjuration, and 
       witchcraft, discovered, with the ground, fruits, and 
       effects thereof: as it is proved to be acted in the 
       mistery of iniquity, by the power of darknesse, and 
       witnessed against by Scripture, and declared against also,
       from, and by them that the world scornfully calleth 
       Quakers. Shewing, the danger thereof, ... Also, some 
       things to clear the truth from reproaches, lies and 
       slanders, and false accusations, occasioned by Daniel Bott
       and his slander-carriers, ... /|cWritten in Warwickshire, 
       the ninth moneth, 1654. As a judgement upon witchcraft, 
       and a deniall, testimony and declaration against 
       witchcraft, from those that the world reproachfully 
       calleth Quakers. 
246 2  Witchcraft cast out from the religious seed and Israel of 
260    London, :|bPrinted for Giles. Calvert at the Black spread-
       Eagle at the west end of Pauls.,|c1655. 
300    [4], 20 p. 
500    "To the readers and hearers of this" signed: R.F., i.e. 
       Richard Farnworth. 
500    Annotations on Thomason copy: "March. 7;", "1654"; the 
       final 5 in imprint date crossed out. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
600 10 Bott, Daniel. 
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