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Goodwin John 1594 1665 Hagiomastix   2
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Hubrisodikai : A vindication of Dr. Hammonds addresse, &c. from the exceptions of Eutactus Philodemius, : in two particulars. Concerning the power supposed in the Jew, over his owne freedome. The no-power over a mans own life. Together with a briefe reply to Mr Iohn Goodwins Hubrisodikai, as far as concernes Dr. Hammond.; Hammond, Henry,  1649 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Hybristodikai   3
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Hybristodikai The Obstructours Of Justice Or : By the King. A proclamation for calling in, and suppressing of two books written by John Milton : the one intituled, Johannis Miltoni Angli pro populo Anglicano defensio, contra Claudii Anonymi aliàs Salmasii, defensionem regiam ; and the other in answer to a book intituled, The pourtraicture of His Sacred Majesty in his solitude and sufferings. And also a third book intituled, The obstructors of justice, written by John Goodwin.; England and Wales.  1660 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Impedit Ira Anemum : A defence of the true sence and meaning of the words of the Holy Apostle, Rom. chap. 4, ver. 3, 5, 9 : in answer to sundry arguments gathered from the forenamed Scriptures by Mr. Iohn Goodwin, which answer was first dispersed without the authors name, but since acknowledged / by Mr. George Walker ...; Walker, George,  1641 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Innocencies Triumph   3
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Innocency And Truth Triumphing Together : To his reverend and much respected good friend, Mr. John Goodwin: : be these I pray presented.; Vicars, John,  1645 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Innocency And Truth Triumphing Together Or T : The copy of a letter sent by Mr. D.T. to Mr. John Vicars (Mr. Prynns second) in answer to his letter sent by him to Mr. John Goodwin.; D. T.  1644 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Neophytopresbyteros : Sion College what it is, and doeth. : Together with a vindication of that society from the slanderous diffamations of two fell and fiery satyres, the one called Sion College visited : the other The pulpit incendiary. As also a little taste, by the way, of another young thing of Mr. J Goodwins, running about with the shell on the head before it be all hatcht, under the name of Neophylopresbyteros, or, The youngling elder. / By C.B. who accounts it his honour to be a member of Sion College.; Burges, Cornelius,  1648 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Obstructors Of Justice : By the King, a proclamation for calling in and suppressing of two books written by John Milton : the one intituled Johannis Miltoni Angli pro populo Anglicano defensio contra Claudii Anonymi, aliàs Salmas"u, defensionem regiam, and the other in answer to a book intituled The pourtraicture of His Sacred Majesty in his solitude and sufferings : and also a third book intituled The obstructors of justice, written by John Goodwin.; England and Wales.  1660 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Os Ossorianum : The discovery of mysteries: or, The plots and practices of a prevalent faction in this present Parliament. : To overthrow the established religion, and the well setled government of this glorious Church, and to introduce a new framed discipline (not yet agreed upon by themselves what it shall be) to set up a new invented religion, patched together of Anabaptisticall and Brownisticall tenents, and many other new and old errors. And also, to subvert the fundamentall lawes of this famous kingdome, by devesting our King of his just rights, and unquestionable royall prerogatives, and depriving the subjects of the propriety of their goods, and the liberty of their persons; and under the name of the priviledge of Parliament, to exchange that excellent monarchicall government of this nation, into the tyrannicall government of a faction prevailing over the major part of their well-meaning brethren, to vote and order things full of all injustice, oppression and cruelty, as may appeare out of many, by these few subsequent collections of their proceedings. / By Gr. Williams L. Bishop of Ossory.; Williams, Gryffith,  1643 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Pagans Debt And Dowry : The pagan preacher silenced. Or, an answer to a treatise of Mr. John Goodwin, entituled, the pagans debt & dowry. : Wherein is discovered the weaknesse of his arguments, and that it doth not yet appear by scripture, reason, or the testimony of the best of his own side, that the heathen who never heard of the letter of the Gospel, are either obliged to, or enabled for the believing in Christ; and that they are either engaged to matrimonial debt, or admitted to a matrimonial dowry. Wherein also is historically discovered, and polemically discussed the doctrin of Universal grace, with the original, growth and fall thereof; as it hath been held forth by the most rigid patrons of it. / By Obadiah Howe, A.M. and pastor of Horne-Castle in Lincolnshire. With a verdict on the case depending between Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Howe, by the learned George Kendal, DD.; Howe, Obadiah,  1655 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Philadelphia   2
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Redemption Redeemed   14
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Right And Might Well Met   4
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Sion Colledg Visited   2
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Some Modest And Humble Queries Concerning A : A vindication of a printed paper, entituled, An ordinance presented to the Honorable House of Commons, for the preventing of the growth and spreading of heresies, against the irreligious and presumptuous exceptions call'd Some humble and modest queries. : In which Vindication, among other things, is shewed that those who dispute against the making of this ordinance, doe by their argument not only deny the civill magistrates power in matters of religion, but likewise undermine all their power in punishing any offence even in civill matters; and the magistrates authority both in civill and ecclesiasticall matters is asserted and maintained. Imprimatur: James Cranford.  1646 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Synkretismos : Peace protected, and discontent dis-armed. : Wherein the seventeen queries (with the addition of three more, postscript-wise) lately published, partly to allay the discontents of some about the late revolution of government, but more especially to guide every mans feet into the way of peace, as well his own, as the publique, are reinforced with replies unto, and animadversions upon, such answers, which some (it seems) have given unto them, to invalidate their purport and intent. Together with four new queries superadded. By the author of the said seventeen queries.; Goodwin, John,  1654 1
