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100 1  Brayne, John. 
245 10 Astrologie proved to be the old doctrine of demons, 
       professed by the worshippers of Saturne, Jupiter, Mars, 
       sunne and moone. :|bIn which is proved that the planetary 
       and fixed starres are the powers of the ayre, which by 
       Gods permission are directed by Satan the chiefe power 
       thereof, by meanes whereof nothing can by their 
       configurations be foreseen but by Satan. Farther, as Satan
       directs the ayery powers to act by in the unbelievers 
       according to his will, so God before the Gospel used the 
       Ministry of the elect angels to direct the Starry powers 
       for the state of Antichrist. After the fall of Antichrist,
       and in the true church still God immediatly rules the 
       powers by Jesus Christ; and in the thousand yeares Satan 
       is to be bound, he shall not act by the Starry powers to 
       decieve the nations more, when the Demon doctrine, by 
       which the world three thousand years hath been decieved, 
       shall cease, with the doctrine of Antichrist, the learning
       protest in academics of Aristotle, &c by which untill the 
       devill is bound he decieves the nations. /|cWritten by an 
       unworthy witnesse of the truth of God, John Brayne. 
260    London :|bprinted by M.S. for John Hancock, and are to be 
       sold at the first shop in Popes-head Alley, next to Corn-
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500    A fragment; title page only. 
500    Reproduction of original in the British Library. 
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