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245 00 New Mexico and the Pimería Alta|h[electronic resource] :
       |bthe colonial period in the American Southwest /|cedited 
       by John G. Douglass and William M. Graves. 
260    Boulder :|bUniversity Press of Colorado,|c[2017] 
300    xxiii, 428 pages :|billustrations, maps ;|c24 cm 
505 00 |tSpanish colonists and Native Americans in the American 
       Southwest : conceptualizations and comparisons /|rJohn G. 
       Douglass and William M. Graves --|t"The peace that was 
       granted had not been kept" : Coronado in the Tiguex 
       Province, 1540-1542 /|rMatthew F. Schmader --|tMeeting in 
       places : seventeenth-century Puebloan and Spanish 
       landscapes /|rPhillip O. Leckman --|tHopi weaving and the 
       colonial encounter : a study of persistence through change
       /|rLaurie D. Webster --|tThe Pueblo world transformed : 
       alliances, factionalism, and animosities in the Northern 
       Rio Grande, 1680-1700 /|rMatthew Liebmann, Robert Preucel,
       and Joseph Aguilar --|tComanche New Mexico : the 
       eighteenth century /|rSeverin Fowles, Jimmy Arterberry, 
       Lindsay Montgomery and Heather Atherton --|tAquí me quedo 
       : vecino origins and the settlement archaeology of the Rio
       del Oso grant, New Mexico /|rJ. Andrew Darling and B. 
       Sunday Eiselt --|tBecoming vecinos : civic identities in 
       late colonial New Mexico /|rKelly L. Jenks --|tMoquis, 
       Kastiilam, and the trauma of history : Hopi oral 
       traditions of seventeenth-century Franciscan missionary 
       abuses /|rThomas E. Sheridan and Stewart B. Koyiyumptewa -
       -|tPopulation dynamics in the Pimería Alta, a.d. 1650/1750
       /|rLauren Jelinek and Dale Brenneman --|tMissions, 
       livestock, and economic transformations in the Pimería 
       Alta /|rBarnet Pavao-Zuckerman --|tLife in Tucson, on the 
       northern frontier of the Pimería Alta /|rJ. Homer Thiel --
       |tO'odham irrigated agriculture response to colonization 
       on the middle Gila River, Southern Arizona /|rColleen 
       Strawhacker --|tThe archaeology of colonialism in the 
       American Southwest and Alta California : some observations
       and comments /|rKent G. Lightfoot --|tMateriality matters 
       : colonial transformations spanning the southwestern and 
       southeastern borderlands /|rDavid Hurst Thomas. 
650  0 Spaniards|zPimería Alta (Mexico and Ariz.)|xHistory. 
650  0 Spaniards|zSouthwest, New|xHistory. 
650  0 Indians of North America|xFirst contact with Europeans
       |zPimería Alta (Mexico and Ariz.)|xHistory. 
650  0 Indians of North America|xFirst contact with Europeans
       |zSouthwest, New|xHistory. 
650  0 Ethnoarchaeology|zPimería Alta (Mexico and Ariz.) 
650  0 Ethnoarchaeology|zSouthwest, New. 
700 1  Douglass, John G.,|d1968- 
700 1  Graves, William M. 
856 40 |uhttp://www.oapen.org/search?identifier=625900|zFull text
       available from KU Select 2016 
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