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100 1  Reddish, William. 
245 00 Strange news from Stratton in Cornwal: or, A true relation
       of a cruel b[l]oody murther commited by one J.R. upon his 
       own father, for lucre of enjoying his estate :|bwho (after
       he had committed the fact, and laid the knife in the bed 
       where his father lay) called in several neighbours to 
       witness that his father had murthered himself; bu [sic] 
       upon search, his shirt and breast were found besprinkled 
       with his fathers blood; upon which search he fell in a 
       swound, and after his recovery confest the fact, and is 
       now in goal [sic] Written by one William Reddish, who was 
       in Stratton at the same time when the murther was 
       committed: and written since in a letter to Mr. Pearce 
       Manaton in Windmill-Court in the Burcherrow near Temple-
       Barr, by his brother, living within half a mile of the 
       said town. With allowance. 
260    [London] :|bPrinted for I. Coniers, at the sign of the 
       Raven in Duck-Lane,|c[1680?] 
300    [2], 6 p. 
500    Place and date of publication from Wing. 
500    Imperfect; pages stained with slight loss of text. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the Bodleian Library. 
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