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245 00 Oral literature in the digital age :|barchiving orality 
       and connecting with communities /|cedited by Mark Turin, 
       Claire Wheeler and Eleanor Wilkinson. 
260    Cambridge :|bOpen Book Publishers,|cc2013. 
300    1 online resource (190 p.) :|bill. 
490 1  [Digital humanities series] 
490 1  World oral literature series|vv. 2 
500    Available through Open Book Publishers. 
505 0  Contents -- Editors -- Contributors -- Introduction by 
       Mark Turin, Claire Wheeler and Eleanor Wilkinson -- I. 
       Principles and Methods of Archiving and Conservation -- 1.
       The Archive Strikes Back: Effects of Online Digital 
       Language Archiving on Research Relations and Property 
       Rights / Thomas Widlok -- 2. Access and Accessibility at 
       ELAR, A Social Networking Archive for Endangered Languages
       Documentation / David Nathan -- 3. Multiple Audiences and 
       Co-Curation: Linking an Ethnographic Archive of Endangered
       Oral Traditions to Contemporary Contexts / Judith Aston 
       and Paul Matthews -- II. Engagements and Reflections from 
       the Field  4. Researchers as Griots? Reflections on 
       Multimedia Fieldwork in West Africa / Daniela Merolla and 
       Felix Ameka in collaboration with Kofi Dorvlo -- 5. 
       American Indian Oral Literature, Cultural Identity and 
       Language Revitalisation: Some Considerations for 
       Researchers / Margaret Field -- 6. Ecuador's Indigenous 
       Cultures: Astride Orality and Literacy / Jorge Gómez 
       Rendón -- 7. From Shrine to Stage: A Personal Account of 
       the Challenges of Archiving the Tejaji Ballad of Rajasthan
       / Madan Meena -- 8. Mongghul Ha Clan Oral History 
       Documentation / Ha Mingzong, Ha Mingzhu, and C.K. Stuart -
       - Index. 
506 0  Open access resource providing free access. 
520    "Thanks to ever-greater digital connectivity, interest in 
       oral traditions has grown beyond that of researcher and 
       research subject to include a widening pool of global 
       users. When new publics consume, manipulate and connect 
       with field recordings and digital cultural archives, their
       involvement raises important practical and ethical 
       questions. This volume explores the political 
       repercussions of studying marginalised languages; the role
       of online tools in ensuring responsible access to 
       sensitive cultural materials; and ways of ensuring that 
       when digital documents are created, they are not 
       fossilized as a consequence of being archived. Fieldwork 
       reports by linguists and anthropologists in three 
       continents provide concrete examples of overcoming 
       barrierś - ethical, practical and conceptual - in digital
       documentation projects. Oral Literature in the Digital Age
       is an essential guide and handbook for ethnographers, 
       field linguists, community activists, curators, archivists,
       librarians, and all who connect with indigenous 
       communities in order to document and preserve oral 
       traditions. Oral Literature in the Digital Age is part of 
       our World Oral Literature Series in conjunction with the 
       World Oral Literature Project."--Publisher's website. 
538    Mode of access: World Wide Web. 
540    The articles in this book are licensed under a Creative 
       Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. For more 
       detailed information consult the publishers website. 
650  0 Anthropological linguistics|xFieldwork. 
650  0 Endangered languages. 
650  0 Folk literature|xTechnological innovations. 
650  0 Oral tradition|xTechnological innovations. 
700 1  Turin, Mark. 
700 1  Wheeler, Claire. 
700 1  Wilkinson, Eleanor. 
710 2  Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and 
       Anthropology.|bWorld Oral Literature Project. 
710 2  Open Book Publishers. 
830  0 Digital humanities series.|x2054-2429 
830  0 World oral literature series ;|vv. 2.|x2054-362X 
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