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Lamb James Abner : Church Missionary Society archive [microform]. Section IV, Africa missions. Part 4, Nigeria-Yoruba, 1844-1880 1850-1880.  1998 1
Lamb Mary 1764 1847   2
Lamb Thomas 1686   2
Lamb Thomas 1686 Confutation Of Infants Baptisme : The lawfulnesse of infants baptisme. : Or, An answer to Thomas Lamb his eight arguments, entituled, The unlawfulnesse of infants baptisme. And may serve also to the false minors, and old out-worne arguments in the late book of C. Paul Hobson, till a more particuler and compleat answer come forth to anatomise the fallasies of the said book, entituled, The fallasie of infants baptisme. By Robert Fage Junior. Gent.; Fage, Robert.  1645 1
Lamb Thomas 1686 Truth Prevailing Against The Fiercest Opposition Or An : The Anabaptists meribah: or, VVaters of strife. : Being a reply to a late insulting pamphlet, written by Thomas Lamb, merchant, intitulled, Truth prevailing against the fiercest opposition; or, An answer to Mr. John Goodwins Water-dipping, no firm footing for church-communion. Wherein the impertinency of M. Lamb's answer, and the validity of M. Goodwin's Water-dipping, &c. are manifested by I. Price a member of the Church of Christ, whereof the said Mr. Goodwin is pastor.; Price, J.,  1656 1
Lambarde William 1536 1601 Eirenarcha Or Of The Office Of The Justi : A table of all the principall matters and wordes conteined in the booke Of the office of iustices of peace compiled by Master Lambard : digested and contriued vnder apt titles, obseruing the alphabeticall order / deuised by Christopher Powell of Graies Inne, gent.; Powell, Christopher,  1583 1
Lambart Abraham Active 1618 1620 : Iames by the grace of God king of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. : to all and singuler archbishops, bishops, archdeacons, deanes and their officials ... greeting : whereas by our letters patents bearing date the seauen and twentieth day of March in the sixteenth yeare of our raigne ... wee did giue and and grant vnto our poore distressed subiect Abraham Lambart of Woodside ...; England and Wales.  1621 1
Lambay Island Ireland Early Works To 1800 : By the Lords Justices and Council. A proclamation. Charles Porter, Tho: Coningesby. : Whereas we find it necessary for the safe keeping of the prisoners lately brought from Ballymore, ...; Ireland.  1691 1
Lambda Calculus : The lambda calculus : its syntax and semantics.; Barendregt, H. P.  1984 1
Lambe Captain Bulfinch : A letter to His Majesty King George, from the most victorious and mighty Trudo Audato Povesau Danger Enjo Suveveveto Ene Mottee Addee Pou a Poulo Co Hullo Neccresy, King of Dauhomay and Emperor of Paupau, who lately conquer'd the great kingdoms of Ardah and Whidah, &c. / Presented to His Majesty on the 3d of May, by Capt. Lambe, ... ; To which is annexed, Capt. Lambe's scheme for trade with the said Emperor.; Trudo,  1731 1
Lambe John 1628 : A briefe description of the notorious life of Iohn Lambe : otherwise called Doctor Lambe. Together with his ignominious death.  1628 1
Lambe William 1495 1580   2
Lamberhead Green England Maps : [Lancashire] [cartographic material] : sheet SD 50 SW.; Great Britain.  1955 1
Lamberhurst England Maps : East Sussex - Kent [cartographic material] : sheet TQ 63 NE.; Great Britain.  1976 1
Lambert Constant 1905 1951 : The Lamberts : George, Constant & Kit.; Motion, Andrew,  1986 1
Lambert Edouard 1866 : Introduction a l'étude du droit comparé : recueil d'études en l'honneur d'Edouard Lambert.  1938 1
Lambert G R : A vision of the past : a history of early photography in Singapore and Malaysia : the photographs of G.R. Lambert & Co., 1880-1910.; Falconer, John.  1987 1
Lambert George 1742 1816   2
Lambert George 1873 1930 : The Lamberts : George, Constant & Kit.; Motion, Andrew,  1986 1
Lambert John 1619 1683   50
Lambert Kit 1935 1981 : The Lamberts : George, Constant & Kit.; Motion, Andrew,  1986 1
Lamberts Castle Hill England Maps : Devonshire - Dorset [cartographic material] : sheet SY 39 NE.; Great Britain.  1968 1
Lambeth England Maps : Greater London [cartographic material] : sheet TQ 37 NW.; Great Britain.  1988 1
Lambeth Palace Library : From the Reformation to the permissive society : a miscellany in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Lambeth Palace Library / edited by Melanie Barber and Stephen Taylor with Gabriel Sewell.  2010 1
Lambeth Palace Library Manuscript 1126 : The restoration of the Church of England : Canterbury diocese and the archbishop's peculiars / edited by Tom Reid.  2022 1
Lambeth Palace London England   2
Lambeth Richard : Strange news from So-Hoe: or The brick-makers turned judges : Being a true and exact relation of the tryal, condemnation, and near execution of Richard Lambeth of Fulham brickmaker, on Munday the 11. of August 1672. Which may serve as a warning to all others, not to presume to play with authority. To which is now added, the brickmakers examination and answers at Hickes-Hall, the 6 and 9. of this present September, 1672.  1672 1
