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245 02 A true relation of the persecutions of the people of God 
       called Quakers :|bin the town of Aroundel in the county of
       Sussex, and concerning the breaking up their meeting, and 
       committing them to prison and laying in fetters of iron.  
       With an account of the reasons of Nicholas Rickmans and 
       Edward Hampers going to the steeple house at Aroundel upon
       their fast day.  And also an answer to a letter, sent up 
       by the persecutors to a member of this present Parliament,
       who in it have a pretence to cover all the said 
       persecutions, directed to their representative, to the 
       Parliament, for them to give sentence.  Now here is their 
       actions as follows, for them and all that fear God to give
       sentence.  An account in brief of the several wicked 
       proceedings of several that have been in authority in the 
       town of Aroundel for these four years last past, whereby 
       the envy of them against the innocent may appear and is as
260    London :|bPrinted for Thomas Simmons at the Bull and Mouth
       near Aldersgate,|c1659. 
300    [1], 8 p. 
500    P. 6 misnumbered 24. 
500    Reproduction of original in: Folger Shakespeare Library. 
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