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100 1  Coles, William,|d1626-1662. 
245 14 The art of simplinġ· :|bAn introduction to the 
       knovvledge and gathering of plants. VVherein the 
       definitions, divisions, places, descriptions, differences,
       names, vertues, times of flourishing and gathering, uses, 
       temperatures, signatures and appropriations of plants, are
       methodically laid down. Whereunto is added, a discovery of
       the lesser world. By W. Coles. 
246 2  Perspicillum microcosmologicum: or, A prospective for the 
       discovery of the lesser world 
260    London :|bprinted by J.G. for Nath: Brook at the Angell in
300    [24], 175, [1] p. 
500    "Perspicillum microcosmologicum: or, A prospective for the
       discovery of the lesser world" has separate title page, 
       dated 1656; pagination and register are continuous. 
500    A reissue of the 1656 edition (Wing C5089), with title 
       page in same setting, except for imprint date which is 
       changed to 1657, and with the addition of a dedication to 
       Elias Ashmole and errata. Leaf a2 is a cancel, leaf B1 is 
       reset, and leaves E2-4 are cancels (E2 is signed E3). 
500    Reproduction of original in the Henry E. Huntington 
650  0 Planting (Plant culture)|vEarly works to 1800. 
650  0 Plants|vEarly works to 1800. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
856 40 |uhttp://gateway.proquest.com/openurl?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2003&
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