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Vilvarajah Nadarajah 1960 Trials Litigation Etc : Case of Vilvarajah and others v. The United Kingdom : judgment of October 1991.; European Court of Human Rights.  1992 1
Vimanmek Mansion : Vimanmek : the world's largest golden teakwood mansion.  1992 1
Vinaver Eugene 1899 1979 : Eugene Vinaver.; Pickford, Cedric Edward.  1982 1
Vinaver Michel : The theater of Michel Vinaver.; Bradby, David.  1993 1
Vinay Jean : 4 French Realists : Andre Minaux, Ginette Rapp, Roger Montane, Jean Vinay.; Arts Council of Great Britain.  1955 1
Vincent Francis 1640 : A sermon preached at the funerall of the Honourable Sir Francis Vincent, Knight and baronet at Stokedawbernon in the county of Surrey, the tenth day of Apill [sic], 1640 / by Thomas Neesham. clerke and rector of the same church.; Neesham, Thomas.  1642 1
Vincent Humfrey Coblers End : The coblers sermon cryed downe, as a cruell cup-shot counterfeit, or, The summe of Mr. Humfrey Vincents sermon as it was preached and penned by his owne month and hand : confuting the matter and confounding the authour of that base-blasphemous pamphlet called The coblers sermon, Mr. Vincent who hath been a preacher these five and twenty yeeres, preached these two sermons at Saint Georges Church in Southwarke in the yeere 1641, the one on Friday the 10, the other on the Lords day, the 12 of December in the morning.; Vincent, Humfrey.  1641 1
Vincent Isabel : The reflections of the reverend and learned Monsieur Jurieu, upon the strange and miraculous exstasies of Isabel Vincent, the shepardess of Saov in Dauphiné : who ever since February last hath sung psalms, prayed, preached, and prophesied about the present times in her trances : as also upon the wonderful and portentous trumpetings and singing of psalms that were heard by thousands in the air, in many parts of France, in the year 1686 : taken out of the pastoral letters of the 1st and 15th day of October last : to which is added, A letter of a gentleman in Dauphiné, to a friend of His in Geneva, containing the discourses and prophesies of the shepherdess / all faithfully translated out of the French copies ...; Jurieu, Pierre,  1689 1
Vincent Nathanael 1639 1697 : A funeral sermon occasioned by the sudden death of the Reverend Mr. Nathanael Vincent, late minister of the gospel in Southwark / by Nathanael Taylor.; Taylor, Nathanael,  1697 1
Vincent Nigel : Sui dialetti italoromanzi : saggi in onore di Nigel B. Vincent / edited by Delia Bentley & Adam Ledgeway.  2007 1
Vincent Of Beauvais 1264 : Image du monde. English.  1481 1
Vincent Thomas 1634 1678   2
Vincente Gil : Gil Vincente & Camoes (dois estudos sobre a cultura portugues do seculo XVl).; Lafer, Celso.  1978 1
Vincenza : Annales civitatis Vincentiae (AA.1200-1312).; Nicolaus, Smeregus.  1966 1
Vindex Gaius Julius Approximately 25 68   3
Vindication Of A Printed Paper Entituled An Ordinance Presented To The Hono : An apologeticall account, of some brethren of the church, whereof Mr. Iohn Goodwin is pastor. : (On the behalf of the church.) Why they cannot execute that unchristian and passionate charge, viz. of delivering up their said pastor unto Sathan, &c. which is imposed upon them, in the sixth page of a late printed booke, called, A vindication of a printed paper, &c. Published according to order.  1647 1
Vindication Of Publick Artificiall Baths And Bath Stoves From The Objection : Publique bathes purged. Or, A reply to Dr Chamberlain his Vindication of publique artificial bathes : from the pretended objections and scandals obtruded on them.  1648 1
Vindication Of Sir Thomas Player And Those Loyal Citizens Concerned With Hi : An ansvver to a pamphlet intituled, A vindication of Sir Tho. Player, and those loyal citizens concerned with him. : In defence of a reply to a speech made by Sir Tho. Player. By H.B. citizen of London.; N. R.  1679 1
Vindication Of The Arch Bishop And And Several Other Bishops From The Imput : A midnight touch at an unlicens'd pamphlet, called, A vindication of the arch-bishop, and several other bishops  1690 1
Vindication Of The Ministers Of The Gospel : [The city-ministers unmasked, or The hypocrisie and iniquity of fifty nine of the most eminent of the clergy, in and about the city of London] : [Cleerly discovered out of two of their own pamphlets, one intituled, A serious and faithful representation; the other, A vindication of the ministers of the Gosped, in and about the city of London. Together with a prophesie of John Hus, touching the choosing of a new ministry, and an ancient prophetical farewel of Hildegards, to the old corrupt ministry both very useful for the knowledge of the long deceived nations. / By a friend of the armies in its ways of justice and righteousness.]; Dell, William,  1649 1
Vindolanda Site Chesterholme England   6
Vinegar Industry Law And Legislation England Early Works To 1800 : The case of the makers of vinegar.  1690 1
Vinegar Law And Legislation England Early Works To 1800 : Some considerations humbly offered to the Honourable House of Commons, relating to the making vineger in England..  1725? 1
Vinegar Taxation England Early Works To 1800 : Reasons humbly offered to the Honourable House of Commons, against laying the same duty on vinegar made from English, as from foreign materials..  1695? 1
Vinegar Taxation Law And Legislation England Early Works To 1800 : The case of the makers of vinegar.  1690 1
