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Prophecies   84
Prophecies 17th Century : A strange and wonderful prophesie of Mr. Douglas a Scotchman; / written by his own hand, and sent to their young King, full of wonder and admiration: wherein he foretels the great things that shall befall his person, this present yea[r] [1]651. VVith a great battel to be fought on the 15. of May next, between the English and the Scots, the event and success thereof 20. Lords to b[e] beheaded, and 20000 horse and foot totally vanquished and subdued, and what [shall] happen upon the obtaining this great victory. Also the S[c]ots Kings dream, the same night, after he was crowned, concerning England, Scotland, and Ireland, and by himself interpreted, and delivered to the Lord of his privie councel; VVith the strange apparation that appeared to him in the said dream, and the Lord Ogleby his speech touching the same. Signed by James Douglas, the authour of these prophetical observations, and licensed according to order.; Queensberry, James Douglas,  1651 1
Prophecies 17th Century Early Works To 1800 : The famous Millainese astrologer his prophecies and predictions for the year 1700. : Being more esteemed of beyond sea, then Man in Scotland, Partridge in England, or Whaley in Ireland.  1699? 1
Prophecies Christianity Early Works To 1800   2
Prophecies Early Works To 1800   230
Prophecies Fiction   2
Prophecies Great Britain Early Works To 1800 : The whole prophecies of Scotland, England, France, Ireland, and Denmark. / prophesied by marvelous Merling, Beid, Berlington, Thomas Rymer, Waldhave, Eltraine, Banester, and Sybilla. All agreeing in one, both in Latin verse, and in Scottish meeter. Containing many strange and marvellous matters, not of before read or heard. Compared with the best editions.  1690 1
Prophecies Humour 17th Century : The remarkable prophesies in order to the present times : the one of Gilpine Girnigo, one of the heritable poets of the old Thanes of Gilliquhimnee: the other of Sir Tristram, Clerk of the Kitchin to the Knights of King Arthur's Round Table. The first, faithfully translated out of the original Ersh, by Alister Mackfaddock, Principal of the Colledge of Laganachadrum: the other, out of the old Saxon, by Gustavus Gans, dreelmaster of Buxstihow. The third of Quean Guinivere, that was principall gigot, and dry nurse, to Sir Lancelot du Lake; he that was the great avenger of the injuries done to crackt chamber-maids.; St. Serfe, Thomas,  1665 1
Prophecies Humour Early Works To 1800   2
Prophecies In Literature : The prophetic moment ; an essay on Spenser / Angus Fletcher.; Fletcher, Angus John Stewart,  1971 1
Prophecies In Literature Early Works To 1800 : A merie and [pleasant] prognostication devised after the finest fashion: / made and written for this presen[t yeare] by fower wittie doctors as shall ap[peare,] Spendall, Whoball, and Doctor Deusac[e,] with them Will Somer takes his place, they haue consulted all in deede, to solace them, that this shall reede..; W. W.,  1577 1
Prophecies Occultism   9
Prophecies Occultism Early Works To 1800   3
Prophecies Occultism Italy : Prophecy and people in Renaissance Italy / translated [from the Italian] by Lydia G. Cochrane.; Niccoli, Ottavia.  1990 1
Prophecies Poetry Early Works To 1800   2
Prophecies Quaker Authors : A Lamentation in tender bowels of love over thee, Oh England : that thou mayst return to the Lord in humility and seek him, yet while he may be found / [by] Ambrose Rigge.; Rigge, Ambrose,  1696 1
Prophecies Quaker Authors Early Works To 1800 : To the inhabitants of London, this is, a message, in the name of the Lord.; Wollrich, Humphry,  1663 1
Prophecies Religious Aspects Early Works To 1800 : The age of vvonders, or Miracles are not ceased. : Being a true but strange relation of a child born at Burslem in Stafford-shire, who, before it was three quarters old, spake and prophesied strange and wonderful things touching the king ... affirmed in a letter by Mr. Colclough, Justice of the Peace, to Colonel Pury; and attended upon oath by Elizabeth Locket and her husband, the childs nurse.  1660 1
Prophecy   6
Prophecy Biblical Old Testament : Priests, prophets, diviners, sages : a socio-historical study of religious specialists in ancient Israel.; Grabbe, Lester L.  1995 1
Prophecy Christianity   6
Prophecy Christianity Early Works To 1800   7
Prophecy Christianity Great Britain : Visionary women : ecstatic prophecy in seventeenth-century England.; Mack, Phyllis.  1992 1
Prophecy Christianity History Middle Ages 600 1500 Congresses : Prophecy, apocalypse and the day of doom : proceedings of the 2000 Harlaxton Symposium / edited by Nigel Morgan.  2004 1
Prophecy Controversial Literature : A discoursiue probleme concerning prophesies : how far they are to be valued, or credited, according to the surest rules, and directions in diuinitie, philosophie, astrologie, and other learning: deuised especially in abatement of the terrible threatenings, and menaces, peremptorily denounced against the kingdoms, and states of the world, this present famous yeere, 1588, supposed the greatwonderfull, and fatall yeere of our age. By I.H. physition.; Harvey, John,  1588 1
Prophecy Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800   2
Prophecy Early Works To 1800   9
Prophecy In Literature   3
Prophesies Early Works To 1800   2
