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Fowler Alice   2
Fowler Anna Active 1700 : To His Grace, James Duke of Queensberry His Majesty's High Commissioner; and the Right Honourable, Right Worshipfull, and very Honoured, the Lords, Barons, and Burgesses, presently assembled in Parliament; : Anna Fowler relict of Mr. William Arnot late Minister of the Gospel at Ebdie.; Fowler, Anna,  1700 1
Fowler Christopher 1610 1678   6
Fowler Christopher 1610 1678 Sober Answer To An Angry Epistle : The guilty-covered clergy-man unvailed; : in a plain and candid reply unto two bundles of wrath and confusion, wrapt up in one and twenty sheets of paper. The one written by Christopher Fowler and Simon Ford of Reading; the other by William Thomas of Ubley in Somersetshire. Wherein all their malicious slanders and false accusations, which they cast upon the truth, are clean wash'd off; their weapons with which they war against the Lamb, broken over their own heads; and they, with the rest of the tyth-exacting teachers, proved to be the great incendaries, and mis-leaders of these nations. In which also there is made a brief and sober application, to the magistrates, and other inhabitants, within the city of Bristol. / By Thomas Speed, a friend to all that tremble at the Word of the Lord; but an irreconcileable enemy to the mysterious deceit, and monstrous hypocrisie of those that do teach for hire, and divine for money.; Speed, Thomas,  1657 1
Fowler Edward 1632 1714   6
Fowler Edward 1632 1714 Ansvver To The Paper Delivered By Mr Ashton : The vindication of the dead: or, six hours reflections upon the six weeks labour in answering Mr. Ashton's Speech published by authority; Lawton, Charlwood,  1693 1
Fowler Edward 1632 1714 Certain Propositions By Which The Doctrine : A second defence of the propositions by which the doctrine of the Holy Trinity is so explained : according to the ancient fathers, as to speak it not contradictory to natural reason : in answer to a Socinian manuscript, in a letter to a friend : together, with a third defence of those propositions, in answer to the newly published reflexions, contained in a pamphlet, entituled, A letter to the reverend clergy of both universities / both by the author of those propositions.; Fowler, Edward,  1695 1
Fowler Edward 1632 1714 Design Of Christianity   2
Fowler Edward 1632 1714 Friendly Conference Between A Minister And : Truth prevailing and detecting error, or, An answer to a book mis-called, A friendly conference between a minister and a parishioner of his, inclining to Quakerism, &c. / by Thomas Ellwood.; Ellwood, Thomas,  1676 1
Fowler Edward 1632 1714 Great Wickedness And Mischievous Effects Of   2
Fowler Edward 1632 1714 Reflections On The Xxviii Propositions   2
Fowler Edward 1632 1714 Second Defence Of The Xxviii Propositions : A reply to The second defence of the XXVIII propositions, said to be wrote in answer to a Socinian manuscript / by the author of that ms. no Socinian, but a Christian and Unitarian.; Nye, Stephen,  1695 1
Fowler Edward 1632 1714 Vindication Of The Friendly Conference : The foundation of tythes shaken : and the four principal posts (of divine institution, primitive practice, voluntary donations, & positive laws) on which the nameless author of the book, called, The right of tythes asserted and proved, hath set his pretended right to tythes, removed, in a reply to the said book / by Thomas Ellwood.; Ellwood, Thomas,  1678 1
Fowler F G Francis George 1870 1918 : The Fowlers : their achievements in lexicography and grammar.; Burchfield, R. W.  1979 1
Fowler H W Henry Watson 1858 1933   3
Fowler James W : Faith development and Fowler / edited by C. Dykstra and S. Parks.  1986 1
Fowler John 1537 1579 : A warning to take heede of Fovvlers psalter, giuen by Th. Sampson; Sampson, Thomas,  1578 1
Fowler John 1826 1864 : The story of the steam plough works Fowlers of Leeds.; Lane, Michael Ross.  1980 1
Fowler Richard Active 17th Century : The harlots vail removed, and her lying refuge swept away by the power of truth, with which she was smitten and wounded : being an answer to a book published in the name of about 60 persons of the Independent-Baptized, and mingled peo[ple] in the midst of Babylon, intit'led The church of Christ in Bristol recovering her vail ... : likewise an answer to Thomas Ewins his word, in the close of the said book, in which he acknowledgeth himself no minister ... : also a short rebuke of Ralph Farmer, for lying and dissembling in the case of constant Jessops removing from the parish of Nicholas in the city of Bristol ... : to which are added a few words manifesting the woful fall, and degenerated condition of Richard Fowler ... / by Dennis Hollister.; Hollister, Dennis,  1658 1
Fowles John 1926 2005   11
Fowles John 1926 2005 French Lieutenants Woman   2
Fowles Susanna : The second part of the boy of Bilson, or, A true and particular relation of the imposter Susanna Fowles : wife of John Fowles, of Hammersmith, in the county of Middlesex, who pretended her self to be posses'd with the Devil : giving an exact account of the beginning, progress, conferences, discovery, commitment, confession, &c. of the said imposter / the whole being writ and attested by Robert Howson, clerk, Captain John Ponsey, and Mr. Nicholas Wade, who were frequently with her during the time of her pretended possession, and before whom she made the confession herein contained, as also by a great number of clergy, both conformists and nonconformists mentioned in the following narrative.; Howson, Robert.  1698 1
Fowles Susannah : A full and true account of the life: : and also the manner and method of carrying on the delusions, blasphemies, and notorious cheats of Susan Fowls. As the same was contrived, plotted, invented, and managed by wicked popish priests and other papists, with a design to scandalize our church and ministers, by insinuating that the virtue of casting forth devils, and easing persons possess'd was only in the power of their church. As also, of her tryal and sentence at the Old Baily, the 7th of this instant May, for blaspheming Jesus Christ, and cursing the Lord's prayer.  1698 1
