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Whitehead George 1636 1723 Truth And Innocency Vindicated : The principles of the Quakers further shewn to be blasphemous and seditious : in a reply to Geo. Whitehead's answer to the Brief discovery, stiled Truth and innocency vindicated / by Edward Beckham ..., Henry Meriton ..., Lancaster Topcliffe ...; Beckham, Edward,  1700 1
Whitehead George 1636 1723 Voice Of Wisdom : The Quakers vvisdom descendeth not from above : or a brief vindication of a small tract, intituled, The Quakers folly made manifest to all men, as also of its authour, from the exceptions made against it, and aspersions cast upon him. In a pamphlet called The voice of wisdom, &c. published by George Whithead, Quaker. / By Tho. Danson, M.A. late fellow of Magd. Coll. Oxon. And now minister of the Gospel at Sandwich in Kent.; Danson, Thomas,  1659 1
Whitehead George 1637 1724 : Ishmael, and his mother, cast out into the wilderness, amongst the wild beasts of the same nature: or, a reply to a book entitulled, The scriptures proved to be the word of God, : put forth by one of Ishmaels children, who calls himself a minister of the Gospel, and a pastor of S. Austins and Savours parish in Norwich; but is clearly made manifest by the light of God in his servants, to be a scoffer, and an enemy to the Gospel, which the saints of God are ministers of, and sufferers for, by such as hee is, who Ishmael-like, hath laid his folly open, and is discovered to the faithful, who are of Abraham, and of the seed of promise. Also, a cleer distinction between the minsters of Christ, who are of the seed of Abraham, and the priests of this generation, who are of Ishmaels root; who with the truth are plainly made manifest, by the light of Christ in us, who for the testimony of God do suffer by the sons of Hagar, and this generation of priests in Notwich [sic]: ... / Given forth from the spirit of the Lord in us that do suffer in the goal of Norwich for the truths sake, ... Christopher Atkinson, George Whitehead, Iames Lancaster, Thomas Simonds.  1655 1
Whitehead Jane 1674 : A testimony concerning the life and death of Jane Whitehead : that faithful servant and hand-maid of the Lord, who was a mother in Israel, and her memorial is blessed of the Lord for ever : concerning her sufferings, and her faithfulness in her testimony in sufferings : with an exhortation to turn to the true light, in a few words to all backsliders from the truth / by a lover of truth and righteousness, who hath a testimony against oppression, cruelty, and persecution, wheresoever I see it appear against the innocent, T.T.; Townsend, Theophila.  1676 1
Whitehead John 1630 1696   10
Whitehead Robert 1823 1905 : The devil's device : the story of Robert Whitehead, inventor of the torpedo.; Gray, Edwyn A.  c1975 1
Whitehead Simon : Walking to work / Simon Whitehead.; Whitehead, Simon.  c2006 1
Whitehead Torpedoes Biography : The devil's device : the story of Robert Whitehead, inventor of the torpedo.; Gray, Edwyn A.  c1975 1
Whitehill East Riding Of Yorkshire England Maps   2
Whitehill Hampshire England Maps : Hampshire [cartographic material] : sheet SU 73 SE.; Great Britain.  1982 1
Whitehouse Mary 1910 2001 : Who does she think she is?; Whitehouse, Mary,  1971 1
Whitelackington England Maps : Somerset [cartographic material] : sheet ST 31 NE.; Great Britain.  1962 1
Whitelaw Billie 1932 2014 : Billie Whitelaw - who he? : an autobiography.; Whitelaw, Billie,  1995 1
Whiteley Wood England Maps   3
Whitemans Green England Maps : Sussex [cartographic material] : sheet TQ 32 NW.; Great Britain.  1974 1
Whiten Head Scotland Maps : Whiten Head [cartographic material].; Great Britain.  1992 1
Whiteparish England Maps   2
Whiteread Rachel 1963   6
Whiteread Rachel 1963 Exhibitions   2
Whites Race Identity : Critique de la raison negre. English; Mbembe, Achille,  2017 1
Whites Race Relations : Between the world and me / Ta-Nehisi Coates.; Coates, Ta-Nehisi,  2015 1
Whites Southern States Politics And Government 20th Century Congresse : Massive resistance : southern opposition to the second reconstruction / edited by Clive Webb.  2005 1
