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100 1  Whitehead, George,|d1636?-1723. 
245 14 The timorous reviler sleighted :|bbeing a brief 
       reprehension of a scornful pamphlet, styled, The second 
       part of the Quakers Quibbles, subscribed by the name of 
       Thomas Thompson, but (by some) suspected to be the author 
       of the two pamphlets, the one entituled, The spirit of the
       Quakers tryed; the other, Controversie ended; with divers 
       others against the people called Quakers. 
260    [London :|bs.n.,|c1674] 
300    8 p. 
500    Caption title. 
500    Signed at end: G. W.; attributed to George Whitehead. 
500    Dated at end: London, the 27th of the 12th moneth, 1674. 
500    A reply to a pamphlet attributed to Thomas Thompson, but 
       sometimes thought to be by Henry Hedworth, the author of 
       the other two pamphlets named in the title. 
500    Copy has some print fade. 
500    Reproduction of the original in the British Library. 
600 10 Thompson, Thomas.|tSecond part of the Quakers quibbles 
650  0 Society of Friends|vApologetic works|vEarly works to 1800.
700 1  Hedworth, Henry. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
856 40 |uhttp://gateway.proquest.com/openurl?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2003&
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