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100 1  Accardi, Maria T. 
245 10 Feminist pedagogy for library instruction /|cby Maria T. 
260    Sacramento, CA :|bLitwin Books,|c2013. 
300    1 online resource (x, 148 p.) :|bill. 
490 1  Gender and sexuality in information studies ;|vnumber 
500    Includes index. 
520    Providing both a theoretical framework and practical 
       guidance, this title introduces feminist pedagogy to 
       librarians seeking to enrich their teaching practices in 
       feminist and progressive ways. Drawing heavily upon the 
       women's studies literature where the concept first appears,
       Accardi defines and describes recurring themes for 
       feminist teachers: envisioning the classroom as a 
       collaborative, democratic, transformative site; 
       consciousness raising about sexism and oppression; ethics 
       of care in the classroom; and the value of personal 
       testimony and lived experience as valid ways of knowing. 
       Framing these concepts in the context of the limits of 
       library instruction--so often a 50 minute one-shot bound 
       by ACRL-approved cognitive learning outcomes--Accardi 
       invites a critical examination of the potential for 
       feminist liberatory teaching methods in the library 
       instruction classroom. 
650  0 Library orientation for college students. 
650  0 Information literacy|xStudy and teaching (Higher) 
650  0 Research|xMethodology|xStudy and teaching (Higher) 
650  0 Feminism and higher education. 
650  0 Critical pedagogy. 
830  0 Gender and sexuality in information studies ;|vno. 3. 
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