Whites United States Attitudes : Between the world and me / Ta-Nehisi Coates.; Coates, Ta-Nehisi,  2015 1
Whitesand Bay Wales Maps : Pembrokeshire [cartographic material] : sheet SM 72 NW.; Great Britain.  1964 1
Whitestaunton England Maps : Devonshire - Somerset [cartographic material] : sheet ST 21 SE.; Great Britain.  1969 1
Whitestone Cliff North Yorkshire : John Wesley at Whitestone Cliff, North Yorkshire, 1755.; Cooper, Roger George.  1997 1
Whitestreet Green England Maps : Suffolk [cartographic material] : sheet TL 93 NE.; Great Britain.  1988 1
Whiteway Colony : Whiteway Colony : the social history of a Tolstoyan community.; Thacker, Joy.  1993 1
Whitewell Lancashire England Maps : [Lancashire - Yorkshire] [cartographic material] : sheet SD 64 NE.; Great Britain.  1956 1
Whitewell Wrexham Wales Maps : Cheshire - Flintshire [cartographic material] : sheet SJ 44 SE.; Great Britain.  1954 1
Whitfield Henry 1597 1660 : Autokatakrisis, or, Self-condemnation, : exemplified in Mr. Whitfield, Mr. Barlee, and Mr. Hickman. With occasional reflexions on Mr Calvin, Mr Beza, Mr Zuinglius, Mr Piscator, Mr Rivet, and Mr Rollock: but more especially on Doctor Twisse, and Master Hobbs; against whom, God's purity and his præscience ... with the sincere intention and the general extent of the death of Christ, are finally cleared and made good; and the adversaries absurdities ... are proved against them undeniably, out of their own hand-writings. With an additional advertisement of Mr Baxter's late book entituled The Groatian religion discovered, &c. / By Thomas Pierce rector of Brington in Northampon-shire.; Pierce, Thomas,  1658 1
Whitfield Kent England Maps : Kent [cartographic material] : sheet TR 34 NW.; Great Britain.  1970 1
Whitfield Northamptonshire England Maps : Buckinghamshire - Northamptonshire - Oxfordshire [cartographic material] : sheet SP 63 NW.; Great Britain.  1982 1
Whitfield Thomas Scrivener : An Account of the proceedings at the Sessions for the City of Westminster against Thomas Whitfield, scrivener, John Smallbones, woodmonger, and William Laud, painter : for tearing a petition prepared to be presented to the Kings Majestie, for the sitting of the Parliament : with an account of the said petition presented on the 13th instant, and His Majesties gracious answer.  1680 1
Whitgift England Maps   2
Whitgift John : The unlawfull practises of prelates against godly ministers, the maintainers of the discipline of God  1584? 1
Whitgift John 1530 1604   13
Whitgift John 1530 1604 Answere To A Certen Libel Intituled An Admo   2
Whitgift John 1530 1604 Defense Of The Aunswere To The Admonition A   3
Whitgreave England Maps : [Staffordshire] [cartographic material] : sheet SJ 82 NE.; Great Britain.  1954 1
Whithorn Scotland Maps   4
Whiting John : About the 7th of March 1655, Master Whiting and Master Spelman came to Richard Hodgkinsonne to treat about the printing of Judge Crookes (or Sir George Crookes) reports  1658 1
Whiting John 1656 1722   2
Whiting John Bookseller : About the 7th of March 1655. Master Whiting and Master Spelman came to Richard Hodgkinsonne to treat about the printing of Judge Crookes or Sir George Crookes reports : desiring the said Hodg. to tell him truly and conscienciously, what he would print it for by the sheete and finde paper? ...  1658 1
Whiting Mary 1654 1676 : Early piety exemplified in the life and death of Mary Whiting : a faithful handmaid of the Lord, who departed this life in the 22th year of her age / written by her brother, John Whiting ; with two of her epistles to friends.; Whiting, John,  1681? 1
Whitland Wales Maps   2
Whitley Bay England Maps   3
Whitley Castle England Maps : Cumberland - Northumberland [cartographic material] : sheet NY 64 NE.; Great Britain.  1956 1
Whitley Common South Yorkshire England Maps : [Whitley Common [cartographic material] : Yorkshire, West Riding 273.9].; Great Britain.  1931 1
Whitley North Yorkshire England Maps : [Yorkshire] [cartographic material] : sheet SE 52 SE.; Great Britain.  1955 1
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