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245 00 Villa landscapes in the Roman north :|beconomy, culture 
       and lifestyles /|cedited by Nico Roymans & Ton Derks. 
260    Amsterdam :|bAmsterdam University Press,|c2011. 
300    1 online resource (x, 332 pages) :|billustrations (some 
       color), maps (some color), plans (some color). 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Amsterdam archaeological studies ;|v17 
505 00 |tStudying Roman villa landscapes in the 21st century.|tA 
       multi-dimensional approach /|rNico Roymans and Ton Derks -
       -|tReflections on the Iron Age background to the emergence
       of villa landscapes in northern France /|rColin Haselgrove
       --|tExploring villa development in the northern provinces 
       of the Roman empire /|rDiederick Habermehl --|tOn the 
       origin and development of axial villas with double 
       courtyards in the Latin West /|rNico Roymans and Diederick
       Habermehl --|tTown-country dynamics in Roman Gaul.|tThe 
       epigraphy of the ruling elite /|rTon Derks --|tEthnic 
       recruitment, returning veterans and the diffusion of Roman
       culture among rural populations in the Rhineland frontier 
       zone /|rNico Roymans --|tIndications for rural slavery in 
       the northern provinces /|rNico Roymans and Marenne 
       Zandstra --|tThe idea of the villa.|tReassessing villa 
       development in south-east Britain /|rJeremy Taylor --|tThe
       role of mortuary ritual in the construction of social 
       boundaries by privileged social groups within villa 
       landscapes /|rLaura Crowley --|tMonumental funerary 
       structures of the 1st to 3rd centuries associated with 
       Roman villas in the area of the Treveri /|rJean Krier and 
       Peter Henrich --|tRoman rural settlements in Flanders.
       |tPerspectives on a 'non-villa' landscape in extrema 
       Galliarum /|rWim De Clercq --|tEvaluating settlement 
       patterns and settlement densities in the villa landscapes 
       between Tongres and Cologne /|rKaren Jeneson --|tThe villa
       landscape of the Middle Aare valley and its spatial and 
       chronological development /|rCaty Schucany --|tRoman villa
       landscapes of the lignite mining areas in the hinterland 
       of Cologne /|rWolfgang Gaitzsch --|tThe Roman villa 
       complex of Reinheim, Germany /|rFlorian Sărăţeanu-Müller -
       -|tThe Roman villa at Borg.|tExcavation and reconstruction
       /|rBettina Birkenhagen. 
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650  0 Dwellings|zItaly. 
650  0 Dwellings|zRome. 
650  0 Palaces|zItaly. 
650  0 Palaces|zRome. 
651  0 Rome (Italy)|xSocial life and customs. 
700 1  Roymans, Nico. 
700 1  Derks, Ton. 
830  0 Amsterdam archaeological studies ;|v17. 
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