Prophesy Early Works To 1800 : The prophecie of one of His Maiesties chaplains, concerning the plague and black-patches : with Mr. Gadburies happy and joyful predictions, for the decrease of the plague both in the city and suburbs; the time when; the manner how; by God's permission, and according to natural causes; the effects and motion of the planets, and what every week may produce for the thrice-happy and welcome abatement of this sad and dismal pestilence; and the city of London to be wholly acquit thereof about (or before) Christmas.  1665 1
Prophetia Merlini Geoffrey Of Monmouth   3
Prophets   11
Prophets Biblical Teaching : "The place is too small for us" : the Israelite prophets in recent scholarship / edited by Robert P. Gordon.  1995 1
Prophets Biography : The life of Mr. John Hieron : with the characters and memorials of ten other worthy ministers of Jesus Christ / written by Mr. Robert Porter ...; Porter, Robert,  1691 1
Prophets Biography Early Works To 1800   2
Prophets Early Works To 1800   6
Prophets England : False prophets discovered : being a true story of the lives and deaths of two weavers, late of Colchester, viz Richard Farnham and Iohn Bull, who affirmed themselves the two great prophets which should come in the end of the world, mentioned Revel. 11, also that the plague should not come nigh their dwelling : neverthelesse being prisoners the one in Old-Bridewell the other in New-Bridewell by a strange providence of Almighty God, both the one and the other dyed of of the plague in a house where they usually met, in Rosemary-Lane in Ianuary last, 1641 : here also is laid down their strange prophecies and the Scriptures which they most blasphemously wrested to the seducing of divers proselytes who yet remaine obstinate and confidently affirme that they are risen from the dead and gone in vessels of bullrushes to convert the tenne tribes : the which they will also seeme to prove as may be seene by this ensuing discourse.  1642 1
Prophets England Biography   2
Prophets England Early Works To 1800   2
Prophets England London Early Works To 1800 : Truth's triumph over errour: or, The routing of the seven false prophets : who have all lived in London in lesse then these 20. years: (viz.) Farnam, Bull, weavers, Robbins, Garment husbandmen. Smith, a shooe-maker. Muggleton and Reeve, taylors. Wherein is clearly discovered and confuted all their most blasphemous, damnable, false and rediculous tenents. Themselves and falshoods opened, anatomized, and dissected, and found to be no better then impostures, liers, deluders, and spirituall gypsies. Proved by time the mother of truth, reason, scripture, and their own contradictions. Written by Stephen Proud-love, a lover of the truth.  1653 1
Prophets England Poetry Early Works To 1800 : A wonderful prophecy. Declared by Christian James, a maid of twenty years of age, : late daughter to Daniel James who was born and bred near the town which is called Padstow, in the country of Cornwel, who departed this life upon the 8th of March. With a true relation of her behaviour, both in her life-time, and at the hour of her death, worthy to be had in perpetual memory. To the tune of, In summer time, &.; L. P.  1720? 1
Prophets In Literature : Many gods and many voices : the role of the prophet in English and American modernism.; Martz, Louis Lohr.  1998 1
Prophets Italy Early Works To 1800 : Strange and wonderful news from Rome: : giving an account of an old man lately and strangely known to be in the city of Rome, in Italy, and how he came invisibly thither; together with his eleven strange and wonderful prophesies ...  1692? 1
Prophets Malta Early Works To 1800 : New news, and strange news from Babylon : or the coppy of a letter which was sent from the Master of Malta, to a gentleman and kinsman of his resident here in England, wherein is related the birth of a very strange prophet, with his manner of living, actions, and great wonders performed by him : also his departure from thence, threatning with terrour and feare the countries desolation.; Master of Malta.  1641 1
Prophets Middle East History : Writings and speech in Israelite and ancient Near Eastern prophecy / Ehud Ben Zvi, Michael H. Floyd, editors.  2000 1
Prophets Poetry Early Works To 1800 : The historie of the prophet Ionas : The repentance of the Niniuie that great citie, which was 48. miles in compasse, hauing a thousand and fiue hundred towers about the same, and at the time of his preaching there was a hundred and twenty thousand children therein. To the tune of Paggingtons round.  1620 1
Prophets Prophetic Books Old Testament   38
Prophets Rome Early Works To 1800 : Strange and wonderful news from Rome : Giving an account of an old man lately and strangely known to be in the city of Rome in Italy, and how he came thither, together with his eleven strange and wonderful prophecies, which particularly mention what shall happen yearly from this present 1693 till the year 1703 be ended. Shewing also how he breaks iron-chains in pieces, as if it were burnt thred, with many more strange wonders, [t]he like never heard of before, as naming the year when there shall be no Pope in Rome, and when Rome shall have no head, and many such wonderful things.  1693 1
Proportion : Sacred geometry : philosophy and practice.; Lawlor, Robert.  1982 1
Proportion Art : Mathematics in art.; Holt, Michael,  1971 1
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