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100 1  Hayne, Samuel,|d1645?- 
245 13 An abstract of all the statutes made concerning aliens 
       trading in England from the first-year of K. Henry the VII
       :|balso, of all the laws made for securing our plantation 
       trade to our selves : with observations thereon, proving 
       that the Jews (in their practical way of trade at this 
       time) break them all, to the great damage of the King in 
       his customs, the merchants in their trade, the whole 
       kingdom, and His Majesties plantations in America in their
       staple : together with the hardships and difficulties the 
       author hath already met with, in his endeavouring to find 
       out and detect the ways and methods they take to effect it
       /|cby Samuel Hayne ... 
260    [London] :|bPrinted by N.T. for the author :|bAnd are to 
       be sold by Walter Davis ...,|c1685. 
300    [6], 38 p. 
500    Reproduction of original in Huntington Library. 
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