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Hammerwich England Maps : Staffordshire [cartographic material] : sheet SK 00 NE.; Great Britain.  1968 1
Hammett Dashiell 1894 1961   3
Hammon Briton Narrative Of The Uncommon Sufferings And Surprising Deliveran : Genius in bondage : literature of the early Black Atlantic / edited by Vincent Carreta and Philip Gould.  2015 1
Hammon George Discovery Of The Latitude Of The Loss Of The Earthly Paradise : Adam's condition in paradise discovered : wherein is proved that Adam had right to eternall life, in innocency, and forfeited it, for him and his : also, a treatise of the lawful ministry, and the manner of Sion's redemption opened, in answer to a book of George Hammond ... / by Hezekiah Holland ...; Holland, Hezekiah,  1656 1
Hammond Anthony 1668 1738 : A Full and true relation of a horrid and detestable conspiracy against the lives, estates, and reputations of three worthy members of this present Parliament, which God long preserve  1702 1
Hammond Edward Payson 1831 1910 : The harvest work of the Holy Spirit, illustrated in the evangelistic labors of Rev. Edward Payson Hammond / edited by P.C. Headley.  1863 1
Hammond Henry : The doctrine of the saints perseverance, explained and confirmed, or, The certain permanency of their 1. acceptation with God & 2. sanctification from God : manifested & proved from the 1. eternal principles 2. effectuall causes 3. externall meanes thereof ... vindicated in a full answer to the discourse of Mr. John Goodwin against it, in his book entituled Redemption redeemed : with some degressions concerning 1. the immediate effects of the death of Christ ... : with a discourse touching the epistles of Ignatius, the Episcopacy in them asserted, and some animadversions on Dr. H.H. his dissertations on that subject / by John Owen ...; Owen, John,  1654 1
Hammond Henry 1605 1660   12
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Account Of Mr Cawdrys Triplex Diatribe Conc : The account audited and discounted: or, a vindication of the three-fold diatribee, of [brace] 1. Supersition, 2. Will-worship, 3. Christmas festivall. : Against Doctor Hammonds manifold paradiatribees. / By D.C. preacher of the Word at Billing-Magn. in Northamptonshire.; Cawdrey, Daniel,  1658 1
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Addresse To The Generall And Counsell Of Wa : A vindication of Dr. Hammonds addresse &c. from the exceptions of Eutactus Philodemius, in two particulars : concerning [brace] the power supposed in the Jew over his owne freedom, the no-power over a mans own life ; together with a briefe reply to Mr. Iohn Goodwins Gbeisodikai, as far as concernes Dr. Hammond.; Hammond, Henry,  1649 1
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Dispatcher Dispatched   2
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Ektenesteron   4
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Euschemonos Kai Kata Taxin   2
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Of Schisme   3
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Of Schisme A Defence Of The Church Of Engla : An answer to the most materiall parts of Dr. Hamond's booke of schisme: or a defence of the Church of England, against exceptions of the Romanists : written in a letter from a Catholique gent. to his friend in England.; B. P.  1654 1
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Paraphrase And Annotations Upon All The Boo   2
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Practical Catechism   2
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Reply To The Catholick Gentlemans Answer To : Schism dispach't or A rejoynder to the replies of Dr. Hammond and the Ld of Derry.; Sergeant, John,  1657 1
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 To The Right Honourable The Lord Fairfax An   2
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 View Of The New Directory : Euschēmonos kai kata taxin, or, The grounds of uniformity from I Cor. 14:40 : vindicated from Mr Jeanes's exceptions to one passage in the view of the directory / by H. Hammond ...; Hammond, Henry,  1657 1
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Vindication Of Dr Hammonds Addresse : An answer to the vindication of Doctor Hamond against the exceptions of Eutactus Philodemius : vvherein is endeavored to be cleared what power man hath ... / the author E.P.; Ascham, Antony,  1650 1
