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245 00 Exceeding happy newes from Oxford :|bdeclaring, the 
       proceedings of the Lord Sey against the cavaleers, and how
       he beat Sir Iohn Biron, and the rest out of their trenches,
       with the losse of three of four men, and hath now placed a
       strong garrison in the city, so that there is not a 
       cavaleer left therein, or thereabouts. Likewise an exact 
       relation of a remarkable battell, fought by Sir John 
       Hotham against the Earles of Cumberland and Newcastle, 
       neer Beverley in Yorkshire, Septem. 14. and how he 
       defeated the whole army, killing many of them, and so 
       obtained a glorious and joyfull victory. Likewise true 
       intelligence from Westchester, declaring the Kings 
       Majesties resolution. 
260    [London] :|bSept. 17. Printed for John Wight [sic], by 
300    [8] p. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
500    Place of publication from Wing. 
600 10 Saye and Sele, William Fiennes,|cViscount,|d1582-1662. 
600 10 Byron, John Byron,|cBaron,|d1598 or 9-1652. 
600 10 Cumberland, Henry Clifford,|cEarl of,|d1591-1643. 
600 10 Newcastle, William Cavendish,|cDuke of,|d1592-1676. 
600 10 Hotham, John,|cSir,|d-1645 January 2. 
651  0 Great Britain|xHistory|yCivil War, 1642-1649|xCampaigns
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