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Griffin Susan : Skirting the subject : pursuing language in the works of Adrienne Rich, Susan Griffin.; Shima, Alan.  1993 1
Griffin William : An Account of the arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of Jonathan Frost, the clipper, upon June the 17th instant, at the Marshelsey in Southwark  1675 1
Griffin William 1693 : An Account of the tryal of William Clamp : boatswain of their majesties ship the York, and his mate William Griffin, together with Sergeant Vallune, before the Honourable Sir Francis Wheeler, admiral of the Mediteranean Squadron, and reer-admiral of the Red, and the Right Honourable the Earl of Danby, reer-admiral of the Blew, on board their majesties ship the Carlisle : the two former for cheating the king, in embezzling their majesties stores, the latter for killing his fellow soldier, who being convicted and condemned, were executed on board at Portsmouth on Friday the 24th of this instant November 1693 : with their behaviour at the execution.  1693 1
Griffith Arthur 1872 1922 : A state of disunion : Arthur Griffith, Michael Collins, James Craig, Eamon de Valera.; Younger, Calton.  1972 1
Griffith D W David Wark 1875 1948   9
Griffith D W David Wark 1875 1948 Criticism And Interpretation : D.W. Griffith's The birth of a nation : a history of "the most controversial motion picture of all time" / Melvyn Stokes.; Stokes, Melvyn.  2007 1
Griffith Evan A M Minister Of Alderly Pax Vobis : Some dialogues between Mr. G. and others : with reflections upon a book called Pax vobis.; Lynford, Thomas,  1687 1
Griffith George 1601 1666   2
Griffith George 1601 1666 Bold Challange Of And Itinerant Preacher : A Welsh narrative, corrected, and taught to speak true English, and some Latine. Or, Animadversions on an imperfect relation in the perfect diurnall, : Numb. 138. Aug.2. 1652. Containing a narration of the disputation between Dr Griffith and Mr Vavasor Powell, neer New-Chappell in Mountgomery-shire, July 23. 1652.; Griffith, George,  1653 1
Griffith John 1622 1700 Voice From The Word Of The Lord : The fiery darts of the divel quenched; or, Something in answer to a book called, a second beacon fired, : presented to the Lord Protector, and the Parliament, and subscribed by Luke Fawne, John Rothwel, Samuel Gellibrand, Thomas Underhill, Joshua Kirton, Nathaniel Web. Wherin, their lies and slanders are made manifest against the innocent, and those books which have been published by them they call Quakers, owned and vindicated, and all the rest which is in that book disowned, and their deceite laid open; how they have perverted the truth and our words in those books which they cry out of as blasphemy, that the truth may not suffer under the reproach of the heathen. / By one who is a witnesse for the truth against Gog and Magog, called after the flesh, Francis Howgil. Also something in answer to a booke called a voice from the Word of the Lord, by one John Griffith, against us, whom the world calls Quakers, wherein his false accusations is denied, and he proved to be a slanderer, and the truth cleared from his scandals. By one who is a witnesse against the deceits of the world, called Edward Burrough.; Howgill, Francis,  1654 1
Griffith John 1622 1700 Voice From The Word Of The Lord To Those Gr : The Holy Scriptures from scandals are cleared. Or An answer to a book set forth by the baptizers; to wit, Henry Hagger and Thomas Pollard, entituled, The Holy Scriptures clearing it self of scandals: : but is scandalled or perverted, and so scandalized by them, as in this answer to theirs will further appear, so by them entituled, or bearing the title of an Answer to a book written by Richard Farnsworth, called, Truth cleared, or Truth lifting up its head above scandals: occasioned by a dispute at Harliston in Staffordshire, between Richard Farnsworth and Thomas Pallard, in the year, 1654. Also here is in this, the heads of an order, or late act made at Coventry, by the baptized people there, ... And something here is, in answer to a false prophet, called John Griffith, set out by him and several others, in a false prophesie or book, bearing the title of True Gospel faith, collected into 30 articles: or in the middle part called, A voice from the Word of the Lord, ... / Written by a servant of the Lord, in the sixth moneth, 1655. by R.F.; R. F.  1655 1
Griffith John Active 1648 1659 : A vindication or justification of John Griffith, Esq. : Against the horrid, malitious, and unconscionable verdict of the coroners iury in Cheshire : vvhich was packt by the means of that pocky, rotten, lying, cowardly, and most perfidious knave, Sir Hugh Caulveley Knight, onely to vent his inveterate hatred and malice against me.; Griffith, John,  1648 1
