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Mark   Media Year
Television re-broadcast links : alleviation of off-set co-channel interference by means of simple vi : Eaton, J. L.     
      BJL; q TK 6540 B86 (1978/24)   BOOK 1978
Television Research Committee: working paper ; no. 1 : Halloran, James Dermot.     
      BJL; PN 1992.6 H1   BOOK 1968
Television : responsibility and response. : Central Committee for Television Viewing.     
      BJL; YXWW7 C3   BOOK 1960
Television rewired : the rise of the auteur series    
      Online materials; PN1992.8.S4 .N634 2019   EBOOKS 2019
      BJL; PN1992.8.S4 N634 2019   BOOK 2019
The television series    
      BJL; PR 6052 E5 M1   BOOK 2007
      BJL; PN 1992.4 C55 R7   BOOK 2005
      BJL; PN 1992.4 D297 C2   BOOK 2005
      BJL; PN 1992.8 C66 C9   BOOK 2003
7 additional entries    
Television series (Syracuse, N.Y.)      
      Online materials  EBOOKS 2016
Television, sex roles and children : a developmental social pyschological account. : Durkin, Kevin,     
      BJL  BOOK 1985
Television sitcom : Mills, Brett.     
      BJL; PN 1992.8 C66 M6   BOOK 2005
Television story. : Floherty, John J.     
      BJL; PN 1992.2 F6   BOOK 1957
Television studies    
      BJL; PN 1992.5 T2   BOOK 2002
      BJL; PN 1992.5 G7   BOOK 2012
      Online materials  EBOOKS 2001
      Online materials  EBOOKS 2010
The television studies book      
      BJL; PN 1992.6 T2   BOOK 1998
The television studies reader      
      BJL; PN 1992.5 T2   BOOK 2004
Television studies : the basics : Miller, Toby,     
      BJL; PN 1992.5 M6   BOOK 2010
Television studies : the key concepts      
      BJL; PN 1992.5 T2   BOOK 2008
Television style : Butler, Jeremy G.,     
      BJL; PN 1992.55 B9   BOOK 2010
Television talk : a history of the TV talk show : Timberg, Bernard.     
      BJL; PN 1992.8 T3 T5   BOOK 2002
Television talk shows : discourse, performance, spectacle      
      BJL; PN1992.8.T3   BOOK 2001
Television : technology and cultural form. : Williams, Raymond.     
      BJL  BOOK 1992
Television : the ephemeral art. : Worsley, Thomas Cuthbert.     
      BJL; PN 1992.3 G7 W9   BOOK 1970
Television - the evil eye? : Francis, Richard,     
      BJL; PN 1992.6 F8   BOOK 1981
Television : the medium and its manners. : Conrad, Peter,     
      BJL; PN 1992.3 U5 C7   BOOK 1982
Television under the Tories : broadcasting policy 1979-1997.      
      BJL  BOOK 1998
Television violence and the adolescent boy.    
      BJL; PN 1992.8 V7 B4   BOOK 1978
      BJL; YXWW B4   BOOK 1978
      BJL  BOOK 1978
The television will be revolutionized    
      BJL; PN 1992.5 L8   BOOK c2007
      Online materials  EBOOKS 2014
Television writing : from concept to contract. : Blum, Richard A.     
      BJL; PN 1992.7 B6   BOOK 1984
Television's moment : sitcom audiences and the sixties cultural revolution : Hodenberg, Christina von,     
      Online materials; PN1992.8.C66 H63 2015eb   EBOOKS 2015
Television's second golden age : from Hill Street blues to ER : Thompson, Robert J.,     
      BJL; PN 1992.3 U5 T4   BOOK 1997
Televisuality : style, crisis, and authority in American television : Caldwell, John Thornton,     
      BJL; PN 1992.6 C1   BOOK c1995
Telework : the human resource implications. : Stansworth, John.     
      BJL  BOOK 1991
Teleworking in Britain : a report to the Employment Department. : Huws, Ursula.     
      BJL; q HD 4831 D4 R41(18)   BOOK 1993
Teleworking : international perspectives - from telecommuting to the virtual organisation      
      BJL  BOOK 1998
Telfer, Elizabeth. : Downie, Robert Silcock,     
      BJL; BJ 1533 P45 D7   BOOK 1969
TELFOR journal      
      Online materials; TK5101.A1   EJOURNALS  
Telford, Ironbridge & the Wrekin : Great Britain.     
      Departmental Locations; United Kingdom R218   MAP 2000
Telford (North) : Great Britain.     
      Departmental Locations; United Kingdom R112   MAP 1994
      BJL; PN 1992.77 X15   DVD 2012
Tell 38. : Hochhuth, Rolf.     
      BJL; PT 2668 O3 T2   BOOK 1979
Tell Britain : from now to the election. : Campaiagn for Nuclear Disarmament.     
      BJL; JX 1974 C1   BOOK 1963
Tell el Amarna tablets. : Koning, Jakobus de.     
      BJL; BS 1180 K8   BOOK 1940
Tell freedom. : Abrahams, Peter,     
      BJL; PR 9369.3 A1 T2   BOOK 1981
tell him im gone on the margins in high tech city      
      Online materials; PS3552.A45 Z849 2017eb   EBOOKS 2017
Tell it like it is : how our schools fail black children    
      BJL  BOOK 2005
      BJL; LC 2806 G7 T2   BOOK 2007
Tell it to women : [an epic drama for women]. : Onwueme, Osonye Tess.     
      BJL; PR 9387.9 O5 T2   BOOK 1995
Tell me a riddle & Yonnondio : Olsen, Tillie.     
      BJL; PS 3565 L92 T2   BOOK 1990
Tell me a story sharing stories to enrich your child's world : Reese, Elaine.     
      Online materials; LB1042 .R44 2013   EBOOKS c2013
Tell me about hajj : Khan, Saniyasnain.     
      Education Resources  BOOK c2004
Tell me about the Prophet Muhammad : Khan, Saniyasnain.     
      Education Resources  BOOK 2000
Tell me about the Prophet Musa : Khan, Saniyasnain.     
      Education Resources  BOOK 2001
Tell me about the Prophet Yusuf : Khan, Saniyasnain.     
      Education Resources  BOOK 2003
Tell me Africa : an approach to African literature. : Olney, James.     
      BJL; PR 9340 O5   BOOK 1973
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