Hammond Henry 1605 1660 Vindication Of Dr Hammonds Addresse And C F : An answer to the vindication of Doctor Hamond, against the exceptions of Eutactus Philodemius. : VVherein is endeavored to be cleared what power man hath. 1. Over his own liberty, (which is) his all. 2. Over his own life, for which he will give that all. / The author E.P.; Ascham, Antony,  1650 1
Hammond Robert 1612 1654 : His Majesties grievances sent by a message from His Majesty, : by Mr. John Ashburnham, and Sir John Barkley, to Col. Hammond, Governor of the Isle of Wyght. With a letter from Col. Hammond (read in both houses of Parliament,) concerning his treaty with his Majesty. Also instructions sent from the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, to Col. Hammond, Concerning his Majesty. And propositions for peace, to be sent to His Majesty on Munday next.; England and Wales.  1647 1
Hammond Robert 1621 1654   7
Hammond Robert 1621 1654 Colonel Hammonds Letter Sent To William Le : An ansvver to a scandalous letter written by Hammond, the head-gaoler in the Isle of Wight, to Mr. Lenthall, Speaker of the House of Commons. By a friend of Master Osbornes, and a lover of truth.; Friend of Master Osbornes, and a lover of truth.  1648 1
Hammond Samuel 1665 : Some particulars on the truths behalfe in love to the inhabitants of Newcastle, : which may concern many other parts of this nation. This is given forth in answer to a false alarum sounded forth by a blind watch-man named Samuel Hammond, a chiefe priest of Newcastle ... but his spirit is tryed, and seen to be a false spirit ... who in stead of warning people against their enemies; hath warned them against the truth, and such as be in it. / For the clearing of whom, this was given forth by George VVhithead.; Whitehead, George,  1658 1
Hammond Samuel 1665 Quakers House Built Upon The Sand : The Quakers house built upon the rock Christ : Wherein neither their doctrines, principles, nor practices can be confounded, not disproved; being neither damnable, nor pernitious. As Samuel Hammond hath falsly affirmed in his book called, The Quakers house built upon the sand: or, a discovery of the damnablenes of their pernitious doctrins, in his answer to G.W. which to prove, he lays down seven grounds of delusion, and five arguments of damnable doctrine. But in this answer his seven grounds is proved false in themselves, ...; and his five arguments is proved to be his own false positions, ... as first, he lays down false positions, and then proves them false; and then boasts, as if he had proved our doctrines or principles false: the truth of which is herein clearly made manifest, and wherein he falsly accuseth us, he is justly guilty himselfe. Also the ten fundamentall principles or doctrines of the hireling priest-hood, ... By a servant to the Church of Christ, ... Richard Hubberthorne. ...; Hubberthorn, Richard,  1659 1
Hammond William C 1635 C 1685 : The origins of the grand tour : the travels of Robert Montagu, Lord Mandeville (1649-1654), William Hammond (1655-1658), Banaster Maynard (1660-1663) / edited by Michael G. Brennan.  2004 1
Hamnet John 1621 Or 2 1651 : The vanity of selfe-boasters, or, The prodigious madnesse of tyrannizing Sauls, mis-leading doegs (or any others whatsoever) which peremptorily goe on, and athistically glory in their shame and mischief : in a sermon preached at the funerall of Iohn Hamnet, Gent., late of the parish of Maldon in Surrey / by Ed. Hinton ...; Hinton, Edward,  1651 1
Hamnet John Gent : The vanity of self-boasters, or, The prodigious madnesse of tyrannizing Sauls, mis-leading Doegs (or any others whatsoever) which peremptorily goe on, and atheistically glory in their shame and mischief. : In a sermon preached at the funerall of John Hamnet, gent. late of the parish of Maldon in Surrey. By E.H. Minister of the same, and late fellow of Merton Colledge in Oxford.; Hinton, Edward,  1643 1