Griffith John Of Llyne : A vindication of my Lord Windsor's late proceedings with Mr. John Griffith, : occasioned by his vain aspersions. / And undertaken by an unknown servant of his Lordship.; Unknown servant of his Lordship.  1650 1
Griffith Matthew 1599 1665 Fear Of God And The King   3
Griffith Matthew 1599 1665 Generall Bill Of Mortality Of The Clergy : A just correction and inlargement of a scandalous bill of the mortality of the malignant clergie of London, and other parts of the kingdome, which have been justly sequestred from their pastorall-charges, and since that (some of them) defunct, by reason of the contageous infection of the prelaticall pride and malignancie of their owne spirits; since the yeare 1641. to this present year 1647. Together with the severall pernicious casualties of the same. Or, A succinct traiterologie, : in answer to a lying martyrologie, and catalogue of the gracelesse, and godlesse, lazy Levites, and proud prelaticall priests of the City of London, and beyond the liberties thereof, who have been justly imprisoned and deprived of their estates ... Serving for London, especially, and the liberties thereof, with the out-parishes; together with most parts of the whole kingdome, both city and country. / By J:V.; Vicars, John,  1647 1
Griffiths Trevor 1935 : Trevor Griffiths / John Tulloch.; Tulloch, John.  2006 1
Griffithstown Wales Maps : Monmouthshire [cartographic material] : sheet ST 29 NE.; Great Britain.  1965 1
Griffydam England Maps : Leicestershire [cartographic material] : sheet SK 41 NW.; Great Britain.  1967 1
Grigg Henry Light From The Son Of Righteousness : The Babylonish baptist. Or H.G. contradicting H.G. : in his book stiled, Light from the Son of righteousness; which is proved, meer confusion and darkness.; Whitehead, George,  1672 1
Grigg Thomas 1670 : A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. Thomas Grigg, B.D. and rector of St. Andrew-Undershaft, Septemb. 4, 1670 / by Symon Patrick.; Patrick, Simon,  1670 1
Grigge William Quakers Jesus : Rabshakeh's outrage reproved, or, A VVhip for William Grigge of Bristoll, tanner : to scourge him for his many notorious lies, blasphemies, reproaches, vain boastings and other such like noysom matter ... in a late fiery pamphlet ... entituled The Quakers Jesus ... / by an impartial friend to God's truth under what notion soever persecuted by the blind world.  1658 1
Griggs Claudine 1953 : Journal of a sex change : passage through Trinidad.; Griggs, Claudine,  2004 1
Grignard Reagents   2
Grigorian Sergo : Soviet posters : the Sergo Grigorian collection / Maria Lafont.; Lafont, Maria.  2007 1
Grillparzer Franz   12
Grimaldi Forum Monaco Monaco Catalogues : Imperial Saint Petersburg : from Peter the Great to Catherine II.; Imperial Saint Petersburg from Peter the Great to Catherine II (Exhibition :  2004 1
Grimaldi Joseph : Incidents in the life of Joseph Grimaldi.; Neville, G.  1980 1
Grimault And Cie   2
Grimes Graves Antiquities : Grime's Graves.; Topping, Peter.  2003 1
Grimes Graves England   2
Grimethorpe England Maps   4
Grimley England Maps : [Worcestershire] [cartographic material] : sheet SO 86 SW.; Great Britain.  1954 1
Grimm Friedrich Melchior Freiherr Von 1723 1807   2
Grimm Jacob 1785 1863   11
Grimm Jacob 1785 1863 Criticism And Interpretation : The hard facts of the Grimms' fairy tales / Maria Tatar.; Tatar, Maria,  2019 1
Grimm Jacob 1785 1863 Deutsche Mythologie : The shadow-walkers : Jacob Grimm's mythology of the monstrous / edited by Tom Shippey.  2005 1
Grimm Wilhelm 1786 1859   7
Grimm Wilhelm 1786 1859 Criticism And Interpretation : The hard facts of the Grimms' fairy tales / Maria Tatar.; Tatar, Maria,  2019 1
  Grimmelshausen Hans Jacob Christoffel Von 1625 1676 -- See Grimmelshausen, Hans Jakob Christoph von, 1625-1676
  Grimmelshausen Hans Jakob Christoffel Von 1625 1676 -- See Grimmelshausen, Hans Jakob Christoph von, 1625-1676
Grimmelshausen Hans Jakob Christoph Von 1625 1676   33
Grimmelshausen Hans Jakob Christoph Von 1625 1676 Courasche : Courage : die starke Frau der deutschen Literatur : von Grimmelshausen erfunden, von Brecht und Grass variiert / Italo Michele Battafarano, Hildegard Eilert.; Battafarano, Italo Michele,  c2003 1
  Grimmelshausen Johann Jakob Christoffel Von 1625 1676 -- See Grimmelshausen, Hans Jakob Christoph von, 1625-1676
Grimoldby England Maps : [Lincolnshire] [cartographic material] : sheet TF 38 NE.; Great Britain.  1956 1
Grimond Jo 1913 1993 : Whitehall and beyond : Jo Grimond, Enoch Powell and Harold Wilson.; Hunt, Norman Crowther.  1964 1
Grimsby England Docks Wharves Etc   3
Grimsby England History   9
Grimsby England Maps   14
Grimsby Roads England Maps   4
Grimscote England Maps : Northamptonshire [cartographic material] : sheet SP 65 SE.; Great Britain.  1982 1
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