Viner Robert Sir 1631 1688   15
Vines Richard 1600 1656   5
Vinor Thomas Sir 1683 : The importance of religion to young persons : represented in a sermon preached at the funeral of Sir Thomas Vinor, Baronet, in St. Hellens Church, London, May the 3d, 1683 / by Hen. Hesketh ...; Hesketh, Henry,  1683 1
Vintage Clothing Social Aspects United States : From Goodwill to grunge : a history of secondhand styles and alternative economies / Jennifer Le Zotte.; Le Zotte, Jennifer.  2017 1
Vinterburg Thomas : Dogme uncut : Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterburg, and the gang that took on Hollywood.; Stevenson, Jack,  c2003 1
Vintner Turner : Gods revenge vpon his Parliaments and peoples enemies by the examples of some great malignants whom God hath punished to give others warning : being a true relation of foure citizens of London dwelling on Ludgate-hill that went to Oxford and with others as ill affected as themselves, drank healths to the confusion of the Parliament : as they came home one of them broke his leg, another broke his backe, and the other two fell mad, all remaining in a miserable condition : together with the like example of the Lord Hopton at Madbury neere Plymouth and one M. Turner Vintner at the Halfe Moone at Oxford : also the discovery of a bloudy plot against the city of London.  1643 1
Vintners England Early Works To 1800 : A reply to a most untrue relation made and set forth in print by certaine vintners, : in excuse of their wine project.; Kilvert, Richard,  1641 1
Vintners England London Early Works To 1800 : A full and true relation of the whole transaction of the Company of Vintners, the farmers, and co-adventurers : as to the farmes of 40 s. per tun, and wine licenses, and the medium.  1654 1
Vintners Great Britain Early Works To 1800 : A true relation of the proposing, threatning, and perswading the vintners to yeeld to the imposition upon wines. : Declaring, the dislike of the generality of retailers, and whatsoever they either did or suffered therein, was meerly by compulsion. And heereby is also truely set forth their great, and almost insupportable losse by this imposition. Together with the extreame wrongs and injuries they have suffered in their arreare-money, in their meat-money, and by medium-wine.  1641 1
Vintners Law And Legislation Scotland Edinburgh Early Works To 1800 : Act anent the vintners and baxters.; Edinburgh (Scotland).  1685 1
Viol Instruction And Study Early Works To 1800 : Chelys, minuritionum artificio exornata: sive, Minuritiones ad basin, etiam ex tempore modulandi ratio. In tres partes distributa = The division-viol, or, the art of playing ex tempore upon a ground. Divided into three parts ... / Authore Christophoro Simpson.; Simpson, Christopher,  1667 1
Viol Music   3
Viol Music Early Works To 1800 : Chelys, minuritionum artificio exornata: sive, Minuritiones ad basin, etiam ex tempore modulandi ratio. In tres partes distributa = The division-viol, or, the art of playing ex tempore upon a ground. Divided into three parts ... / Authore Christophoro Simpson.; Simpson, Christopher,  1667 1
Viol Music Viols 2   2
Viola And Piano Music Arranged Scores : Könnyu zongoradarab. Este a székelyeknél; arranged; Bartók, Béla,  c1957 1
Viola And Piano Music Scores : Adagio und Allegro, horn, piano, op. 70, A flat major; Schumann, Robert,  1925? 1
Viola Bill : Going forth by day / Bill Viola.; Viola, Bill,  c2002 1
Viola Bill Philosophy : Bill Viola : reasons for knocking at an empty house: writings 1973 - 1994.; Viola, Bill,  1998 1
Viola Da Gamba And Lute Music Early Works To 1800 : The XII. wonders of the vvorld : Set and composed for the violl de gambo, the lute, and the voyce to sing the verse, all three ioyntly, and none seuerall: also lessons for the lute and base violl to play alone: with some lessons to play lyra-wayes alone, or if you will, to fill vp the parts, with another violl set lute-way. Newly composed by Iohn Maynard, lutenist at the most famouse schoole of St. Iulians in Hartfordshire.; Maynard, John,  1611 1
Viola Da Gamba Instruction And Study   2
Viola Da Gamba Instruction And Study Early Works To 1800   2
Viola Da Gamba Instruction And Studying Early Works To 1800 : Musicks recreation on the viol, lyra-way : Being a collection of lessons lyra-way. To which is added a preface, containing some brief rules and instructions for young practitioners.; Playford, John,  1682 1
Viola Da Gamba Music : Court-ayres, or, Pavins, almains, corant's and sarabands : of two parts, treble & basse, for viols or violins : which may be performed in consort to the theorbo lute or virginalls : basse.  1655 1
Viola Da Gamba Music Early Works To 1800 : The compleat violist, or, An introduction to ye art of playing on ye bass viol wherein the necessary rules & directions are laid down in a plain & familiar method : with a collection of the Psalm tunes set to the viol, as they are now in use in the churches where there are organs : to which are added some select aires & tunes, set according to ye divers manners of playing by the G. solreut cliff, the C. solfaut cliff, & ye faut cliff : also several lessons, viz. almans, sarabands, courants, Iiggs &c.. / compos'd for the instrument by ye late famous master Mr. Benjamin Hely.  1700 1
Viola Instruction And Study : Violin and viola.; Menuhin, Yehudi,  1976 1
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