Hamon Ro : A cordial confection, : to strengthen their hearts whose courage begins to fail, by the armies late dissolving the Parliament. It is wrapt up in an epistolary discourse, occasionally written to Mr. Ro. Hamon, merchant, by Geo. Wither, Esq; about a week after the said Parliament was dissolved; and is thus communicated by a copy thereof, as very pertinent to these distracted times, and tending to preservation of the common-peace. for (other things of publick concernment, being inter-woven) it truly states the peoples cause (in plain expressions, suitable to the vulgar capacities) and frees it from many scandals. It contains an expedient, (hitherto not heeded, or neglected) whereby Charles Stuart may be settled in peace, if he please: whereby, we may have a better Parliament then we lost, or ever had: whereby, our armies may be kept constant to order, whilst they are needful, and in a short time quite disbanded: whereby, the peoples just freedoms may be recovered and perpetuated: whereby, not onely these nations, but all Christendome also, may be established in a righteous peace; and it hath neither destructive inlet, outlet, or false bottom.; Wither, George,  1659 1
Hamond Graham Eden Sir 1779 1862 : Os diários do Almirante Graham Eden Hamond, 1825-1834/38 / tradução de Paulo F. Geyer.; Hamond, Graham Eden,  1984 1
Hamond Judith : A funeral sermon on the death of that pious gentlewoman Mrs. Judith Hamond : Late wife of the Reverend Mr. George Hamond, minister of the Gospel in London. By John Howe, minister of the same Gospel.; Howe, John,  1696 1
Hampden John 1584 1643 : Mr. Hampdens speech occasioned upon the Londoners petition for peace.; Denham, John,  1643 1
Hampden John 1594 1643   60
Hampden John 1656 1696   2
Hampden Park England Maps : East Sussex [cartographic material] : sheet TQ 60 SW.; Great Britain.  1975 1
Hampden Richard 1631 1695 : Bibliotheca Skinneriana, & Hampdeniana, : quarum illa complectitur libros omnes qui versantur in scientia legum Anglicar. Rerumq; Anglicarum scriptores antiquos, & Hodier. Nec-non libros Gallice, Italice, Hispanice scriptos, ad rem historicam & juridicam spectantes, una cum miscellaneis diversi argumenti, theologicis, & classicis, variis, & selectis. Altera continet libros theologicos, philologicos, historicos, numismatum, statuarum, architectur. Sculpt. cælebriores. Bibliothecæ Hampdenianæ part. secund. sive nobilissim. part. quart. & ultim. Quorum auctio habenda est Londini in ædibus vulgo dictis Temple-Change Coffee-house in Fleet-street, 13 die Februarii, 1698/9. Per Edoardum Millingtonum, Bibliopolam Lond.; Millington, Edward,  1698 1
Hampshire England Antiquities   2
Hampshire England Buildings Structures Etc   3
Hampshire England Buildings Structures Etc Guidebooks : Hampshire. South / Charles O'Brien, Bruce Bailey, David W. Lloyd and Nikolaus Pevsner ; with contributions from Simon Bradley and Barry Cunliffe.; O'Brien, Charles,  2018 1
Hampshire England Church History : The religious census of Hampshire, 1851 / edited by John A. Vickers.  1993 1
Hampshire England History   6
Hampshire England History 17th Century Sources Early Works To 180 : A list of the clergy of Hampshire; or A brief catalogue of the learned, grave, religious, and painfull minister of Hampshire : Who have been imprisoned, plundered, and barbarously used, deprived of all livelyhood, for themselves and their families, in the late rebellion, for their constancy in the Protestant religion, and their loyalty to their King, under that grand Presbyterian tyranny.  1662 1
Hampshire England History Early Works To 1800   9
Hampshire England History Sources : A letter sent from one Mr. Parker, a gentleman dwelling at upper Wallop in Hampshire, to his friend a gentleman in London : wherein is related some remarkable passages as of a battell fought betweene the inhabitants of the county and of the cavaliers about the settlement of the militia and commission of array August 14 : also a speech as it was delivered word for word by the major of Southhamton to the high sheriffe and gentlemen of the said county ... : also a relation of a robbery committed by the cavalieres and how they robbed two gentlemen of good quality within three miles of VVinchester ... : together with a letter to Mr. Speaker from the county of Essex concerning the militia.; Parker, John,  1642 1
Hampshire England Maps   207
Hampshire England Social Conditions : Manor, vill, and hundred : the development of rural institutions in early medieval Hampshire.; Klingelhofer, Eric C.  1992 1
Hampson Mary 1677 : A commemoration sermon: or, A discourse on II Cor. V.I. : Occasioned by the death of a most religious young lady Mary Hampson the onely daughter of Sir Thomas Hampson, of Taplow, in Bucks, ... who died August the 14. 1677. Together with a relation of her incomparable and exemplary life.  1678 1
Hampstead History   20
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