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Whitechapel London England History 17th Century Early Works To 18 : The case of the hamlet of Wapping, : in answer to White-Chappel, concerning their high-ways.  1694 1
Whitechapel London England History 19th Century   4
Whitechapel London England History Sources : The news from Whitechapel : Jack the Ripper in the Daily Telegraph / [edited by] Alexander Chisholm, Christopher-Michael DiGrazia and Dave Yost ; foreword by Paul Begg.  2002 1
Whitechapel London England Social Conditions 19th Century : Jack the Ripper and the East End / with an introduction by Peter Ackroyd ; compiled and edited by Alex Werner.  c2008 1
Whitefield George 1714 1770   9
Whitefield Greater Manchester England Maps : Lancashire [cartographic material] : sheet SD 80 NW.; Great Britain.  1965 1
Whitefoot Barbara 1667 : Balaams wish; or, The reward of righteousness in, and after death : Considered and explicated by occasion of the late decease of Mrs. Barbara Whitefoot, late of Hapton in the county of Norfolk; who deceased April 9. and was interred April 11. 1667. By John Horne, preacher of the Gospel in former times in the parish of Lin-Allhallows, in the same county.; Horn, John,  1667 1
Whiteford Sands Wales Maps : Carmarthenshire - Glamorgan [cartographic material] : sheet SS 49 NW & part of SS 39 NE.; Great Britain.  1964 1
Whitehall London England History 17th Century Humour Early Works To : White-Halls petition to the Parliament : that he may enjoy his former priviledges.  1659 1
Whitehall Palace London England   2
Whitehaven England Buildings Structures Etc : Whitehaven 1660-1800 : a new town of the late seventeenth century : a study of its buildings and urban development / Sylvia Collier with Sarah Pearson.; Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England)  1991 1
Whitehaven England History   2
Whitehaven England Maps   7
Whitehead Alfred North 1861 1947   22
Whitehead Ann 1624 1686 : Piety promoted by faithfulness : manifested by several testimonies concerning that true servant of God Ann Whitehead.; Whitehead, George,  1686 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723   35
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Antidote Against The Venome Of The Snake   2
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Babylonish Baptist : The baptist not Babylonish, or The Quakers tongue no slander : Being a brief reply to a foolish and scandalous pamphlet called the Babylonish baptist. Written by G.W. a Quaker-teacher. Wherein his malice, insolence, and ignorance is discovered and detected. And a book lately published, intituled, Light from the sun of righteousness, is vindicated from those pretended contradictions, and groundless cavils made against it. H.G.; Grigg, Henry.  1672 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Brief Discovery Of The Dangerous Princip : A fuller discovery of the dangerous principles and lying spirit of the people called Quakers : made manifest in George Whitehead, John Whitehead and George Fox the younger, in their book against Iohn Horne and Thomas Moore of Lin Regis in Northfolk / written by the said Thomas Moore and Iohn Horne for the fuller satifaction of all such as desire to be further satisfied about the evil and erroniousnesse of the said people called Quakers.; Moore, Thomas,  1660 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Charitable Essay   2
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Christian Faith : A brief reply to two papers given into the House of Lords since my book was given in : the one call'd The Christian faith, &c. signed by G. Whitehead and 17 more, the other stil'd The Ancient testimony, &c. not signed at all : in the first to the Lords the Quakers declare. That they believe in and confess to Jesus Christ ...; Bugg, Francis,  1696 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Christianity Of The People Commonly Call : An antidote against the venom of Quakerism, or, Some observations, on a little pamphlet, stiled, The Christianity of the people commonly called Quakers / by John Meriton ...; Meriton, John,  1699 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Christs Lamb Defended Against Satans Rag : Some remarks upon a book, entitled, Christ's lambs defended against Satan's rage, &c. : Being the Quakers answer to The Quakers unmask'd &c. : In a letter to E.S., Esq.; A. C.  1691 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Christs Lambs Defended Against Satans Ra : Some reflections on some remarks upon a book, entituled Christ's lambs defended from Satan's rage; / written in answer to a malicious book stiled The Quakers unmask'd.; Whitehead, George,  1641 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Counterfeit Convert : The counterfeit discover'd.; Crisp, Thomas,  1694 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Defence Of A Book Intituled The Snake In : Satan dis-rob'd from his disguise of light, or, The Quakers last shift to cover their monstrous heresies, laid fully open : in a reply to Thomas Ellwood's answer (published the end of last month) to George Keith's Narrative of the proceedings at Turners-Hall, June 11, 1696, which also may serve for a reply (as to the main points of doctrine) to Geo. Whitehead's Answer to The snake in the grass, to be published the end of next month, if this prevent it not / by the author of The snake in the grass.; Leslie, Charles,  1697 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Innocency Triumphant : Animadversions on George Whitehead's book, falsly stiled [bracket] Innocency triumphant [bracket] : wherein he, and his abettors, are proved guilty of contempt of the person of our Blessed Saviour, the Holy Scriptures, and governours, perverseness and falshood : also George Whitehead's charge of sedition, malice, and impudence, on F.B. proved on himself and abettors.; Crisp, Thomas,  1694 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Innocency