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100 1  Scott, L. V.|q(Leonard Victor),|d1957- 
245 10 Macmillan, Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis :
       |bpolitical, military and intelligence aspects /|cL. V. 
260    Basingstoke :|bMacmillan,|c1999. 
300    xiii, 251p. 
440  0 Contemporary history in context 
500    Published in association with the Institute of 
       Contemporary British History. 
505 0  Preface General Editor's Preface Glossary Improbable 
       History The Cuban Revolution and British-American 
       Relations Discovery and Blockage: Informing or Consulting?
       Converging Perspectives and Divergent Views Westminster 
       and Hyde Park: British Politics and the Crisis Diplomatic 
       Initiatives and Devious Approaches Ormsby-Gore and 
       Penkovsky: British Contributions? Thor and Vulcan: British
       Gods of War 'The Frightful Desire to do Something' 
       Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index 
506 1  400 annual accesses.|5UkHlHU 
520 8  This is an authoritative reexamination of the Cuban 
       missile crisis and Britain's role in it. It re-evaluates 
       existing interpretations in light of new British and U.S. 
       archives and recent Soviet and U.S. scholarship.|bIn 
       October 1962, the world went to the brink of Armageddon. 
       This study provides a new archive-based account of the 
       Cuban missile crisis, providing the first detailed and 
       authoritative account from the British perspective. The 
       book draws upon new British and US archival material and 
       recent scholarship in the west and the former USSR. The 
       diplomatic, military and intelligence dimensions of 
       British policy are scrutinised. New material is presented 
       and existing interpretations of UK-US relations at this 
       crucial moment are reassessed. The book contributes a new 
       aspect to the literature on the Cuban missile crisis, by 
       exploring where the views of Washington and its closest 
       ally converged and diverged. 
600 10 Macmillan, Harold,|d1894-1986. 
600 10 Kennedy, John F.|q(John Fitzgerald),|d1917-1963. 
650  0 Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962. 
651  0 Great Britain|xForeign relations|y1945- 
651  0 Great Britain|xForeign relations|zUnited States|y1945- 
651  0 United States|xForeign relations|zGreat Britain|y1961-
710 2  Institute of Contemporary British History. 
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