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245 04 The humble petition of many thousands of young men and 
       apprentices of the City of London, :|bto the High and 
       Honourable the knights, citizens and burgesses, in the 
       supreame court of Parliament assembled. As it was 
       presented by Aldermen Atkin the first day of March, 1646. 
       A petition being stiled the Humble petition of divers 
       young men and apprentices of the Citie of London was this 
       day read and it is ordered that Aldermen Atkin, Collonel 
       Venn, and Mr. Vassell doe from this house give the 
       petitioners thanks for the expressions of their good 
       affections; that they will take their petition into 
       consideration in convenient time; and as for that 
       businesse concerning dayes of relaxation is already under 
       consideration and committee. Hen. Elsynge Cler. Parl. Dom.
260    London, :|bPrinted for George Whittington, at the Blew 
       Anchor in Cornhill, neer the Royall Exchange.,|c1646. 
       [i.e. 1647] 
300    [2], 4, [2] p. 
500    Wing has publication year 1646[7]. 
500    "Asking for the appointment of 'times of lawful 
       Recreations'"--Thomason Catalog. 
500    Variant: After line 11, t.p. reads: "Presented the first 
       day of March, 1646." instead of "As it was presented by 
       Alderman Atkin the first day of March, 1646." 
500    Annotation on Thomason copy: "March 1st". 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
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