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100 1  Bullinger, Heinrich,|d1504-1575. 
245 13 An exhortation to the ministers of Gods woord in the 
       Church of Christ, :|bthat they set aside all mutuall 
       discord, and in these latter dayes and dangerous times 
       purely and with one concent preache vnto the world the 
       onely true faith in Christe and amendement of life. /
       |cCompiled by D. Henry Bulliger of Zurick. ; Translated 
       into English by John Cox. 1575. Thou hast heer in this 
       little book good christian reader moste plain, sure and 
       substantiall reasons to establish mutuall consent and 
       christian concord.. 
260    Imprinted at London :|bat the long shop in the Pultrie by 
       Iohn Allde.,|c[1575] 
300    [128] p. 
500    Publication date from STC (2nd ed.). 
500    Title within border of printers' ornaments, initials. 
500    Signatures: A⁴ B-H⁸ I⁴. 
500    Imperfect: print show-through, tightly bound, with 
       considerable loss of text. 
500    Reproduction of original in: Trinity College (Dublin, 
       Ireland). Library. 
650  0 Zwinglianism. 
650  0 Reformation|vEarly works to 1800.. 
830  0 Early English books online. 
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