Lambin Denys 1520 Or 1521 1572   2
Lambley Nottinghamshire England Maps : Nottinghamshire [cartographic material] : sheet SK 64 NW.; Great Britain.  1967 1
Lamboll William : Hidden things revealed and brought to light: or, Plain and honest dealing with Will. Lamboll & John Buy, of Reading in the county of Berks, : in some material queries proposed to them to be answered, &c. With the rest of those that were instrumental (in too large a degree) of the former or first separation wrought among Friends here in this town, and who are found still as instrumental for the upholding and continuance of the same, by their not returning with other Friends to the ancient publick meeting-house, the doors thereof having been opened ever since the 10th of the 9th month, 1693. which is now about 9 months since, for all Friends to meet together therein, as a peaceable Christian society ought to do, in the true love, fear and worship of almighty God, that so there might be no longer two divided publick meetings held and kept up in this town, both to the great reproach of truth, and stumbling of many of the tender inquiries after it.; Bonifield, Abraham,  1694 1
Lamboll William Stop To The False Characterers Hue And Cry : Here is a further discovery of the formal preachers in Reading and some of their words made publick: or, an answer to part of a book put forth by William Lambel and John Bye, called, A stop to the false characterer's hue and cry. Wherein they endeavour to cover the author that sent the paquets also seven queries which they mention in their epistle made publick for them to answer. Written the 3d. month, 1685, by a lover of the truth, but an enemy to deceit and hypocrisy, let it appear where it will; Key, Leonard.  1685 1
Lambourn Berkshire England Maps   4
Lambourn Downs England Maps : Lambourn Downs [cartographic material].; Great Britain.  1988 1
Lambs Abnormalities England Early Works To 1800 : Strange and wonderfull news from Suffolk : being a true relation of a lamb that was lately yean'd at St. Edmonds-bury in the county of Suffolk, with the perfect resemblance of the high dresses and top knots which women are usually dress'd with.  1690 1
Lambs Pictorial Works Juvenile Fiction : Emma's lamb / Kim Lewis.; Lewis, Kim,  1992 1
Lambwath Stream England Maps   2
Lamennais Felicite Robert De 1782 1854   2
Lamentations Scores : Première lamantation pour le mercredy saint au soir, pour le jeudy saint au soir, pour le vendredy saint au soir / restitution, Michel Prada.; Gilles, Jean,  1987 1
Laments   2
Laments Early Works To 1800 : Lachrimae. English; Mornay, Philippe de,  1609 1
Laments Greece : The death rituals of rural Greece / photography by Alexander Tsiaras.; Danforth, Loring M.,  1982 1
Laments History And Criticism   2
Laments In The Bible Early Works To 1800 : A bottle of holy tears, or, Jeremies threnes and lamentaions for Israels misery and Ierusalems woefull desolation, : metrically and metaphrastically laid out in verse, explaining plainely the meaning of the prophet in his lamenting phrases. Very suitable to these times, wherein we have a call every day to learne the lessons of Englands lamentation, warre and plague having made a strong entrance into divers parts of the land, and leane famine and desolation knocking at the doore for entrance.  1645 1
Lamerton England Maps : [Devonshire] [cartographic material] : sheet SX 47 NE.; Great Britain.  1954 1
Lamerton Green England Maps : [Devonshire] [cartographic material] : sheet SX 47 NW.; Great Britain.  1954 1
Lamguindaz Ahmed 1967 Trials Litigation Etc : Cases of A - Sibson v. the United Kingdom, judgement of 20 April 1993 : B - Brannigan and McBride v. the United Kingdom ... judgment of 25 May 1993 : C - Lamguindaz v. the United Kingdom, judgment of 23 June 1993 : D - Colman v. the United Kingdom, judgment of 28 June 1993.; European Court of Human Rights.  1993 1
Laminitis Early Works To 1800 : A plaine and easie waye to remedie a horse that is foundered in his feete. : By which (vsing, this remedy within .xxiiii. houres after his instant foundering) you maye within .xxiiij. houres after the cure vsed, trauell your horse, and iourney him at your pleasure, as if he had not beene foundered at all. / Set out by Nicholas Malby, gentleman seruant to the Queenes moste excellent Maiestie..; Malby, Nicholas  1588 1
Lamming George : The novels of George Lamming.; Paquet, Sandra Pouchet.  1982 1
Lamont Thomas William : The Chinese connection : Roger S. Greene, Thomas W. Lamont, George E. Sokolsky and American-East Asian relations.; Cohen, Warren I.  1978 1
Lamormaini Wilhelm 1570 1648 : Religion and politics in the age of the Counterreformation : Emperor Ferdinand II, William Lamormaini, S.J., and the formation of the imperial policy; Bireley, Robert.  1981 1
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