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100 1  Ives, Jeremiah,|dactive 1653-1674. 
245 04 The corrector corrected: or, some sober reflections on a 
       late book of Mr. Thomas Danson's :|bpublished by him (as 
       he pretends) to correct an immodest and false account (as 
       he calls it) of two conferences between him and Mr. Ives, 
       formerly printed about the saints perseverance. By which 
       the former accounts of the said disputations are justified,
       and Mr. Danson's latter account justly blamed, as being 
       filled with impertinencies, railings, false accusations, 
       unchristian and unmanly reflections upon the person, 
       opinion, and trade of his antagonist. Evidenced to the 
       judgment of every ingenious reader. By Jer. Ives. 
260    London :|b[s.n.,|cprinted 1672. 
300    [2], 30 p. 
500    In response to Danson, Thomas.  Klētoi tetērēmēnoi, or, 
       The Saints perseverance asserted in its positive grounds 
       and vindicated from all material exceptions against it. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the Congregational Library,
600 10 Danson, Thomas,|d-1694.|tKlētoi tetērēmēnoi 
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