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245 00 Museums and biographies :|bstories, objects, identities /
       |cedited by Kate Hill. 
264  1 Woodbridge, Suffolk ;|aRochester, NY :|bThe Boydell Press,
264  4 |c©2012 
300    1 online resource (x, 338 pages) :|billustrations, 
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Heritage matters ;|vv. 9 
505 00 |gIndividual Biography and Museum History --|g1.|gA Show 
       of Generosity: Donations and the Intimacy of Display in 
       the ̀Cabinet des medailles et antiques' in Paris from 1830
       to 1930 /|rFelicity Bodenstein --|g2.|gIntroducing Mr 
       Moderna Museet: Pontus Hulten and Sweden's Museum of 
       Modern Art /|rStuart Burch --|g3.|gSydney Paviere and the 
       Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston /|rLaura Gray --
       |gProblematising Individuals' Biographies --|g4.|g̀His 
       Best Successor': Lady Eastlake and the National Gallery /
       |rJulie Sheldon --|g5.|gWomen, Museums and the Problem of 
       Biography /|rAnne Whitelaw --|g6.|gA Curatocracy: Who and 
       What is a V & A Curator? /|rLinda Sandino --
       |gInstitutional Biographies --|g7.|gSignificant Lives: 
       Telling Stories of Museum Architecture /|rSuzanne MacLeod 
       --|g8.|gSchinkel's Museums: Collecting and Displaying 
       Architecture in Berlin, 1844-1933 /|rWallis Miller --|g9.
       |gPersonifying the Museum: Incorporation and Biography in 
       American Museum History /|rJeffrey Abt --|g10.|gMaking an 
       Exhibition of Ourselves /|rHelen Rees Leahy --|g11.
       |gInstitutional Autobiography and the Architecture of the 
       Art Museum: Restoration and Remembering at the National 
       Gallery in the 1980s /|rChristopher Whitehead --|gObject 
       Biographies --|g12.|gClassifying China: Shifting 
       Interpretations of Buddhist Bronzes in Liverpool Museum, 
       1867-1997 /|rLouise Tythacott --|g13.|g̀Dressed like an 
       Amazon': The Transatlantic Trajectory of a Red Feather 
       Coat /|rMariana Francozo --|g14.|gIndividual, Collective 
       and Institutional Biographies: The Beasley Collection of 
       Pacific Artefacts /|rLucie Carreau --|g15.|gSculptural 
       Biographies in an Anthropological Collection: Mrs 
       Milward's Indian ̀Types' /|rMark J. Elliott --|gMuseums as
       Biography --|g16.|gHouses and Things: Literary House 
       Museums as Collective Biography /|rAlison Booth --|g17.
       |g̀Keepers of the Flame': Biography, Science and 
       Personality in the Museum /|rSophie Forgan --|g18.
       |gNational History as Biography: Alexandre Lenoir's Museum
       of French Monuments /|rAlexandra Stara --|gMuseums as 
       Autobiography --|g19.|gAutobiographical Museums /|rBelinda
       Nemec --|g20.|gWho is History? The Use of Autobiographical
       Accounts in History Museums /|rSteffi de Jong --|g21.
       |gCommunity Biographies: Character, Rationale and 
       Significance /|rElizabeth Crooke. 
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650  0 Museums. 
650  0 Museums|xHistory. 
650  0 Biography as a literary form. 
700 1  Hill, Kate,|d1969- 
830  0 Heritage matters series ;|vv. 9. 
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