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100 1  Prynne, William,|d1600-1669. 
245 10 Beheaded Dr. John Hewytts ghost pleading, yea crying for 
       exemplarie justice against the arbitrarie, un-exampled 
       injustice of his late judges and executioners in the new 
       High-Commission, or Court of Justice, sitting in 
       Westminster-Hall. :|bConteining his legal plea, demurrer, 
       and exceptions to their illegal jurisdiction, proceedings,
       and bloody sentence against him; drawn up by counsel, and 
       left behinde him ready ingrossed; the substance whereof he
       pleaded before them by word of mouth, and would have 
       tendred them in writing in due form of law, had he not 
       discerned their peremptory resolution to reject and over-
       rule, before they heard them read. 
246 36 Plea and demurrer of Doctor John Hewytt, &c. 
246 37 Plea and demurrer of Doctor Iohn Hewytt, &c. 
260    London :|b[s.n.],|cprinted in the year of our Lord, 1659. 
300    [2], 18 p. 
500    Drawn up by William Prynne on Hewit's behalf for his 
500    Running title reads: The plea and demurrer of Doctor Iohn 
       Hewytt, &c. 
500    Annotation on Thomason copy: "March 27"; "27". 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
600 10 Hewit, John,|d1614-1658 
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700 1  Hewit, John,|d1614-1658. 
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