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245 00 Practical problems in assisted conception /|cedited by 
       Ying Cheong, Togas Tulandi, Tin-Chiu Li. 
264  1 Cambridge :|bCambridge University Press,|c2018. 
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490 1  Cambridge medicine 
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       Aug 2018). 
505 8  Machine generated contents note: 1. A lifetime's 
       observations and reflections as an IVF doctor Ian Cooke; 
       2. The patient's perspective of assisted reproduction 
       Louise Burton; 3. How to manage intramural fibroids before
       an IVF cycle Ertan Saridogan; 4. Ovarian stimulation 
       protocols - horses for courses Qiao Jie; 5. The 
       consultation with the poor responder Paul Atkinson and 
       Bill Ledger; 6. The consultation with a patient who wishes
       to have ovarian tissue cryopreservation Richard Anderson; 
       7. How to manage patients with cancer who need fast-track 
       treatment Kirsten Tryde Macklon and Michael von Wolff; 8. 
       How to manage patients with adenomyosis before an IVF 
       cycle Stephan Gordts; 9. The consultation with older men 
       seeking ART treatment Allan Pacey; 10. How to manage 
       endometrioma in the IVF patient Mukhri Hamdan and Ying 
       Cheong; 11. How to manage IVF patients with intrauterine 
       adhesions Tin-Chiu Li; 12. What is the role of 
       complementary and alternative medicine during IVF - a 
       review of the evidence Trevor Wing and Andrew Flower; 13. 
       How to manage the patient with hydrosalpinges before an 
       IVF cycle Arri Coomarasamy and Justin Chu; 14. Tubal 
       assessment in the IVF patient Bonnie Ng and Ying Cheong; 
       15. Which culture media to use? Necati Findikli and 
       Mustafa Bahceci; 16. How to set up and manage key 
       performance indicators, what are red-alerts and what to do
       when they occur? Rachel Cutting and Caitriona Meaney; 17. 
       How to manage the patient with thin endometrium Tse Yeun 
       Tan and Heng Hao Tan; 18. How to manage the patient with 
       fluid in the endometrium prior to embryo transfer 
       Christian Becker and Monica Mittal; 19. Practical tips on 
       personalizing luteal phase support Sesh Kamal Sunkara and 
       Srividya Seshadri; 20. How to avoid ovarian 
       hyperstimulation syndrome: best management strategies 
       Nikolaos Tsampras and Raj Mathur; 21. Anesthetic choices 
       in IVF practice Singaraselvan Nagarajan and Eileen Lew; 
       22. Tips and tricks of transvaginal oocyte retrieval Durga
       Rao; 23. What to do when the electric oocyte aspiration 
       pump stops working? Mili Saran and Ying Cheong; 24. How to
       manage the patient who has no egg retrieval Nikoletta 
       Panagiotopoulou and Abha Maheshwari; 25. Managing unusual 
       complications in IVF relating to transvaginal oocyte 
       retrieval Ying Cheong and Hammed Tijani; 26. Tips and 
       tricks on the management of a difficult embryo transfer 
       Edward Coats and Marco Gaudoin; 27. How to manage the 
       patient who fails to produce a semen sample Alpha Gebeh 
       and Mostafa Metwally; 28. Prevention and management of 
       incubator failure Charissa Watchorn and Julia Paget; 29. 
       Troubleshooting poor survival after oocyte and embryo 
       cryopreservation Dawn Yell; 30. The 'lost' embryo in the 
       laboratory Virginia Bolton; 31. What to do when there is a
       suspected infection in the IVF laboratory Philippa Lowen 
       and Julia Paget; 32. Dealing with practical problems 
       encountered in PGD and PGS Junhao Yan and Zi-Jiang Chen; 
       33. Tips and tricks in performing 3D ultrasound before an 
       IVF cycle Sotiris Saravelos; 34. How to draw-up a 
       management plan when an IVF cycle has failed Carol 
       Coughlan; 35. When fertilization fails Tanya Milachich and
       Atanas Shterev; 36. What does poor embryo development mean,
       and how does it influence subsequent cycles? Emma 
       Adolfsson; 37. The ABC of quality management in IVF Oksana
       Stidston; 38. Human factors in IVF practice Rachel 
       Broadley; 39. Customer service and marketing in IVF 
       practice Helen Kennard; 40. The essentials for building a 
       great fertility team Ying Cheong; 41. Financial models in 
       an IVF practice Kiran Gedela; 42. Peering into the future 
       of the fertility business - a conversation with Sue 
       Channon, CEO, Virtus Health Sue Channon; 43. The role of 
       the research nurse in an IVF center Susan Wellstead and 
       Jane Forbes; 44. The future of IVF: ART 3.0 Nick Macklon. 
650  0 Human reproductive technology. 
700 1  Cheong, Ying, 
700 1  Tulandi, T.|q(Togas), 
700 1  Li, Tin-Chiu, 
830  0 Cambridge medicine (Series) 
856 40 |uhttps://doi.org/10.1017/9781108149891 
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