Trumphant Over Insolency And O : The counterfeit discover'd.; Crisp, Thomas,  1694 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Judgment Fixed : The man of sin discover'd or George Whitehead unmask't. : And his sheep's clothing pull'd off, that his wolvish nature and spirit may be seen. By several instances of G.VV's lyes, false accusations, and base perversions in his book, entituled Judgement fixed, &c. wherein, altho he subscribes himself a constant servant of Christ, yet by his fruits he's discover'd to obey Antichrist.; Crisp, Thomas,  1682 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Quakers No Deceivers : Truth's triumph over deceit, or, A further demonstration that the people called Quakers be deceivers, and such as people ought to accompt accursed in their doctrines and principles : in vindication of a former proof of that charge, made good against them, from the sorry shifts and evasions from it, and cavils of George Whitehead against it, in a pamphlet of his, called The Quakers no deceivers / written by John Horne ... as a further preservation of people from following any of their pernitious principles ...; Horn, John,  1660 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Quakers Plainness Defecting Fallacy   2
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Quakers Plainness Detecting Fallacy   2
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Quakers Vindication Against Francis Bugg : A few positions of the sincere belief and Christian doctrine of the people of God called Quakers (to obviate misrepresentations and calumnies about the same.) : Being inserted as an appendix to a book, entitled, A sober expostulation with some of the clergy, &c.; Whitehead, George,  1698 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Rambling Pilgrim : A brief reply to George Whitehead's book stiled, A rambling pilgrim : in answer to a book intituled The pilgrim's progress from Quakerism to Christianity : shewing the danger of the Quakers government within the government and opposite to it ... contrary to the laws of the land and particularly to the Act of Toleration / by Francis Bugg.; Bugg, Francis,  1700 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Sober Expostulation With Some Of The Cle   2
Whitehead George 1636 1723 The Counterfeit Convert A Scandal To Chr : The counterfeit uncover'd.; Crisp, Thomas,  1695? 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Truth And Innocency Vindicated : The principles of the Quakers further shewn to be blasphemous and seditious : in a reply to Geo. Whitehead's answer to the Brief discovery, stiled Truth and innocency vindicated / by Edward Beckham ..., Henry Meriton ..., Lancaster Topcliffe ...; Beckham, Edward,  1700 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Voice Of Wisdom : The Quakers vvisdom descendeth not from above : or a brief vindication of a small tract, intituled, The Quakers folly made manifest to all men, as also of its authour, from the exceptions made against it, and aspersions cast upon him. In a pamphlet called The voice of wisdom, &c. published by George Whithead, Quaker. / By Tho. Danson, M.A. late fellow of Magd. Coll. Oxon. And now minister of the Gospel at Sandwich in Kent.; Danson, Thomas,  1659 1
Whitehead George 1637 1724 : Ishmael, and his mother, cast out into the wilderness, amongst the wild beasts of the same nature: or, a reply to a book entitulled, The scriptures proved to be the word of God, : put forth by one of Ishmaels children, who calls himself a minister of the Gospel, and a pastor of S. Austins and Savours parish in Norwich; but is clearly made manifest by the light of God in his servants, to be a scoffer, and an enemy to the Gospel, which the saints of God are ministers of, and sufferers for, by such as hee is, who Ishmael-like, hath laid his folly open, and is discovered to the faithful, who are of Abraham, and of the seed of promise. Also, a cleer distinction between the minsters of Christ, who are of the seed of Abraham, and the priests of this generation, who are of Ishmaels root; who with the truth are plainly made manifest, by the light of Christ in us, who for the testimony of God do suffer by the sons of Hagar, and this generation of priests in Notwich [sic]: ... / Given forth from the spirit of the Lord in us that do suffer in the goal of Norwich for the truths sake, ... Christopher Atkinson, George Whitehead, Iames Lancaster, Thomas Simonds.  1655 1
Whitehead Jane 1674 : A testimony concerning the life and death of Jane Whitehead : that faithful servant and hand-maid of the Lord, who was a mother in Israel, and her memorial is blessed of the Lord for ever : concerning her sufferings, and her faithfulness in her testimony in sufferings : with an exhortation to turn to the true light, in a few words to all backsliders from the truth / by a lover of truth and righteousness, who hath a testimony against oppression, cruelty, and persecution, wheresoever I see it appear against the innocent, T.T.; Townsend, Theophila.  1676 1
Whitehead John 1630 1696   10
Whitehead Robert 1823 1905 : The devil's device : the story of Robert Whitehead, inventor of the torpedo.; Gray, Edwyn A.  c1975 1
Whitehead Simon : Walking to work / Simon Whitehead.; Whitehead, Simon.  c2006 1
Whitehead Torpedoes Biography : The devil's device : the story of Robert Whitehead, inventor of the torpedo.; Gray, Edwyn A.  c1975 1
Whitehill East Riding Of Yorkshire England Maps   2
Whitehill Hampshire England Maps : Hampshire [cartographic material] : sheet SU 73 SE.; Great Britain.  1982 1
Whitehouse Mary 1910 2001 : Who does she think she is?; Whitehouse, Mary,  1971 1
Whitelackington England Maps : Somerset [cartographic material] : sheet ST 31 NE.; Great Britain.  1962 1
Whitelaw Billie 1932 2014 : Billie Whitelaw - who he? : an autobiography.; Whitelaw, Billie,  1995 1
Whiteley Wood England Maps   3
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