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100 1  Printz-Påhlson, Göran,|d1931-2006. 
245 10 Letters of blood and other works in English /|cGöran 
       Printz-Påhlson ; edited by Robert Archambeau. 
260    Cambridge :|bOpen Book Publishers,|c2011. 
300    1 online resource (xxxvii, 219 p.) 
500    Available through Open Book Publishers. 
505 0  Acknowledgements -- Contributors -- Foreword by Elinor 
       Shaffer -- Inbetween: Locating Göran Printz-Påhlson by 
       Robert Archambeau -- 'The Overall Wandering of Mirroring 
       Mind': Some Notes on Göran Printz-Påhlson by Lars-Håkan 
       Svensson -- The Words of the Tribe: Primitivism, 
       Reductionism, and Materialism in Modern Poetics -- Part 
       One: Linguistic Primitivism in Modernism and Romanticism -
       - Part Two: Linguistic Reductionism in Poetry Criticism --
       Part Three: The Material Word: From Imagism to New 
       Criticism to Intertextualism -- Part Four: The Polity of 
       Metaphor and the Purity of Diction -- Other Prose -- Part 
       Five: Style, Irony, Metaphor and Meaning -- Part Six: 
       Realism as Negation -- Part Seven: Historical Drama and 
       Historical Fiction: The Example of Stindberg -- Part Eight
       : The Canon of Literary Modernism: A Note on Abstraction 
       in the Poetry of Erik Lindegren -- Part Nine: The 
       Tradition of Contemporary Swedish Poetry -- Part Ten: 
       Kierkegaard the Poet -- Part Eleven: Surface and Accident:
       John Ashbery -- Part Twelve: The Voyages of John Matthias 
       -- Letters of Blood: Poems -- One: My Interview with I.A. 
       Richards -- Generation -- Televisiondreamroutines -- The 
       Longest-Running Show on Television -- The Enormous Comics 
       -- Poem Unnamed -- Botchuana -- Two: Aelius Lamia: Tanka 
       for Robert Hass -- Odradek -- Turing Machine -- Broendal -
       - Two Prose Poems -- Sir Charles Babbage Returns to 
       Trinity College -- Man-Made Monster Surreptitiously 
       Regarding Idyllic Scene -- Joe Hill in Prison -- Remember 
       the Rosenbergs -- When Beaumont and Tocqueville First 
       Visited Sing-Sing -- Three Baroque Arias from Gradiva -- 
       Three: Comedians -- Acrobats on the Radio -- To John at 
       Summer Solstice, Before His Return -- Part Four: -- The 
       Green-Ey'd Monster -- Select Bibliography of Works by 
       Göran Printz-Påhlson -- A Note on the Text. 
506 0  Open access resource providing free access. 
520    "This collection brings together for the first time select
       works in English by the major Swedish modernist poet and 
       critic Göran Printz-Påhlson. It was Printz-Påhlson who 
       introduced poetic modernism to Scandinavia, and his essays
       and poems delve deeply into English, American, and 
       continental modernist traditions.    As well as Letters of
       Blood, the collection includes the full text of The Words 
       of the Tribe, a major statement on modern poetics, in 
       which Printz-Påhlson explores the significance of 
       primitivism in Romanticism and Modernism, and the nature 
       of metaphor and literary materialism. The collection also 
       includes essays on style, irony, realism, and the 
       relationship between historical drama and historical 
       fiction, as well as studies of American poetry. Printz-
       Påhlson's poetry in English continues to explore these 
       themes by different, often surprisingly innovative, 
       means."--Publisher's website. 
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540    Some rights are reserved. This book is made available 
       under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No 
       Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. For more
       detailed information consult the publishers website. 
650  0 Modernism (Literature)|zSweden. 
650  0 Poetry, Modern|y20th century|xHistory and criticism. 
650  0 Swedish poetry|y20th century|xHistory and criticism. 
700 1  Archambeau, Robert. 
710 2  Open Book Publishers. 
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