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Theomachia   6
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Thirty Queries   3
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Treatise On Justification   2
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Water Dipping No Firm Footing For Church Com   2
Goodwin John 1594 1665 Youngling Elder : The blind guide, or, The doting doctor : composed by way of reply to a late tediously trifling pamphlet, entituled, The youngling elder, &c., written by John Goodwin ... : this reply indifferently serving for the future direction of the seducer himself, and also of those his mis-led followers, who with him are turned enemies to the word and grace of God : to the authority of which word, and the efficacie of which grace are in this following treatise, succinctly, yet satisfactorily vindicated from the deplorably weak and erroneous cavills of the said John Goodwin in his late pamphlet / by William Jenkyn ...; Jenkyn, William,  1648 1
Goodwin Philip 1699 : Laws, etc.; England and Wales.  1645 1
Goodwin Thomas 1600 1680   4
Goodwin Thomas 1600 1680 Apologeticall Narration   7
Goodwin Thomas 1600 1680 Discourse Of The True Nature Of The Gospel : Remarks on the R. Mr. Goodwins Discourse of the Gospel : proving that the Gospel-covenant is a law of grace, answering his objections to the contrary, and rescuing the texts of Holy Scripture, and many passages of ecclesiastical writers both ancient and modern, from the false glosses which he forces upon them / by William Lorimer ...; Lorimer, William,  1696 1
Goodwin Thomas 1600 1680 Exposition On Part Of The Epistle To The E : Antichrist stormed, or, Mystery Babylon the great whore, and great city, proved to be the present Church of Rome : wherein all objections are fully answered : to which is added, the time of the end, or a clear explanation of Scripture prophecies, with the judgment of divers learned men concerning the final ruine of the Romish Church, that it will be in this present age : together with an account of the two witnesses, who they are, with their killing, resurrection & ascention : also an examination and confutation of what Mr. Jurieu hath lately written concerning the effusion of the vials ... : likewise a brief review of D. Tho. Goodwins exposition of the 11th chapter of the Revelations, concerning the witnesses, and of that street in which they should lie slain, proving it to be meant of Great Brittain : and a brief collection of divers strange prophecies, some very antient / by Benj. Keach ... ; to which is annext, a short treatise in two parts : 1. The calculation of Scripture numbers by Scripture only, without the help of humane history, 2. Upon the witnesses, giving light to the whole book.; Keach, Benjamin,  1689 1
Goodwin Thomas 1600 1680 Principles Of Faith : The sword of the Lord dravvn, and furbished against the man of sin: or Something in answer to a paper set forth by three of the chief priests of London, : whose names are Thomas Goodwine, and one Nye, and Sydrach Sympson, which they have put forth to the propagating of the Gospel, signed by him that is the clerk of the Parl. whose name is Henry Scobell, with their deceits and deceitfull actings laid open and cleared from Scripture, that they have no example in Scripture for their practice. Therefore I was moved by the Lord God of life to lay open their deceit by the spirit of truth, as it was made manifest in me from the Lord, that the simple might not be deceived by them, but might have the knowledge of the truth, from that which is for ever, and shall not change nor fade away. / By one whose name in the flesh is, Christopher Atkinson, who am one that the world doth scornfully call a Quaker.; Atkinson, Christopher.  1654 1
Goodwin Thomas 1658 : A voyce from heaven, : speaking good words and comfortable words, concerning saints departed. Which words are opened in a sermon preached at South-weal in Essex, 6. September, 1658. At the funeral of that worthy and eminent minister of the Gospel, Mr. Thomas Goodwin. Late pastor there. Hereunto is annexed a relation of many things observable in his life and death. / By G.B. preacher of the word at Shenfield in Essex.; Bownd, George,  1659 1
Goodwin Wessel   4
Goodwin William 1620   2
Goodworth Clatford England Maps : Hampshire [cartographic material] : sheet SU 34 SE.; Great Britain.  1977 1
Google   7
Google Analytics : Google analytics breakthrough : from zero to business impact / Feras Alhlou, Shiraz Asif, and Eric Fettman.; Alhlou, Feras,  2016 1
Google Earth   3
Google Firm   14
Google Library Project : The case for books : past, present, and future / Robert Darnton.; Darnton, Robert.  2010 1
Google Maps : Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth / Martin C. Brown.; Brown, Martin C.  2006 1
Gookin Daniel 1612 1687 : To all persons whom these may concern, in the several townes, and plantations of the United Colonies in New-England : It is hereby declared, that his Highness the Lord Protectour of the Common wealth of England &c: hath commissoned and impowered Daniel Gookin dwelling at Cambridg in the Massachusets, to make agreement with any convenient number of the English in the colonies of New-England, who shall desire to remove themselves or families into Jamaica in the West-Indies,...; Gookin, Daniel,  1656 1
Gookin Vincent 1616 1659 Great Case Of Transplantation In Ireland D   3
Goole England Description : Goole : a port in green fields.; Mankowska, Joyce.  1973 1
Goole England History   2
Goole England Maps   15
Goole Fields England Maps   2
Goole Grange England Maps : [Goole Grange [cartographic material] : Yorkshire, West Riding 252.8].; Great Britain.  1906 1
Goole Moors England Maps   3
Goonhilly Downs England Maps : Cornwall [cartographic material] : sheet SW 71 NW.; Great Britain.  1963 1
  Goorkha South Asian People -- See Gorkha (South Asian people)
Gooseham England Maps : Cornwall - Devonshire [cartographic material] : sheet SS 21 NW & part of SS 11 NE.; Great Britain.  1963 1
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