Fowling : Hungers prevention, or, The whole art of fovvling by water and land : containing all the secrets belonging to that art, and brought into a true forme or method, by which the most ignorant may know how to take any kind of fowle, either by land or water : also, exceeding necessary and profitable for all such as travell by sea, and come into uninhabited places, especially, all those that have anything to doe with new plantations / by Gervase Markham.; Markham, Gervase,  1655 1
Fowling Early Works To 1800   7
Fowling England Early Works To 1800   5
Fowling Ireland Early Works To 1800 : By the Lords Justices General and General Governors of Ireland, a proclamation. : Winchester, Gallway. Whereas we have received information, that the troops and private soldiers ...; Ireland.  1698 1
Fowling Law And Legislation Great Britain Early Works To 1800 : By the King : a proclamation against the making, or vsing of any nets or engines, for taking of phesants [sic] and partridges.; England and Wales.  1634 1
Fowlmere England Maps : Cambridgeshire [cartographic material] : sheet TL 44 NW.; Great Britain.  1984 1
Fownhope England Maps : Herefordshire [cartographic material] : sheet SO 53 SE.; Great Britain.  1964 1
Fox Alan 1920 2002 : A very late development : an autobiography / by Alan Fox.; Fox, Alan,  1990 1
Fox Bernard Trials Litigation Etc   2
Fox Caroline 1819 1871   2
Fox Charles James 1749 1806   7
Fox George 1624 1691   81
Fox George 1624 1691 Constancy Of The People Calld Quakers : A letter to the Quakers, viz., to Geo. Fox, Geo. Whitehead, Fra. Camfield, Stephen Crisp, and the rest of your preachers; Bugg, Francis,  1690 1
Fox George 1624 1691 Great Mystery Of The Great Whore Unfolded : The spirit of the Quakers tried, according to that discovery it hath made of it self in their great prophet and patriarch, George Fox, in his book titled, The great mystery of the great whore, &c. : in an epistle to the said Quakers, but especially to the honest hearted amongst them ... : also, the judgment and sentence is pronounced by George Fox himself against himself and party in the persons of his adversaries / by a lover of truth and men.; Hedworth, Henry.  1672 1
Fox George 1624 1691 Hidden Things Brought To Light : Something in answer to a book printed in 1678, called, The hidden things brought to light : with Robert Rich of Barbadoes his name to it, and printed for Francis Smith at the Elephant & Castle in Cornhill.  1679 1
Fox George 1624 1691 Journal   2
Fox George 1624 1691 Journal Or Historical Account Of The Life Trav : A brief examination and state of liberty spiritual : both with respect to persons in their private capacity, and in their church society and communion : written for the establishment of the faithful, information of the simple-hearted, and reproof of the arrogant and high-minded / by a lover of true liberty, as it is in Jesus, William Penn, to go among the people of the Lord, called Quakers.; Penn, William,  1695 1
Fox George 1624 1691 Sauls Errand To Damascus : A brief reply to some part of a very scurrilous and lying pamphlet : called, Sauls errand to Damascus, shewing the vanitie of the praises there attributed to the sect of the Quakers, and falsitie of their relations which are nought else but the breathings of a spirit of malice.; Higginson, Francis,  1653 1
Fox George 1624 1691 Something Concerning Marriage : Concerning marriage : a letter sent to G.F. and with it a copy of an answer to a friends letter concerning marriage, and some queries and his reply to the answer and queries and an additional to G.F.s reply containing 13 queries concerning marriage, also the manner how the parties intending marriage are to go together / published by Benjamin Lawrence by the consent and advice of friends.; Lawrence, Thomas,  1663 1
Fox George 1624 1691 Something In Answer To Lodowick Muggletons Boo : A looking-glass for George Fox the Quaker, and other Quakers; wherein they may see themselves to be right devils. : In answer to George Fox his book, called, Something in answer to Lodowick Muggletons book, which he calls The Quakers neck broken. Wherein is set forth the ignorance and blindness of the Quakers doctrine of Christ within them; and that they cannot, nor doth not know the true meaning of the Scriptures, neither have they the gift of interpretation of Scripture. As will appear in those several heads set down in the next page following. / Written by Lodowick Muggleton ...; Muggleton, Lodowick,  1667 1
Fox George 1661 : A fuller discovery of the dangerous principles and lying spirit of the people called Quakers : made manifest in George Whitehead, John Whitehead and George Fox the younger, in their book against Iohn Horne and Thomas Moore of Lin Regis in Northfolk / written by the said Thomas Moore and Iohn Horne for the fuller satifaction of all such as desire to be further satisfied about the evil and erroniousnesse of the said people called Quakers.; Moore, Thomas,  1660 1
Fox H S A : Life in medieval landscapes : people and places in the Middle Ages ; papers in memory of H.S.A. Fox / edited by Sam Turner and Bob Silvester.  c2012 1
Fox Hunting : Fox / Martin Wallen.; Wallen, Martin.  2006 1
Fox Hunting England Herefordshire : Pendley and a pack of hounds.; Williams, Dorian.  1959 1
Fox Hunting England Holderness : Hunting scenes : pictures of the Holderness Hunt / edited by John Markham.  1989 1
Fox Hunting England Poetry Early Works To 1800 : A new fox-hunting song, / composed by W.S. Kenrick, and J. Burtell. ; The chace run by the Cleveland Fox Hounds on Saturday the 29th day of January, 1785.; Kenrick, W. S.  1785? 1
Fox Hunting In Literature : The sporting world of R.S. Surtees / John Welcome.; Welcome, John,  1982 1
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